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If we are right in our assumption that there is a Splinter Civilization – an elite offshoot of humanity that has kept incredible secrets and hoarded advanced technologies – then Area 51 is one of the red flags signaling its existence.


Bird’s eye view of (the once officially non-existent) Area 51, in Nevada.

After decades of denials and calling all conspiracy theorists deluded, the US Government has finally admitted the famed Area 51, in the Nevada desert, does exist.

The top secret Cold War test site adjoining Nellis Air Force Base, northwest of Las Vegas, has long been fodder for speculation the authorities have covered up reported sightings of UFO’s and aliens. Until recently the government has denied its existence.

Now a newly declassified CIA document confirms the existence of Area 51. The document states the contentious zone was used as a testing range for the government’s U-2 spy plane during the Cold War.

However, there’s no mention of the controversial Roswell incident, which UFO believers claim was an alien space ship that crashed in New Mexico in 1947 and not a weather balloon as the authorities insisted. Supporters of the theory allege that Area 51’s hangars were used to hide evidence of alien bodies recovered from the spaceship.

The CIA asserts government secrecy surrounding Area 51 was simply about ensuring a new spy plane – the U-2 reconnaissance aircraft – remained hidden from prying Soviet eyes. Plausible considering the aircraft was designed specifically for high altitude snooping on the Soviets.

CIA declassified map showing Area 51.

The agency’s report explains the “tremendous increase in reports of unidentified flying objects” as an “unexpected side effect” of high altitude testing of the U-2. This increase was due to the aircraft’s silver wings reflecting the rays of the sun, according to the official explanation.

An early U-2 spy plane in flight. 

However, this doesn’t explain the Roswell incident or the many other reported UFO, and indeed alien, sightings in and around Area 51 over the years.

It’s easy to dismiss such sightings as the ramblings of zealous conspiracy theorists. However, in the wake of the US Government’s belated and official admission that Area 51 does exist, maybe those reports shouldn’t be dismissed quite so readily.


“You know, there aren’t six people in this room who know how true this really is.”President Ronald Reagan. Conversation with Steven Spielberg at the White House on June 27, 1982 during a Presidential screening of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.


We visit Area 51 and Nellis Air Force Base in The Orphan Uprising, book three in our international thriller series. Our research for that novel raised more questions than answers – questions we’ll probably never know the answers to.


Nine was aware the base was supposedly connected to, or even part of, the fabled Area 51. Like most other Americans, he’d heard the rumors surrounding Area 51 – such as its anti-gravity machines and other suppressed technologies and inventions. He had no idea whether there was any truth in the rumors. Whether the US Government secretly worked in collaboration with extraterrestrial civilizations was of no concern to him anyway. All he cared about was finding his son. The Orphan Uprising


Of all the explanations those in the conspiracy community want regarding Area 51, probably the most pressing is whether the global elite are housing human or alien technologies there.

If either was admitted to, that would be equally extraordinary.

Say what? Well, if the anti-gravity flying machines witnessed by so many in and around Area 51’s airspace are manmade then that confirms the Splinter Civilization are almost light years ahead of known science – and they have technologies the common man could scarcely comprehend.

If on the other hand UFO’s are of alien origin, that implies the global elite are collaborating with an ET civilization – and this may explain why classified technology has progressed at such a rapid rate since around the time of Roswell.


The CIA finally comes clean

As mentioned, for decades Area 51 was said to exist only in the furtive and skeptical minds of conspiracy theorists. Then Russian satellite photos of the facility were leaked and shared far and wide online. But still the US Government continued to maintain there was no such place as Area 51 and blamed conspiracy theorists as being responsible for spreading lies.

Each and every US administration maintained this position until August 16, 2013…

That was a day the Tinfoil Hat Network had something to celebrate, for on that date the you-know-what hit the fan when the world’s media reported that the CIA had officially announced the existence of Area 51.

This significant acknowledgement came by way of declassified documents procured via a public records request lodged by George Washington University’s National Security Archive. The documentation included a CIA history of Area 51’s top secret U-2 spy plane program. Where references to Area 51 had been redacted in earlier documentation released by the CIA, it was named for all to see in the latest documents.

A declassified CIA document acknowledging Area 51.

In the outpouring of media commentary that followed, a editorial piece sums up the revelations better than most – to our eyes at least – describing Area 51 as “a touchstone of America’s cultural mythology.”

The editorial continues:

“It (Area 51) rose to notoriety in 1989, when a Las Vegas man claimed he had worked at the secret facility to discover the secrets of crashed alien hardware, spawning two decades of conspiracy theories and speculation about little green men. But the facility’s history — and the history of the strange, secret aircraft that were developed there — extends back to 1955. Since its inception, the government has obliquely acknowledged its existence only a handful of times, and even the CIA’s 1996 declassified history of the OXCART program — the development of the SR-71 Blackbird at the secret site — refers only to tests conducted in “the Nevada desert.” The government has never publicly discussed the specific facility … until now.”

While the declassified documents acknowledge the Nevada site was a testing ground for surveillance during the Cold War, conspiracy theorists will be disappointed there’s no mention of UFO’s or aliens.

UFO sightings and conspiracy theories have dogged Area 51 since its inception. Time travel, advanced weapons programs and enormous underground bases, as well as the recovery of downed alien spacecraft and interaction with the occupants of those craft are just some of claims made by conspiracy theorists.

Of all the conspiracy claims surrounding Area 51, one stands out above all others: Roswell.



The Roswell event occurred near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947 when a mystery craft crashed on a ranch and debris was recovered. That much at least is true. The official explanation – courtesy of the United States Armed Forces – is the debris was the result of a secret US military Air Force surveillance balloon crashing.

Interestingly, the very first official explanation – issued by an Army spokesman – was that the mystery craft was “a flying disc.” That was quickly corrected in an Air Force statement advising that Roswell Army Air Field personnel had recovered a downed weather balloon at the crash site.

Major Jesse Marcel displays remains of the so-called weather balloon after the Roswell crash.

However, it’s the unofficial explanations that most interest us. They obviously interest a lot of others, too: the public at large have been intrigued by the enduring theories the incident spawned – the most prominent being that the mystery craft was in fact a spaceship and that it contained extraterrestrial life.

A 1995 feature-length doco titled The Roswell Incident provides a compelling overview of the incident, inclusive of very persuasive eye-witness accounts. It’s accessible via Top Documentary Films’ website.

Top Documentary Films’ splurge for the doco begins:

“In the summer of 1947, there were a number of UFO sightings in the United States. Sometime during the first week of July 1947, something crashed near Roswell.

“W.W. (Mack) Brazel, a New Mexico rancher, saddled up his horse and rode out with the son of neighbors Floyd and Loretta Proctor, to check on the sheep after a fierce thunderstorm the night before. As they rode along, Brazel began to notice unusual pieces of what seemed to be metal debris, scattered over a large area. Upon further inspection, Brazel saw that a shallow trench, several hundred feet long, had been gouged into the land.”

Mack Brazel (48) pictured in 1947…after something crashed near Roswell.

The doco reports the crash site was quickly sealed off by the military, but not before the discovery of four alien bodies outside a damaged spacecraft – at a second crash site – that was largely intact.

Sounds far-fetched? Many think so. Even a few high profile UFO commentators dismiss the Roswell-related alien body claims as implausible.

Then again, it’s one of the oldest conspiracy theories around and it shows no sign of going away any time soon. One reason for this could be the eyewitnesses who claim, or claimed, to have observed the aftermath of the crash are in the main very credible and convincing.

Roswell crash site model exhibit supposedly based on the actual recovered spacecraft.


“For some years I have had good reason to believe that world governments, headed by the Americans, not only have contact with alien races, but have reciprocal agreements with them, allowing certain species to come and go around our planet without hindrance.” –Tony Dodd. Former British police officer.


Area 51 accounts from US Government employees

Numerous insiders from the US military and intelligence communities have stated that the technologies at Area 51 are of extraterrestrial origins. These individuals are, or were, for the most part former military employees, and in many cases they died after giving testimony!

Coincidences perhaps?

Probably the best known of these insiders is one Bob Lazar who claims he was employed as a scientist in the late 1980’s to study recovered ET technologies housed at a top-secret facility known as S4, which is said to be in, or bordering, Area 51.

      Bob Lazar’s S4 Photo ID Badge

Area 51 whistleblower Bob Lazar and his ID pass for accessing S4.

Lazar, who is an electronics expert and a former document photo processor, says he had to pass strict military tests before being permitted to study the recovered ET craft. His assignment was to determine how humans could fly the craft and how more such craft could be constructed.

The scientist claims the craft he studied had extraordinary super physics abilities. It could bend the fabric of space and time, thereby making it capable of defying Einstein’s Theory of Relativity by teleporting and time traveling.

After studying the first craft, Lazar says he was put to work on other spacecraft. Yes you read that right: other spacecraft.

One of the spacecraft Lazar supposedly worked on at Area 51.

In total, over the 12 months Lazar worked at Area 51, he claims he experimented with nine different extraterrestrial vehicles. Apparently these craft used a unique fuel – one that Lazar called Element 115 – that allowed the Beings who created them to travel across the universe at or somewhere near the speed of light.

Potentially supporting Lazar’s testimonial, Element 115 was discovered on August 28, 2013, prompting various news outlets and scientific journals to run stories on the discovery that same day. These included an article by National Geographic headed Meet 115, the Newest Element on the Periodic Table.It mentions how the “extremely heavy element was just confirmed by scientists in Sweden”.

UFO website also posted an article the same day, mentioning Lazar’s claim of 23 years earlier. “Element 115 received attention in 1989 when Area 51 whistleblower Bob Lazar asserted that extraterrestrial spacecraft at Area 51′s S4 facility were powered by the element.”

Another intriguing case is the deathbed testimonial ofan ex-CIA employee who convincingly reveals what he insists is the truth regarding extraterrestrials’ involvement with humanity. The recorded interview was conducted by American television host and UFO author Richard Dolan, and filmed on March 5, 2013 at an undisclosed location somewhere in mainland America.

The dying man, who remained unnamed presumably to protect his family, claims to have been hired by the CIA when he was a young man in the 1950’s. He says he was first employed to investigate UFO’s in the top-secret Project Blue Book, another former conspiracy theory which has since been proven to be legitimate in the light of declassified CIA documents.

The elderly gentleman, who – unless he’s the world’s greatest actor – was clearly on his deathbed, also speaks of being sent to Area 51 on behalf of President Eisenhower where he not only witnessed ET anti-gravity technologies, but also says he met a real, live Grey Alien.

One of the aliens supposedly recovered, alive, after the Roswell crash (above). A close-up (below).


A May 3, 2013 article, again on the Open Minds UFO investigation website, accurately summarizes the aforementioned interview – referring to the unnamed interview subject as ‘Anonymous’ – (abridged) as follows: “Facing impending kidney failure, this individual felt compelled to disclose secret information he feels is too important to keep secret … ‘Anonymous’ alleges that, after an invasion threat … President Dwight Eisenhower, he and his superior at the CIA were allowed inside the secretive Area 51 in Nevada to gather intel and report back to the president. There, ‘Anonymous’ describes seeing several alien spacecraft, including the craft that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. Then, he and his superior were taken to the S-4 facility southwest of Area 51 where they observed live extraterrestrials.”

Footage of the testimonial was first shown to the public on May 3, 2013 at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, at the National Press Club, in Washington, DC.

UFO researcher and bestselling author Peter Robbins (at left), who attended the Citizen Hearing, watched the recorded testimony at that event. Robbins wrote the following on his Facebook account after the screening: “In my opinion, if it can be confirmed by any relevant supporting documentation, this moving and fascinating account does qualify as an authentic ‘death bed’ testimony from an individual who convincingly claims to have been a CIA officer deeply involved in the matter of crashed and/or recovered craft, and at one time a liaison between the Agency and the President.”

The filmed testimonial has since been uploaded by various YouTube users and has been watched by millions of people, prompting many to comment that their “gut feelings” tell them the elderly gent is telling the truth, and also that it would be very hard to fake being that sick. Although some think it’s a fabrication, the consensus – judging by comments left below the uploaded versions of the testimonial – supports the unnamed man’s testimonial.

Finally, it should be noted that the man’s testimonial, which has not yet been verified as either true or false, dovetails with a long-held popular theory which suggests the US Government entered into an agreement with an ET civilization. According to this theory, a deal was struck up with President Eisenhower and these other Beings whereby the US would be the beneficiaries of their advanced technologies provided the ET’s could visit the US and elsewhere on Planet Earth at will to carry out whatever their agenda may be.

Some conspiracy theorists say that alien agenda includes abducting humans. Interestingly, the self-proclaimed former CIA agent who gave the deathbed testimonial also mentions that Eisenhower agreed to allow the aliens to abduct humans, including US citizens, as part of the agreement he signed with them.


“In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside of this world. And yet I ask – is not an alien force already among us?” –President Ronald Reagan at the UN General Assembly. September 21, 1987, Geneva, Switzerland.


Close encounters of the fourth kind

Even though the subject does not directly relate to Area 51, we would be remiss not to discuss alien abductees – those who have been abducted by aliens or those who imagine they have, depending on your take – in this chapter. After all, Area 51 is only part of the bigger question we are exploring here: that is, are all the accounts of anti-gravity flying saucers the result of alien or human technology?

UFO Sports Model described by Bob Lazar

An anti-gravity flying disk similar to the ‘Sport Model’ described by Bob Lazar.

Although we haven’t personally devoted much time to researching abductees’ claims, we have by chance been personally involved with one of the most incredible, and supposedly true, stories of alien abduction ever told.

Around 2005-2006, we took out an option to the film rights of the 1998 book Coevolution: The True Story of a Man Taken for Ten Days to an Extraterrestrial Civilization, by fellow New Zealander Alec Newald whom we interviewed at length and subsequently wrote a treatment for a feature film screenplay adaptation of his book.

Product Details

We believed the planned film would take the alien and space genres to a whole new level. Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts with our filmmaking slates prevented us from devoting the time required to produce the movie.

As the book’s full title suggests, Coevolution is about The True Story of a Man Taken for Ten Days to an Extraterrestrial Civilization. Here’s the book’s blurb sourced from the popular reading social network

“One Monday in mid-February 1989, Alec Newald set off on what should have been a three-hour drive from Rotorua to Auckland, New Zealand. Instead he became a missing person for ten days. Newald claims that during those ten days he was taken by friendly aliens to their home planet, which he describes in full and awesome detail (for) part of this book — an amazing first-person account of a growing but still unexplained phenomenon.”

Alec writes at length in the book how after being returned to Earth he was mysteriously contacted by agents of unnamed international intelligence agencies, even though he’d told nobody about his alien abduction. These agents harassed, threatened and tortured Alec in their belief he wasn’t divulging all the information he had about this ET civilization. They also advised him he would, in the interests of self-preservation, be best to never publicly divulge what he experienced.

But that didn’t deter Alec, who describes himself as a stubborn individual – and he wrote the book about his other worldly experience.

Coevolution contains detailed drawings of the friendly ET’s he claims he met, as well as sketches of their spacecraft, their advanced technologies and the planet they took him to. He also has in his possession crystals and other rock formations he says he brought back from the planet.

We had no way of verifying this, but the rocks were strange and like none other we’d seen. Of course, we were essentially approaching the planned film adaptation from a storytellers’ perspective – meaning we believed it would make a very entertaining movie and didn’t give a lot of thought as to how likely it was true.

What we can say is Alec, who is a professional sailmaker by trade, believes 100% this happened to him. As an apparently sane and balanced individual, he presents a very convincing case. However, in considering such extraordinary claims, we must remember the mind is a very complex thing; its workings can deceive even the most stable individual, especially in times of stress or other outward influences.

Worth noting, especially for sci-fi fans, is Alec’s claim that we humans are the ancestors of aliens and they, in turn, are our descendants from the future who have mastered time travel. Apparently, the ET’s Alec befriended are close to extinction as a result of decisions their ancestors (we Earthlings!) made. They therefore regularly time travel back into their past to positively influence present-day humanity so they can improve their own reality.

And on top of all those complex themes, Alec also recounts in his book a love affair with one of the female aliens who he describes as having out-of-this-world beauty – figuratively and literally!

As filmmakers, we felt Coevolution would make an explosive and contentious sci-fi movie worthy of a Steven Spielberg blockbuster. We still feel that way. It’s our hope that either a feature film or at the very least a feature-length documentary on it is eventually produced, exploring the mystery of Alec Newald’s missing 10 days in the year 1989.


“I heard you had reports this morning of an unidentified aircraft. Don’t worry it was just me.”–George W. Bush speaking to the Military Academy in Roswell, New Mexico, January 22, 2004


The argument for manmade technologies

There’s no denying the Roswell event unearthed some convincing evidence and very credible eye witnesses, and there have been innumerable reported UFO sightings from around the world since that incident.

A likely explanation for those sightings in and around Area 51 air space in particular is that they are in fact man-made machines – such as the once-secret U-2 spy plane – primarily originating in the Cold War in which America was a willing participant.

Since the U-2’s development and subsequent unveiling, the public have become familiar with other cutting-edge aviation developments – such as the Stealth Bomber.

But what else out there is manmade?

File:B-2 Spirit original.jpg

The Stealth Bomber and other craft like it easily confused with alien craft.

Rumors of government-sponsored craft capable of traveling at unearthly speeds and resembling flying saucers have been around since World War Two. That includes the legendary Nazi foo fighter flying saucers, which scores of Allied pilots reported witnessing in-flight.


The lights are allegedly Foofighters in flight.

Given the many thousands of UFO reports logged around the world every year, such rumors shouldn’t be dismissed too lightly. Certainly, manmade craft would be a more logical explanation for UFO sightings than alien craft. Not because it’s unlikely there’s life beyond our planet. Rather, because it could be argued it’s unlikely other beings have discovered our little corner of the universe just yet.

This thinking suggests the odds of the Earth being discovered are astronomical given the size of our universe. It’s a rather large 28 billion light-years in diameter, according to scientists, although that doesn’t take into account the universe’s expansion since this book underwent its final proofing.

File:Apollo 17 Image Of Earth From Space.jpeg

Planet Earth…still waiting to be discovered?

Furthermore, if there’s one thing our research has taught us, it is that it’s naïve to believe the latest technology in the public domain is truly the latest. There are numerous examples of products or technology being introduced as new, or cutting-edge, whereas they had already been secretly used – for years in many cases – by the military or by certain government agencies, or both. The Internet was one such case, first being used for a number of years by the military before eventually being released to the public.

If we can accept that, we should be able to accept that there are new technologies, both in development and in existence right now, the average person couldn’t even begin to imagine.


Disinforming the public

Perhaps the ET and UFO movements are simply disinformation – i.e. deception, propaganda or half-truths.

Persuading everyone to believe in aliens compels us to look up to the skies. And while we are all waiting for Little Green Men to arrive, the shadowy people in the Splinter Civilization effortlessly go about their secret work by advancing their suppressed inventions at a rate of knots.

This disinformation counter-conspiracy theory suggests that, collectively, accounts of ET’s coming or crashing or even living amongst us conveniently form the perfect cover story. It’s a story that is spread by intelligence agencies which encourage, and even surreptitiously finance, Hollywood film studios to make mega-budget movies about aliens and alien invasions.

Maybe the widespread acceptance by many that aliens have arrived on earth at some point – or at least a willingness to consider such a thing is possible – can be blamed on Hollywood. More likely, it can be attributed to the fact that we have been given so little of the big picture. (No pun intended).

If the Splinter Civilization’s suppressed technologies were revealed in their entirety to the public at large, would everyone still believe UFO’s must be of extraterrestrial origin?

Take Nikola Tesla’s technologies alone. If these were suddenly declassified and opened up to public scrutiny, would we still be so quick to automatically assume that any alien civilization is superior, scientifically or otherwise, to our own? For all anyone knows, humanity may be the most scientifically advanced civilization in the entire universe.


“The phenomenon of UFOs does exist, and it must be treated seriously.” –Mikhail Gorbachev, ‘Soviet Youth’ speech, May 4, 1990.


Einstein’s Unified Field Theory

Einstein, who searched for the theory of everything.

Strengthening the case for UFO’s being manmade and of earthly origins, is the history of electrogravitic propulsion. It’s a history that’s either known, little known, rumored or usually unknown – depending on who you talk to.

According to American linguist and bestselling author Charles Berlitz, there was a rumor at Princeton’s Institute for Advanced Study that Albert Einstein did indeed complete a version of his Unified Field Theory for Gravitation and Electricity – even though officially it remains a never-completed theory.

At first, this theory was published in German and appeared in a few scientific journals. In his papers, Einstein called his purported mathematical proof of the connection between the forces of electromagnetism and gravity as being “highly convincing”.

However, this work was withdrawn as incomplete, although no published reason is given save that Einstein suddenly grew dissatisfied with it.

British mathematician Lord Bertrand Russell considered Einstein’s Unified Field Theory complete, but felt that “Man is not ready for it and shan’t be until after World War III.”

Thus the Unified Field Theory on the connection between gravity and the electromagnetic field has remained unproven until the present time.

Leading Japanese scientist and former high-ranking employee of Japan’s Ministry of Defense, Dr. Takaaki Musha, published an article in the 2004, Issue 53 edition of the Infinite Energy Magazine relating to this very question. The article, which covers a unique formula Musha developed for the link between electromagnetism and gravitation, was titled The possibility of strong coupling between electricity and gravitation.

Dr. Takaaki Musha…examines the link between electromagnetism and gravitation.

After publication of the article, Dr. Musha claims he was contacted by Doctor (name redacted) from the Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy, in Bulgaria. The Bulgarian scientist, whose name we have withheld due to our inability to reach him for comment before this book’s publication, was already working on a similar formula to Dr. Musha’s.

According to Dr. Musha, the Bulgarian’s “formulation proves it is possible to create an unbalanced acceleration by creating intense electric and magnetic fields in a dielectric or ferromagnetic medium. These predicted coupling effects for electromagnetic and gravitational fields would be static and thus they should be able to produce a net force to propel a spaceship.”

The Bulgarian scientist wrote two papers on his formula in 1994.

“However,” Dr. Musha claims, these “papers were rejected by two well-known science journals.”

The strong implication is that there was a cover-up or else mainstream science was just not prepared to consider such theories on anti-gravity.

T. T. Brown, who discovered this electrogravitic effect first, conducted several experiments during the 1950’s and succeeded to generate thrust without the reliance on a surrounding medium, such as air, by applying high voltages to materials with high dielectric constants. Around this time, US aerospace companies also become involved in such research, but their results are mostly classified.

In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, a rash of observer sightings of unidentified, high-speed, high-flying air vehicles continued, but the US Government repeatedly denied it had developed an aircraft to replace the Mach 3-plus Lockheed SR-71 strategic reconnaissance platform – indicating it (the government) was content to let the public assume the sightings were of the SR-71.


One of a rash of UFO sightings in 2014…this one over Mexico.

In the 1990’s, a quest for an antigravity propulsion system was conducted by the USAF Science Applications International Corp. on behalf of USAF’s then Astronautics Laboratory at Edwards AFB. (Area 51 is a detachment of Edwards ABF, which is responsible for testing of advanced flying vehicles). British multinational defence and aerospace company BAE Systems also provided internal resources for its own anti-gravity studies.

However, there was no significant progress in this area. At least not officially.

In the late 1990’s, Dr. Musha says he worked with the Honda Corporation Research Institute in Japan and conducted an experiment to confirm the electrogravitic effect. Astonishingly, Dr. Musha claims he and the Honda Corporation obtained a positive result.

Dr. Musha also says, “In Dr. Thomas Valone’s 1993 book Electrogravitics Systems: Reports on a New Propulsion Methodology, Dr. Paul LaViolette claimed that electrogravitic technology was developed under US Air Force black projects since late 1954, and it may now have been put to practical use in the B-2 Advanced Technology Bomber to provide an exotic auxiliary mode of propulsion.”

Dr. Musha continues, “An electrogravitic drive of B-2 could allow it to fly at a sufficiently high speed at high altitude, or even space, and it could fly around the world without refueling in an antigravity mode.”

What all this means is that science, and especially suppressed or classified science, may have long-ago evolved to the point where building anti-gravity spacecraft has been entirely possible.

Possible, that is, without any assistance from ET civilizations.


“I’ve been working with Paul Hellyer. He’s the minister, the ex-minister of defense, Canada, under Trudeau. He is upset because the Americans are planning the weaponization of space, as though they (ET’s) are enemies … It came out of a project called Project Paperclip, in which – and this is what Eisenhower warned us against – the sustention of the Military Industrial Complex. In order to extend the power and the funding of the Military Industrial Complex, you have to be afraid of things. Number one was communism. If that petered out, number two is terrorism. That’s here for a while. Number three is asteroids. And number four is extraterrestrials.” –Shirley MacLaine. Excerpt from an interview with Larry King on Larry King Live that aired on CNN onNovember 9, 2007.


Shirley MacLaine's primary photo

Shirley MacLaine…discusses ET’s.


Reverse engineering

There’s a third scenario in the human vs. alien debate regarding anti-gravity technologies.

This scenario would see a combination of the two extremes – meaning it isn’t fully human technology and isn’t fully alien, but a hybrid. The theory suggests alien technology somehow arrived on earth in the mid-20th Century in an event like the Roswell crash. A flying saucer was found and then reverse-engineered by reproducing the alien manufacturer’s product after careful study.

The aforementioned claims of Area 51 employee Bob Lazar would fit this theory. Besides Lazar, many other ex-military personnel have claimed the US did indeed successfully reverse-engineer recovered ET spacecraft and eventually learn how to manufacture such anti-gravity craft en masse.


“I have contact with certain diplomats who not only confirm meetings have been taking place between some government officials and an alien race, but have been receiving assistance from this race to advance technology to enable us to meet hostile aliens on a level playing field. My contacts have been present at these meetings and have met these aliens who are benevolent towards us but will not act with aggression towards any life form unless in self defence, but they are prepared to help us advance our technology.” –Tony Dodd. Former British police officer.


Popular culture’s influence on Area 51 myths

The rumors swirling around Area 51 have given it a life of its own and have resulted in numerous films, TV programs, comics and video games.

Previously, these were readily identifiable as fiction because, for starters, they portrayed a place that didn’t exist – not officially at least. We refer, of course, to Area 51.

Primary image for Roswell                  Martin Sheen's primary photo

Roswell, starring Martin Sheen, based on reported events.

However, now that we know Area 51 does exist – and has existed all along – perhaps the likes of the 1994 TV movie Roswell, starring Martin Sheen, the Roland Emmerich-helmed Independence Day, starring Will Smith, and the Steven Spielberg-produced TV mini-series Taken, starring Dakota Fanning, will be viewed in a different light…

Primary image for Independence Day            Will Smith's primary photo

Independence Day and star Will Smith…more Hollywood fare.

But are such dramatizations any closer to the truth than the stories the world governments’ spin merchants have fed to us about UFO sightings these past decades? If there is a Splinter Civilization currently operating under the surface – both figuratively and literally – then perhaps it’s not in the global elite’s interests to shatter the ET myths perpetuated by conspiracy theorists and Hollywood film studios. Perhaps it serves the Splinter Civilization’s agenda just fine.


“The reality is that they (aliens) have been visiting earth for decades and probably millennia and have contributed considerably to our knowledge.” –Paul Hellyer (Canada’s former Minister of National Defence) from an interview with the Canadian Press in 2010.


So what is the truth regarding the anti-gravity spacecraft that Area 51 appears to be concealing? Are such technologies manmade or alien, or a combination of the two?

In short, we have no idea! The next person’s opinion is as good as ours.

If you really want our guess, and it most certainly would be a guess, we think there are enough eyewitness accounts and testimonials from former military and intelligence personnel to suggest aliens not only exist, but have already visited Planet Earth. And it’s our guess the highest levels of the world’s governments are aware of this.

Perhaps it would be wise to defer to former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer, the man nicknamed The highest-ranked alien believer on Earth, Paul Hellyer: Aliens would share technology if earth stopped warswho has said on the record that extraterrestrials are already living among us, but refuse to share their most advanced technology because of humanity’s refusal to stop wars.

Paul Hellyer: The ex-Canadian Minister of National Defense says he is convinced that UFOs are real and alleges the U.S. has covered up information on them

Former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer…”I’ve seen aliens.”

The now retired politician and engineer claims to have directly witnessed UFO technology and confirmed the existence of alien beings on earth through his high-level political and military contacts in Canada and the United States.

On January 1, 2014, Hellyer told news outlet Russia Today he believes there are about 80 different species of ETs, some of whom “look just like us and they could walk down the street and you wouldn’t know if you walked past one … I would say that nearly all are benign and benevolent and they do want to help us, there may be one or two species which do not.”

Hellyer also told Russia Today that aliens are not that impressed by humans. “They don’t think we are good stewards of our planet, we’re clear cutting our forests, we’re polluting our rivers and our lakes, and we’re dumping sewage in the oceans, and we’re doing all sorts of things which are not what good stewards of their homes should be doing.”

Canada’s former Defence Minister has repeatedly begged governments around the world to disclose ET technology for the benefit of Mankind, in particular technology that could resolve the problem of climate change.

For example, on February 28, 2007, he told the Ottawa Citizen: “I would like to see what (alien) technology there might be that could eliminate the burning of fossil fuels within a generation…that could be a way to save our planet…We need to persuade governments to come clean on what they know. Some of us suspect they know quite a lot, and it might be enough to save our planet if applied quickly enough.”

If Hellyer is correct in what he says, this further confirms the existence of the Splinter Civilization we have theorized on and speculated about throughout this book. His comments also support our contention that nothing’s more important for the planet right now than releasing all the scientific breakthroughs and technologies that are currently being suppressed or otherwise classified by the Splinter Civilization.

Whether these technologies are of alien origin (a la Roswell) or are of the human variety (a la Tesla), we firmly believe they could not only solve climate change, as Hellyer suggests, but also solve an infinite number of other critical problems that currently plague the planet.

The danger is if the collective thinking of the public at large remains closed to the possibility of such technologies existing, the likelihood of these problems being solved any time soon looks remote.

A major mind-shift is required. That doesn’t mean buying into every conspiracy theory out there, but it does mean keeping – or adopting, whichever the case – an open mind so that all possibilities can be considered.


Read more in The Orphan Conspiracies: 29 Conspiracy Theories from The Orphan Trilogy – available now via Amazon at:

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Greenland is the setting for an important section of book three in our international thriller series The Orphan Trilogy. There’s a series of life-and-death action sequences in this northern outpost of Denmark as Nine, our hero, attempts to find his kidnapped son who he fears is being experimented on at a secret research facility.

We initially selected the enigmatic, mostly inhospitable and largely ice-covered landmass which, for some unknown reason, is called Greenland. It seemed an ideal place for the Splinter Civilization to house secret technologies and conduct medical experimentation on children – if indeed such a civilization exists. However, in the course of researching the icy subcontinent we were pleasantly surprised to discover a wide variety of unusual and unexplained events have occurred there throughout its colorful history. Events that have fueled many a conspiracy theory…


Re-evaluating what he knew about the base, the former operative was aware it was home to the 21st Space Wing’s global network of sensors that provided space surveillance and missile warning to the Air Force Space Command and the North American Aerospace Defence Command. It also served as a ballistic missile early warning site and since 2002 had been home to the 821st Air Base Group. The Orphan Uprising



In The Orphan Uprising, Nine arrives in disguise at Thule Air Base, the US Air Force’s northernmost base located as it is above the Arctic Circle in Greenland’s northwest, in search of his abducted son.

Home to the 21st Space Wing’s space surveillance and missile warning sensors, the Air Base has attracted its share of controversy – as has Thule itself with conspiracy theories dating back to ancient times.

Thule Air Base (above) in summer and (below) in winter.

The location’s name itself is shrouded in mystery. Various interpretations of Thule have confused it with other northern destinations including Iceland and Scandinavia, and in medieval times Thule was associated with distant places beyond the known world. So it’s ripe for conspiracy theories, mired as it is in ancient mythology.

Situated less than 1000 miles from the North Pole, Thule’s a magnet for you know who. (Our old mates the Tinfoil Hatters)! However, once in a blue moon, the Tinfoil Hat Network’s stalwarts promote some way-out conspiracy theory that turns out to be true; and Thule’s the scene of Thulegate, one of their most treasured conspiracies. Treasured because it miraculously ended up being proven true, also proving the old adage that if you take enough wild stabs in the dark, occasionally you’ll get lucky!

Tinfoil Hatters now rightfully refer to Thulegate as conspiracy fact. Yet still, sadly for them, few buy in to any of their other theories, including the Moon being manmade, the ruling elite are all reptiles, that germs do not exist, blah, blah, blah.

Thulegate relates to the documented January 1968 crash of an American B-52 nuclear bomber on the ice sheet near the Thule Air Base. Apparently, the bomber was carrying four nuclear warheads, which the Pentagon maintained were destroyed in the crash. However, a Daily Mail report (updated on November 11, 2008 in its Mail Online site) debunks this, confirming what conspiracy theorists had speculated all along – that one or more of the warheads hadn’t been destroyed.

The American B52 bomber and its nuclear arsenal…before the crash.

Excerpts from the Daily Mail report follow:

“Greenland is a self-governing province of Denmark, but the carrying of nuclear weapons over Danish territory was kept secret, according to the BBC investigation…One of the missions went wrong and a bomber crashed into the ice a few miles from the air base.

“A declassified US government video, obtained by the BBC, documents the clear-up and gives some idea of the scale of the operation.

“The Pentagon had maintained that all four weapons had been ‘destroyed’, but declassified documents obtained…reveal investigators realized only three of the weapons could be accounted for.”

The report continues, “The underwater search (for the missing weapon) was beset by technical problems…Eventually the search was abandoned.

“A nuclear scientist has told the Daily Mail: ‘We really don’t know what has happened to this bomb’.”

According to the military media site, “The incident caused controversy at the time and in the years since. It highlighted the risks Thule Air Base posed to Greenlanders from nuclear accidents and potential superpower conflicts.”

The article continues: “The accident…signaled the immediate end of the airborne alert program, which had become untenable because of the political and operational risks involved.

“Scott Sagan, a political science academic and writer, postulated that if the aircraft had crashed into Thule Air Base, the missile early warning system and the redundant warning aircraft would have been knocked out simultaneously, potentially leading NORAD to conclude incorrectly that a nuclear attack had started.”

So the B-52 incident turned out to be another good example of something that started out as a conspiracy theory and ended up as fact.


When a B-52 nuclear bomber crashed and burned on the ice near Thule Air Base in 1968, the Pentagon classified all documents relating to the crash. Since then, media reports on America’s northernmost Air Force base had been unaccountably few and far between.The Orphan Uprising


Project Iceworm

Many independent investigators believe Thulegate was the tip of the iceberg – please excuse the pun, but we couldn’t resist – in a large-scale Cold War nuclear program the US Military was conducting beneath Greenland’s surface.










Project Iceworm construction underway.

The ambitious program, which was apparently managed by the US Army, went by the codename Project Iceworm and involved the construction of a series of nuclear missile launch sites beneath the Greenland ice sheet and conveniently within striking distance of the Soviet Union.

These top-secret sites were constructed under the ice so that the Danish Government would remain unaware of them as America did not have permission to build nuclear missile sites in Greenland.

As covered in chapter 19, the global elite have numerous underground bases – some of them confirmed despite being off-limits to non-military personnel or to anyone beneath the highest levels of government. That confirmation has usually come via reluctant acknowledgement from the Military Industrial Complex, persistent investigative reporting by a handful of brave journalists or, last but certainly not least, publication of declassified documents.

This accounts for those clandestine subterranean bases we now know of. However, there are persistent rumors that hundreds more such secret underground facilities exist around the world.

Many conspiracy theorists believe the US Army had, or still has, several underground cities – yes cities – beneath the Greenland ice sheet where all manner of secret technologies are being developed and maintained. If there is a Splinter Civilization that has more advanced technologies than official science is aware of then the icy, inhospitable Danish-governed country with a population of less than 60,000 people would seem to the best place this side of the Moon for safekeeping of such technologies.

One of those underground sites whose existence has been confirmed is a former US Army facility in Greenland known as Camp Century, which was part of Project Iceworm and was also previously just a conspiracy theory. (It’s about here our Tinfoil Hat readers start cheering wildly)! The Camp Century site beneath the Greenland ice sheet was selected by US Army engineers in May, 1959. Construction began in 1960 and it was soon a fully-fledged subterranean city that ran entirely on nuclear power.

Constructing the reactor building at Camp Century.

Camp Century has long been declassified and is now an Arctic research facility. The US Army’s activities there were officially abandoned in 1966, reportedly due to the unstable conditions that existed beneath the ice. However, given the B-52 incident occurred only two years later, in 1968, a skeptic could be forgiven for linking it with Project Iceworm and also for wondering whether the project was actually axed.

Layout of Camp Century.


On arriving at Thule Air Base via Air Greenland and passing through the various US Air Force security checks, Nine’s first port of call was his guest house in the tiny settlement of Thule. Then, after checking in and taking delivery of a rental car, his next port of call, quite literally, was the nearby Port of Thule. Located as it was above the Arctic Circle, it was the world’s northernmost deep water port. And, like all of Greenland’s west coast ports and settlements, it was also ice-free in summer, which suited Nine just fine for what he was planning.The Orphan Uprising


Continuing with the Cold War theme, in an article headed US Army’s top secret Arctic city under the ice, claims, “It eventually came out that the ultimate objective of Camp Century was of placing medium-range missiles under the ice – close enough to Moscow to strike targets within the Soviet Union.”

Curezon also mentions a now declassified US Army film showing “the nuclear-powered construction process of Camp Century, beneath the ice of central Greenland”.

The article continues: “Details of the missile base project were classified for decades, first coming to light in January 1997, when the Danish Foreign Policy Institute (DUPI) was asked by the Danish Parliament to research the history of nuclear weapons in Greenland during the Thulegate scandal.

“A report confirmed that the U.S. stockpiled nuclear weapons in Greenland until 1965, contradicting assurances by Danish foreign minister Niels Helveg Petersen that the weapons were in Greenland’s airspace, but never on the ground. The DUPI report also revealed details of Project Iceworm, a hitherto secret United States Army plan to store up to 600 nuclear missiles under the Greenland ice cap…

“Danish workers involved in the clean-up operation claimed long-term health problems resulting from their exposure to the radiation.”

Incidentally, the declassified US army film referred to in the article is freely available to watch online, having been uploaded to various video sites.

In the comments section beneath one such website that posted video footage of Camp Century, one viewer wrote, “The machinery and the whole project makes me think of the Thunderbird animations.”

Who knows, maybe the underground facilities in the popular British science fiction TV series Thunderbirds were inspired by Camp Century or other similar confirmed or rumored subterranean bases of the global elite.

It’s unlikely any of us will ever know how far the Splinter Civilization’s rabbit holes extend beneath our feet. And whenever we see sprawling underground cities in sci-fi movies and television episodes, or read about them in novels, most of us still think, This plot sounds far-fetched or The scientific concepts are ridiculous. Right?


Why on earth Omega had chosen Thule as the location for one of its secret medical labs, Nine could only guess. He assumed its isolation was one reason. No doubt the security afforded by the Air Force base was another.The Orphan Uprising


Scan of 1963 cover from Camp Century, Greenland with U.S. Army Polar Research and Development cachet.

Scan of 1963 cover from Camp Century.


The Thule Society

One of the oldest conspiracy theories relating to the name Thule dates back to The Oera Linda Book, a 19th Century manuscript written in Old Frisian and purported to have been compiled as long ago as AD 803. After being translated into German in the 1930’s, leading Nazi Party member Heinrich Himmler latched onto the book because of its apparent references to the origins of the Aryan race.

The Oera Linda Book…a favorite of Heinrich Himmler.

Infamous German occultist group the Thule Society, which was later absorbed into Hitler’s National Socialist German Workers Party, also accepted the book’s contents as absolute fact. The Thule Society’s followers believed in an ancient landmass known as Hyperborea, which they said was near the North Pole and was exactly where modern Greenland is. These Nazi mystics identified a place called Ultima Thule as the capital of this mythological and Atlantis-like continent of the Prehistoric World.

The translation of The Oera Linda Book has since been branded a hoax. Nevertheless, the book’s contents continue to be a subject for speculation.

The blog site TIA MYSOA (This Is Africa – My Simple Online Abode) reminds followers The Oera Linda Book became known as Himmler’s Bible and was also dubbed the Nordic Bible. It states: “Hoax or no hoax, this book articulates the first known example of the concept of root races, and I was quite surprised to read how accurate this old manuscript described a black maiden…by the name of Lyda…The description of the three earliest races, Lyda (black), Finda (yellow) and Frya (white) are provided in a section of the manuscript…”

Warning: If you are a member of the Tinfoil Hat Network, we strongly suggest you check that your hat is firmly attached to your head about now…

Often associated with the Thule Society is the Vril Society, another German occultist group said to comprise an alien super race known as Vril-ya whose intention was, or is, to join forces with superior beings they believe reside below ground on planet Earth. Believers insist the end goal for the Vril-ya and their subterranean allies is to rule the planet’s surface one day.

Meanwhile, the Tinfoil Hatters would have us believe the Vril Society developed Vril-powered spacecraft that the Germans used to explore space and to transport fleeing Nazis to the Moon and beyond.

According to the site, “People fully bought into this work of fiction as being gospel truth… They met in secret and reportedly performed bizarre séance-like rituals in a bid to awaken the Vril people and gain control of their powerful elixirs, all in a bid to help them take over the world.”

The SabotageTimes report continues, “Although farfetched, when the war ended hundreds of Nazi blueprints were found by the allies, some actually detailed how to build propulsion aircrafts shaped like flying saucers.”

The report concludes, “Captured Nazi turned American scientist Wernher von Braun said when asked about how the Nazis became so advanced: ‘We had help from them’ and pointed upwards.”

If the quote is accurate, it’s not to be sneezed at. Don’t forget von Braun is the Father of Rocket Science referred to in chapter 12 – the same gentleman America awarded the National Medal of Science to in 1975.

It just goes to show that in amongst the flood of extravagant claims made by hardcore conspiracy theorists little gems can be found that at the very least warrant further thought if not further investigation.


Nine was also aware of the strange events said to have occurred at or near Thule over the years. Conspiracy theories abounded. In the early Twentieth Century, the tiny settlement inspired the underground Nazi occult organization known as the Thule Society. Its membershipwas rumored to include Adolf Hitler and numerous other Nazi leaders. The Orphan Uprising


Korean War veterans experimented on?

In our research of various theories concerning Greenland, we came across one conspiracy author who claimed that in the early 1950’s American soldierswounded during the Korean War were secretly hospitalized in undisclosed bases in Greenland. According to the author, this was because the US Government considered its citizens weren’t ready to see battle casualties so soon after WW2.

The same author also asserts those veterans were experimented on, resulting in the deaths of some.

However, we’ve searched far and wide and can find no credible sources confirming, or even suggesting, that wounded Korean War vets were taken to Greenland instead of being repatriated (to the US). So it’s entirely possible this theory could come under the category of a desperate conspiracy author running out of ideas and fabricating shocking theories just to keep selling books.

On the other hand, who knows? Stranger and darker things have happened in the history of governments, and that includes the US Government. If it is true it wouldn’t be the first time American soldiers, and indeed soldiers of many other nations, have been experimented on without their consent.


“Before anyone passes judgment, may I remind you, we are in the Arctic.” –Fox Mulder (played by David Duchovny) in Season 1, Episode 7 of The X-Files.


Alien artifacts in the ice

The first season of The X-Files television series features an episode called Ice, which is set in the Arctic. Delta Air Park, in Vancouver, Canada, was selected by location scouts as the venue for filming because its flat and tundra-like terrain resembles the Arctic environment. At least it does through the lens of a camera.

X-Files - Wallpaper Ice by RoxRio

An impressive 10 million American viewers watched the episode when it first aired in November, 1993. The high-rating, well-reviewed episode has the series’ leads David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as FBI Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, investigating the mysterious deaths of research scientists in the Arctic. The pair soon discover evidence of extraterrestrial, parasitic organisms that take over their hosts and cause those infected to commit extremely violent acts.

A true story, of sorts, in Greenland was reportedly the inspiration for the episode’s writers Glen Morgan and James Wong who conjured up the plot in association with the series’ creator Chris Carter. Morgan said a Science News article about scientists in “Greenland who dug something 250,000 years old out of the ice” gave him the idea.

Of course, if anything like that TV episode actually occurred and alien origins were discovered beneath Greenland’s ice sheet, the powers that be are not saying.

Various similarly-themed conspiracy theories reference abandoned ET civilizations discovered in Greenland by the global elite. Warning: more puns ahead… However, all these theories have grown cold, or are completely frozen, due to a total lack of evidence.


A hollow conspiracy theory

We doubt there are any gems to be found in the following theory, though it has a surprisingly high number of adherents. It was drawn to our attention by The Atlantean Conspiracy website, which refers to “that mother of all conspiracy theories – the Hollow Earth Theory”.

A February 2013 article on the site refers to “various testimonies” of the likes of “Admiral Byrd’s trips to the poles” and other explorers’ accounts of the land beyond the poles as “evidence pointing towards a Hollow Earth theory”.

The article states: “Nowadays only government-approved teams are allowed anywhere near the poles, but historically almost every explorer who has traveled to the poles has recorded that as you get closer, it gets warmer, the snow and ice disappear, and greenery and wild-life reappear. Even modern-day explorers continue finding driftwood, pollen, animals, and insects the closer they get to the poles.

“In Greenland animals should migrate south for the winter, but in fact they all migrate north, and northern winds in Greenland are actually warmer than Southern winds during winter. In Northern Russia there are constantly large animal bones and driftwood coming ashore from the North as well. The poles are no-fly zones and compasses start going haywire as soon as explorers sail/fly near them.

“During earthquakes the Earth behaves much more like a hollow body than a solid one, ringing like a bell with after-shocks spreading out like ripples in a pond. This behavior is indicative of a Hollow Earth and something which plate tectonics theory falls short of adequately explaining.”

The article invites readers to “view some of the evidence” in the videos it provides links to.

The idea of an alien civilization living inside the earth is a favorite of the Tinfoil Hat Network. Nazi mystics were also believers in the theory, and Lord Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s 1871 novel The Coming Race was said to be Adolf Hitler’s favorite book. The early science fiction story describes a mysterious free energy source called Vril and also describes in great detail the life of inhabitants living in the so-called Hollow Earth.

These days, given science has progressed and we now know so much more about the planet’s properties and nature, Hollow Earth believers are held in much the same regard as Flat Earth subscribers.


We’ve only scratched the surface of conspiracy theories involving Greenland. Many of them get even zanier than the ones covered in this chapter.

Other Greenland conspiracy theories presented as fact by the Tinfoil Hat Network include: the landmass being the real Atlantis; factories near the North pole with three-foot tall alien workers who manufacture human sweat which nourishes them; Adolf Hitler being alive and well and living in a Nazi-populated city beneath Greenland’s ice sheet; and Greenland’s flag being a secret Illuminati symbol.

Seriously, does anyone believe this stuff?


Read more in The Orphan Conspiracies: 29 Conspiracy Theories from The Orphan Trilogy – available now via Amazon at:

A book that’s for the common people.


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In 1998, one of us (James) took a guided tour through the Pentagon, the US Department of Defense headquarters in Arlington County, Virginia. It was quite an eye-opener.

The tour guide was a young military staffer and the other 50 or so tour party members included a chubby, garrulous boy of about eight or nine who spoke with a southern drawl and was constantly eating. Between mouthfuls of food, the boy interrupted the tour guide’s running commentary in a loud voice, asking, “What about the levels below the Pentagon, sir?”

The tour guide politely but firmly replied, “Son, there are no levels below the Pentagon, what you see is all there is.”

That reply seemed to satisfy the boy until about five minutes later he repeated the question and received a near identical response. This same question-same answer pattern continued for the remainder of the tour, visibly raising the young staffer’s aggravation levels every time he was interrupted and forced to answer the persistent boy.

In all likelihood the boy had watched TV shows or movies referencing the conspiracy theory which insists there are miles of tunnels, subterranean levels and underground bunkers below the Pentagon, suggesting what’s seen above ground is merely the tip of the iceberg.

File:The Pentagon January 2008.jpg

The Pentagon above ground…merely the tip of the iceberg?

If you’re wondering how the previously mentioned Splinter Civilization with all its suppressed technologies, manpower and equipment could exist without the mass public’s knowledge then consider what’s below the surface. Literally.

That’s right folks, we’re talking about the hidden black world beneath our feet – another favorite theory of a million and one members of the Tinfoil Hat Network, but also a theory many genuine researchers buy into as well.


“The secret facility was not only off limits to the general public, it was completely off the US Government’s radar. In fact, like everything else connected with Omega, knowledge of its existence was beyond any government.”The Ninth Orphan


In our international thriller series – you guessed it, The Orphan Trilogy – the shadowy Omega Agency’s secret headquarters are one mile below ground. This decision for the storyline was inspired by longstanding rumors of military bunkers and enormous underground facilities not known to the general public.

One book critic commented at the end of her review of our series as follows: “Quite thought-provoking books, too, when you ponder on what the world’s super powers are really up to in their underground bunkers!”

That comment got us thinking. What the hell are the powers-that-be doing below ground and why are they building such facilities?

In the course of researching this particular book, we came across a number of convincing sources that appear to confirm the existence of at least some secret subterranean facilities. These sources include declassified US Government files, university reports, Wikileaks’ documents and eyewitness accounts from common citizens who stumbled across such bases, as well as interviews with, and testimonials from, former military personnel who claim to have worked in underground bunkers.

Like most theories covered in this book, we still don’t necessarily have any definitive answers to offer. That’s the nature of conspiracy theories, folks. Nevertheless, sifting through the myriad of reports, whispers and rumors of underground facilities sure was enlightening, sobering and fun all at the same time!


“Omega’s HQ did not show up on any maps or satellite images. That was because it was a subterranean facility hidden deep beneath an abandoned hydro dam in south-west Illinois. Built in 1978, the existence of the underground facility was unknown to the American public. More importantly, it was unknown to the US Government, or any other government for that matter.”The Orphan Factory



Remember in chapter 7 we covered examples of suppressed science – like Nikola Tesla’s technologies and other little-known inventions that we suggested the Splinter Civilization may have in their possession? Well, if we are correct and a more scientifically advanced offshoot of humanity co-exists on the planet right now, then it’s a safe bet they maintain their secrecy by going about most of their business in underground bases. And not only in America, but most likely all over the world.


Classified: A Deep Underground Military Base…somewhere in America.

Where else short of colonizing another planet could they hide the required plant, machinery and equipment – and the manpower to operate it – away from the prying eyes of Joe Citizen, investigative journalists and inquisitive everyday people like us?

Worth noting is that security at the entrances to known and acknowledged underground facilities is at least equal to security at the border checkpoints that separate nations. This seems to add some weight to the theory that we are dealing with a Splinter Civilization and this small but powerful group have purposefully divided themselves from official society, or from the world as we know it. More correctly, the global elite have separated us from their society because they’re able to operate in both worlds – above and below ground.

We accept the concept of such a breakaway group may still seem hard to fathom, but consider once more the aforementioned comments given by Daniel K. Inouye, US Senator from Hawaii, in his testimony at the 1987 Iran-Contra Hearings. “There exists a shadowy government,” Inouye said, “with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself.”

According to our research, this Splinter Civilization was able to grow so powerful and remain largely below the radar due to a number of complex events, which all intersected mid to late last century.

One was the apparent arrival of extra-terrestrials en masse, allegedly commencing around the time of the widely reported yet still classified Roswell UFO incident in New Mexico in 1947.

Another was the scientific improvements in tunnelling and digging technologies from the 1950’s onwards. Again, one of us (Lance) can speak with a little authority on this, having gone through the Mount Isa Mines school of mining in the Outback of Queensland, Australia, working as an underground miner back in the late 1960’s and following mining developments around the world with interest ever since.

The third reason was the Cold War whose ‘national security’ demands and the resulting unhealthy culture of secrecy it gave rise to encouraged governments to be less accountable to their citizens.

These coinciding factors all created a perfect storm for underground bases to be built and managed by the Military Industrial Complex and intelligence agencies as well as private corporations.

Those who have researched unacknowledged subterranean facilitiesare almost unanimous in their belief that the bases are funded by black budgets financed by a combination of banksters, drug wars and profits from (mainly mineral) resources plundered from unwitting Third World countries.

The US program for building these underground bunkers is known as DUMB, or Deep Underground Military Bases. DUMB has apparently been in operation since the late 1940’s and there are now said to be hundreds of such bases in almost every state in mainland America.


Maybe that fat kid wasn’t so DUMB after all

In the 21st Century, it’s basically common knowledge and certainly widely accepted that the Pentagon has multiple levels of enormous bunkers and an immense network of tunnels beneath its visible exterior.

It makes complete sense, too. You’d expect the Department of Defense’s HQ of the world’s greatest superpower would have multiple access routes and escape tunnels to accommodate sudden evacuations and other emergencies.

Revealing system of tunnels beneath the White HouseIt’s a similar situation in Washington D.C. where it has been widely reported by mainstream media that there’s a vast tunnel system below the capital. And it’s our understanding that at any given time there are at hundreds of security personnel patrolling the tunnels, on foot or with the aid of motorized vehicles, beneath the city. Very likely many of D.C.’s tunnels lead to and from the White House. The often-told stories of Marilyn Monroe being sneaked in and out of the White House via underground tunnels to meet with JFK would seem to confirm this. Such tales reveal the capital’s extensive tunnel system enabled Marilyn to be the President’s mistress without much scandal – for a period, at least.

Tunnels purported to be beneath the White House.


“The covert underground infrastructure serves many functions. Among these are strategic storage of materials and weapons, clandestine research and production facilities, alternant basing for military personnel and equipment, surface environment control systems (atmospheric lensing, synthetic earthquakes, weather modification, civilian population control, etc).” –Dr. Steven J. Smith. Excerpt from the paper Underground Infrastructure –The missing forty trillion dollars.


Underground cities

By all appearances, the US Government is building underground cities in preparation for a coming catastrophe they seem certain is imminent. Whether the elite believe it will be some kind of nuclear apocalypse or a religious, Armageddon-type scenario, nobody knows. At least, nobody we know knows.

In episode 4 of the third season of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, former Minnesota Governor Ventura and his son Tyrel Ventura, along with Sean Stone, son of Oscar-winning filmmaker Oliver Stone, travel to the Ozarks, a mountainous region of the central United States, to investigate rumors of underground developments there. They find the entrance to what appears to be an underground city being built inside a mountain.

Jesse Ventura (center) and team outside what they call an underground city.

Despite heavy fortifications – and no doubt aided by Ventura’s status as former Governor of Minnesota – the team gain vehicular entry to the massive underground facility, which they discover covers an area of 50 square miles! As they drive around freely, they quickly deduce it is indeed an underground city in the making, complete with offices, warehouses, manufacturing plants, indoor farming facilities as well as stockpiles of food, water and crude oil.


“It’s like they’ve got door-to-door transportation for the chosen few when it’s time to move inside and weld those doors shut. I don’t necessarily think it’d be a good place to live, but it would be a good place to survive.” –Jesse Ventura, from episode 4, season 3, of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura.


What’s happening below ground?

There’s a long list of claims regarding the nefarious activities conducted by the global elite and their pawns in these underground bases. Some say they have clandestine prisons where officially designated missing persons and others who have dropped off the grid are held captive; some believe human-alien joint ventures are taking place in these bases to further black technologies or to advance certain species.

When it comes to suppressed science, the hit sci-fi television seriesWarehouse 13, which at the time of writing is still on TV and into its fifth season, probably best portrays the secret science bunker concept. The basic plot has two US Secret Service Agents assigned to a top-secret government warehouse to protect scientific discoveries and radical technologies invented by Nikola Tesla and others – none of which the public are aware. The premise of a largely underground warehouse storing suppressed discoveries and inventions is based on conspiracy theories that have been swirling around for decades.

Primary image for Warehouse 13

Hit TV series taps into theory.

There have also been reports from former military engineers and government geologists about supersonic transportation systems underground. Who knows, maybe the global elite travel between cities and countries below ground, utilizing the underworld’s rumored faster transportation methods?

It has also been claimed that radical biological experiments take place in the Splinter Civilization’s underworld. The kind that the laws of the land above ground don’t allow – such as unsanctioned forms of genetic engineering, human cloning and illegal drug testing by pharmaceutical corporations. Some conspiracy theorists who believe complex viruses like HIV/AIDS, SARS and Ebola are all manmade, have even theorized that these viruses are manufactured and tested in underground facilities before being unleashed above ground.

Neo-Nazi technologies are also said to exist below ground. This apparently dates back to the Project Paperclip scientists who, as we mention in chapter 12, were secretly ushered in to America immediately after WW2. Werner von Braun, the German-turned naturalized American and Godfather of NASA’s space rocket program, is one that many researchers have named in relation to underground bases. These Nazi Paperclip scientists were supposedly crucial to the development and construction of the underground bases and tunnels that now exist beneath American soil.

If that sounds farfetched, remember it’s well-documented that von Braun and other Paperclip Nazis built V2 rockets for Hitler in large underground missile facilities in their German homeland in the 1940’s.

Aircraft and God knows what else stored underground…somewhere. (Photo not verified).

Wildest of all, are the numerous conspiracy theories that maintain many of these underground bases – of which there are rumored to be thousands worldwide – are full of captive men, women and children. Some suggest the captives may have been taken from above ground, which may partially account for the hundreds of thousands of missing persons reported annually around the world who are never found; others suggest the captives are human clones designed to spend their lives enslaved underground to further the global elite’s agendas; and still others suggest some captives are used as human guinea pigs in radical science experiments conducted by scientists working for the Splinter Civilization.

And then there’s the intriguing statements made by one Philip Schneider, an American geologist who, until his untimely death, also claimed to be an ex-government military engineer.Schneider said while he was involved in constructing additional bunkers in one underground base in New Mexico, he discovered aliens conducted horrific experiments on people detained in bunkers miles below the earth’s surface. (More on Schneider later in this chapter).

About now you may be asking, “Why are these guys talking about aliens as if their existence on earth is a documented fact?” Or if you’ve read The Orphan Trilogy, you may be thinking, “There’s no mention of aliens in those novels, so why are you guys suddenly hitting me with all this ET stuff now?”

Fair questions, but keep in mind we have no strong opinion either way as to whether aliens are with us or even if they exist. All we are doing is repeating the conspiracy theories out there concerning underground bases. It just so happens a lot of rumors and reports – some reliable, some not – on such bases involve either aliens or alien technologies. In many instances, the theories surrounding underground bunkers and aliens cannot be separated.  


“It is the most well kept ‘secret’ of all time! The earth is a much grander, mysterious and wondrous place than anyone could ever imagine in our wildest dreams! If true, an entire ‘second’ earth exists right below our feet! Not just in the US but nearly every point on this earth hosts an entire network of caverns of vast size and depth; honey-combed thru out the planet! There is a vast and deep underground world where advanced technology can be used freely. Where people can escape to and where all manner of secrets can be kept. Some very important testimonies and documents are available from certain ‘military’ sources (confirming) that this is real!” –ArraiEl (Yahoo member), published on the Yahoo Voices website on 25 October 2011 in an article titled Deep Cavern Systems Worldwide.


Combining advanced technologies and Mother Nature

While the vast majority of underground bases are said to have been constructed by the Military Industrial Complex, it seems most are also built inside or directly above natural, pre-existing cave networks. Either that or the constructors have made use of miles of abandoned mine tunnels and shafts.

This would make sense as those who design and build such bases would naturally look to utilize the best of nature and man – and possibly extra-terrestrial civilizations as well.

File:Empire mine shaft.jpg

California’s Empire Mine State Historic Park…one of many mine shafts around the world.

When it comes to American underground bases, this may not be as crazy as it first seems as much of mainland America is dotted with sinkholes, abandoned mines and enormous caves and cavern networks.

The word cave usually conjures up images of small caverns or fissures in the ground. But the reality is there are giant underground caves extending many, many miles underground. Some are said to be bottomless – and who are we to argue? For all we know, a cave or cave system could start in the wilds of Montana and end in Alaska.

Many caves, including one nicknamed the Subterranean Grand Canyon, are so vast only their entrances have been explored, while others – it’s universally agreed – have yet to be discovered let alone explored. And many of these giant cave systems contain rare rock formations and unusual geology, significant underground rivers, lakes and seas with unique species of cavefish in them, as well as abundances of gemstones, crystals and gold. The Er Wang Dong cave system, in China, even has its own climate system complete with clouds and rain!

Skocjan Caves…better known as the Underground Grand Canyon.

One example of the scale of underground cave systems is the extensive system known as Craighead Caverns in Sweetwater, Tennessee. According to Wikipedia, Craighead Caverns are “best known for containing the United States’ largest and the world’s second largest non-subglacial underground lake, The Lost Sea. In addition to the lake, the caverns contain an abundance of crystal clusters called anthodites, stalactites and stalagmites, plus a waterfall.”

The Lechuguilla Cave in New Mexico is another example. Only officially discovered in 1986,Lechuguilla isthe seventh-longest explored cave in the world with 138.3 miles of confirmed cave networks, although more sections of the cave continue to be found.

Given the scale of these naturally-occurring subterranean cavities, perhaps the theory of building in, around or on top of such geological systems when constructing underground bases would not only seem prudent, but practical.

It’s also worth noting that access to many of the world’s largest caves, including the Lechuguilla Cave, is restricted to approved scientific researchers and government employees. This fact may dovetail with the conspiracy theory that says some of the largest caves are either controlled by the government or lie below completely restricted lands like Nevada’s Area 51, for example. Then again, denying public access to such caves could simply be a matter of safety or conservation concerns, or both.


Mount Weather

An hour’s drive from Washington D.C. is Mount Weather, a massive underground complex in the state of Virginia. It’s basically a military base within a hollowed-out mountain.

A bird’s eye view of the Mount Weather Special Facility, a FEMA center.

As UK newspaper The Guardian reports in an article dated August 28, 2006, the underground emergency operations facility was “originally built to house governmental officials in the event of a full-scale nuclear exchange”. However, with the Cold War over, the article went on to speculate that “as the Bush administration wages its war on terror, Mount Weather is believed to house a ‘shadow government’ made up of senior Washington officials on temporary assignment”.

No outsiders have ever been allowed inside Mount Weather, but Richard Pollock, an author and a regular contributor for Progressive Magazine, interviewed several individuals who claimed to have previously been employed on site within the mountain. The interviewees said the base had its own lake with fresh spring water, independent power generation, cafeterias, hydroponic gardens, hospitals and transportation system as well as residential apartments. They also said Mount Weather has its own fire and police departments and, as you can no doubt imagine, its own laws too.

Taking the speculation about a shadow government in The Guardian article one step further, Pollock reported the underground facility has its own replica government, which apparently is every bit as comprehensive as the official government above ground.


Dulce Base

One of the most commonly referred to sites mentioned by underground base researchers is an unconfirmed one said to exist below the small and almost entirely Native American-populated town of Dulce, in New Mexico.

There are many stories of government collaborations with aliens in Dulce Base where all manner of exotic research is apparently conducted within its seven or more vast subterranean levels and numerous tunnel offshoots. By all accounts this includes advanced mind control and psychotronic warfare experiments as well as genetic engineering.

Some Dulce researchers believe levels 5 and below are occupied entirely by alien personnel and house technologies also alien to this planet. The deepest sections of the underground base are apparently connected to an extensive cave system, which as we’ve mentioned seems to be common theme for most underground bases.

Aliens in Dulce Underground Base,New Mexico

Aliens purportedly in residence in Dulce Underground Base in New Mexico. 

Dulce is believed to have interconnected bases in New Mexico, including the rumored ones at Sandia Base and White Sands, with tunnel systems linking them all. Perhaps tellingly, part of the aforementioned almost 140 mile-long and still not fully discovered cavern system known as The Lechuguilla Cave is said to extend under some of the bases Dulce connects to.

Dulce Base first came to the public’s attention in 1979 when New Mexico businessman Paul Bennowitz was convinced he had intercepted communications between antigravity flying machines and underground installations in the area. In the 1980’s, Bennowitz claimed he’d discovered the Dulce Base. The story spread like wildfire in conspiracy circles and the UFO community in particular.

In the 1990’s, US commercial airline pilot John Lear,the son of Lear Jet designer William P. Lear, also claimed he had confirmed the existence of Dulce Base, independently of Bennowitz.However, this is tempered by the writings of political scientist Michael Barkun. The professor emeritus of political science at New York’s Syracuse University believes that Cold War underground missile installations in New Mexico falsely excited ufologists and conspiracy theorists. In Barkun’s opinion there’s nothing else there to support rumors of an underground base at Dulce or rumors of supposed human-alien collaborations.

But many Dulce locals, as well as quite a few independent researchers, continue to maintain there is a large site beneath the town.

Norio Hayakawa, a New Mexico resident who has independently studied Dulce Base for decades, wrote an article dated March 28, 2007 on the website, which detailed his extensive research into the Dulce rumors over the years.

Hayawaka mentions in the article how in 1990 he worked with a visiting Japanese television crew to attempt to confirm the alleged existence of an “underground U.S./alien joint bio-lab” beneath Dulce. He also mentions that when interviewing locals with the Japanese TV crew, he and the Japanese were detained by the town’s Police Chief, Hoyt Velarde, without any valid reason being given. According to Hayawaka, Chief Velarde warned them, “Don’t you ever ask any more questions regarding such a base. I have nothing to do with it and I do not want to talk about it!”

Hayawaka implies that Velarde’s choice of words seemed to indicate the Dulce Base was known to the police.

Upon returning to Dulce in 2007 to investigate further, Hayawaka says “the son of the former head of the Dulce Police Department took me to the site of Project Gasbuggy. Project Gasbuggy was a rather ‘strange’ 1967 government project which involved a large underground nuclear explosion (29 kilotons of TNT) deep inside the high plateau area 25 miles south of Dulce, allegedly to release natural gas from deep under the ground. It was a joint project with El Paso Natural Gas Company. What is not frequently mentioned in association with this curious project was that the huge nuclear explosion had created, deep, huge underground extensive caverns all over the area along with extensive natural “tunnels”.”

Unsurprisingly, Dulce Base has featured regularly in popular culture, including an episode of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura titled Ancient Aliens,Pittacus Lore’sbestselling young adult book series The Lorien Legacies, an episode of the History Channel program UFO Hunters, the 2012 video game Ghost Recon: Future Soldierand the comic series The Invisibles in which Dulce Base is shown to house a secret vaccine for AIDS.

A visual aid to the nuclear fracking process used in Project Gasbuggy. 


The Montauk Project

The abandoned Montauk Air Force Station in Camp Hero State Park, Montauk Point, Long Island, NY, has long been the source of many an exotic conspiracy theory, most of which usually involve underground locations. For example, it’s rumored that Paperclip Nazi scientists worked at the mysterious Long Island military facility commonly known as Montauk.

The area takes its name from the region’s original inhabitants, the Montauk Indians, who according to the courts no longer exist as a tribe even though remaining Montauk tribal members insist they do still exist. But that’s a whole other conspiracy theory!

Many independent researchers have described Montauk as a secret research facility where they claim psy-ops like remote viewing and time travel experiments took place for decades before the site was eventually shut down. Some conspiracy theorists even say there was a more advanced version of the infamousPhiladelphia Experiment conducted at Montauk. You may recall the original experiment allegedly rendered a US Navy vessel invisible to enemy radar and listening devices – a story denied by the US Navy. These top-secret experiments were known as the Montauk Project and were reportedly carried out in nine subterranean levels beneath the abandoned Air Force station.

Quite a few Montauk Point locals have reported sightings of high-tech equipment being taken underground, and tunnels and subterranean bases beneath the region have long been rumored within the tightknit community.

In the 2010 TV documentary Inside Secret Government Warehouses, produced by the US cable network Syfy, the filmmakers went to Montauk to see if they could confirm the existence of underground facilities. No tunnels or underground facilities were found. However, ground-penetrating radar devices were also used and, although not completely conclusive, they appeared to show evidence of some kind of underground chamber directly below ground – a conclusion confirmed by the independent radar technicians operating the devices.

The TV crew also revealed a vast network of tunnels beneath nearby historic resort hotel Montauk Manor. Many commentators believe these tunnels lead directly to the Air Force station and were built as part of the mysterious Montauk Project.


A radar facility in Montauk…a focal point for the Montauk Conspiracy Theory.


Other confirmed and rumored underground bases

Cheyenne Mountain is NORAD’s confirmed underground bunker at Colorado Springs, in Colorado. It was developed during the Cold War complete with missile defence systems and advanced space technologies, and is still in operation today. The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) facility is basically a self-sustained city built inside the mountain. Some conspiracy theorists say tunnels extend from Cheyenne Mountain to other underground bases around the nation including Denver and Dulce Base.

Denver International Airport (DIA) is said to have an underground base concealed directly below its tarmac. Around the airport there are numerous fenced-in areas covered in barbed wire. To our eyes at least this seems a tad unusual even for an international airport. What’s also strange about DIA is there are Masonic symbols everywhere and freaky artwork depicting cities ablaze, women in coffins and dead babies adorning the airport’s walls.

One of the many bizarre murals at Denver International Airport.

Supposedly, there’s also an underground base below the town of Kokomo, Indiana. For over a decade, Kokomo locals have reported hearing a hum coming from below ground – a hum that’s so extreme some have become sick. It has even forced some residents to leave town. Following numerous complaints, the mysterious humming sound has been formally investigated, but investigations have not revealed a likely cause.

After living with the problem for many years and sharing information on the grapevine, many Kokomo locals now believe the hum is actually vibrations caused by machinery operating far below ground. This tallies with the beliefs of independent underground base researchers who insist large-scale subterranean excavations and tunnelling are occurring beneath Kokomo.

Many have also claimed there’s a vast underground complex beneath Area 51, in Nevada, and that it also contains (perhaps literally) out-of-this-world technologies. (See chapter 29 for a detailed analysis of Area 51).


“Since the early 1960’s, the American citizenry have been the unwitting victims of government fraud, perpetrated on a scale so vast that it staggers the imagination … The total amount exceeds 40 trillion dollars … The government has built an entirely new underground civilization … In this new society, there is no poverty, no crime or illicit drug use. In this new society, healthcare is affordable, energy is free, public transport is efficient. And you, the American tax payer have paid for it all.” –Dr. Steven J. Smith. Excerpt from the paper Underground Infrastructure –The missing forty trillion dollars.


Secret underground sites around the world

Mezhgorye is an enormous underground military facility in Russia’s Ural Mountains, close to the city of Mezhgorye. The sprawling subterranean facility apparently required more than 10,000 workers to build it and spans over 400 miles! The military site has never been acknowledged by the Russian Government, or by the Soviet one before it. However, America received intelligence confirming its existence in 1992, according to an article The New York Times ran in 1996.

Some underground researchers believe the Vatican also holds subterranean secrets. And we’re not speaking of the known basement areas like the Vatican empire’s Necropolis or the Secret Archives,but rather an ancient network of tunnels, chambers and mysterious buildings miles beneath it.

Down in the hidden bowels of the sovereign Catholic state, bizarre ceremonies are said to be performed by Vatican cardinals, bishops and priests. Ceremonies which have nothing to do with Catholicism and everything to do with the religions of ancient Egypt and Babylon. But that, too, is a whole other conspiracy theory and something probably best left to bestselling author Dan Brown.

vaticanpagereverse.jpg (88256 bytes)

The mother of all underground bases may actually exist in the Southern Hemisphere. In the heart of Australia, the underground facility known as Pine Gap is known about, yet not known about. Officially a joint defence and satellite tracking station, it has been reported by local media that nobody in the Australian Federal Parliament, not even the Prime Minister, has any meaningful information about the US-run base. Local Outback residents have reported seeing massive quantities of food and supplies being delivered for what could be an enormous city below ground. Apparently Pine Gap was constructed on top of the deepest drilling hole in Australia and is about five miles deep.


The curious case of Philip Schneider

One of the most out-there, yet hard-to-dismiss testimonials supporting the existence of underground bases and the rumored ET’s some of them hide, is that of American Philip Schneider (1947-1996).Although very few records exist on the man and his military career, Schneider stated he was a geologist and former government military engineer. More controversially, he also claimed to have been involved in a firefight that broke out with Extra-terrestrials while he was building additions to the underground military base at Dulce, New Mexico, in 1979.

Schneider said he was one of only three survivors in the humans vs. aliens battle in which 66 US Delta Force soldiers were killed. Although Schneider survived, he had severe flesh wounds and burns to his entire body – wounds he claimed were the result of some kind of radiation weapon the ET’s fired at him.

In the mid-1990’s, Schneider began giving lectures all over the world about what he said was the absolute truth regarding ET’s living below Earth’s surface. During one such lecture, at the Preparedness Expo in November of 1995, he said, “Right now military technology is about 1200 years more advanced than public state technology.”

Philip Schneider testified to the existence of underground bases.

During another lecture, Schneider mentioned how in 1954 the Eisenhower administration disregarded the Constitution by signing a treaty with the ET’s.The treaty was apparently named The 1954 Greada Treaty. In the same lecture, he mentioned a human-looking alien who was “one of the aliens who has been working for the Pentagon for the last 58 years.” He then produced a photograph of this supposed alien and showed it to the audience and the cameraman filming the lecture.

Providing a possible insight into the Splinter Civilization’s monetary resources, Schneider claimed that since 1940’s the US Government had spent almost one quadrillion dollars building hundreds of underground bases all over America.

In the course of delivering these lectures – some of which were filmed and are available for anyone to see on the Internet – Schneider displayed visible injuries, including missing fingers and chest wounds, which he claimed were a legacy of the battle with the ET’s. To back up his statements, Schneider also produced what he claimed were classified photographs, ancient alien fossils and non-Earth metal ores retrieved from Dulce Base.

In his last recorded lecture, Schneider told his audience there had been 13 murder attempts on his life by government agents intent on preventing him continuing to inform the public of the existence of ET’s. He said he was speaking out because, “I love my country more than I love my own life.”

Schneider was found dead in his apartment in Wilsonville, Oregon, on January 17, 1996, several days after he’d died.

As with everything else in Schneider’s life, his death was also shrouded in mystery. Initially, the Clackamas County Coroner’s office said he’d died of either a stroke or a heart attack. Then they changed their story to suicide. It’s also worth noting that all the geologist’s documents relating to underground bases, as well as the alleged alien artifacts that he’d begun showing to audiences, went missing and have never been seen since.

Cynthia Drayer, Schneider’s ex-wife, is one of many who firmly believe Schneider was murdered to prevent him from leaking anything more about the ET-human interactions occurring below ground.

An interesting footnote to Philip Schneider’s life is that he claimed his father, Oscar Schneider, revealed to him on his deathbed that he was not the German Jewish immigrant he’d always proclaimed to be, but was actually an ex-Nazi. Schneider’s father also apparently revealed he was a Paperclip scientist. Actually, make that a pre-Paperclip scientist as he was hustled in to America at the start of WW2 to conduct scientific research for the US Government long before Project Paperclip even existed.

Schneider’s father went on to tell him that as an American scientist he was involved in the Philadelphia Experiment. He also told his son about other exotic and clandestine government projects that may have included early underground bases, although Schneider couldn’t be sure.

Schneider said he was shocked his father revealed all this to him on his deathbed. By all accounts there wasn’t time to compare both of their experiences before Schneider Senior died.

Whether Schneider’s father was in any way responsible for the top-secret military clearance levels his son attained or indeed whether Philip Schneider’s own claims about working in underground bases are true, remain pure speculation and will probably never be proven or disproven.

As one would expect, without undeniable evidence or absolute proof left behind to confirm Schneider’s story, there are as many skeptics as believers. The former include some who insist they’ve debunked all his claims about underground bases and ET’s.

On the other hand, it could reasonably be argued undeniable evidence is exceedingly difficult to obtain when it comes to proving the Splinter Civilization exists and is in our midst.


“The North Atlantic seems to be very significant and is possibly the largest sea base in European waters. Other reported underwater bases are in South America waters – in the areas of Puerto Rico and Brazil – in Antarctica and other deep unobserved areas of ocean.” –Tony Dodd. Former British police officer.


Undersea bases

Jean-Luc Bozzoli

Could there also be secret military facilities under our ocean floors?

In 1969, the Stanford Research Institute in Menlo Park, California, published a report titled The Feasibility of manned in-bottom bases. The report states, “The construction of thirty in-bottom bases within the ocean floors is technically and economically feasible … The cost of such a base program would be about $2.7 billion”.

Now keep in mind that was in 1969. So given the multi-trillion dollar black budgets numerous researchers claim the US Government and its agencies have access to annually, who is to say undersea bases weren’t financed and built as long ago as the 1970’s?

Interestingly, the Stanford Research Institute’s 1969 report also states that deep submergence vehicles would need to be developed to build undersea bases. The following year it was announced Lockheed had launched deep sea vehicles with the necessary capabilities to do just that.

According to a lecture that independent researcher Dr. Richard Sauder gave at the Xcon 2004 conference, there could easily be US-built undersea bases in the Persian Gulf, the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico.

Dr. Sauder, author of the 1996 book Underground Bases and Tunnels: What is the Government Trying to Hide?, also spoke of the US Navy’s undersea test and research center off the coast of Andros Island, in the Bahamas. He speculated that the facility, which is known as AUTEC (Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Centre), could be a front for an undersea complex of secret bases.

On May 1, 2008, UK newspaper The Telegraph ran an article about China’s underwater sea bases. The article, which contained satellite imagery of base openings on Hainan Island, China, states there’s “a network of underground tunnels at the Sanya base on the southern tip of Hainan island”. The article also states that the tunnels allow Chinese submarines to travel out into the ocean from the base completely undetected.

“Of even greater concern to the Pentagon,” the article continues, “are massive tunnel entrances, estimated to be 60ft high, built into hillsides around the base … While it has been known that China might be developing an underground base at Sanya, the pictures provide the first proof of the base’s existence and the rapid progress made”.


Satellite image of Sanya, in the South China Sea.

Although likely to be more complex and costly to build than bases beneath land, undersea bases would obviously provide even more secure hideaways for the Splinter Civilization to go about their business. It’s unlikely China and the US would be the only countries building undersea bases for their naval advancements and other purposes.

We’d be remiss not to add that a few conspiracy theorists – most likely of the Tinfoil Hat variety – believe that senior Nazis built an undersea colony beneath Antarctica and even lived there after WW2 ended.

This base was supposedly at or off the coast of New Swabia, which was explored and claimed as a territory by Germany just before WW2 – in early 1939. The Antarctic region was named after that expedition’s ship, the Ms Schwabenland. However, the region’s official exploration is where the facts end and the (possibly lunatic) theories begin.

One such theory insists that hundreds of Nazi flying saucers were stored in the New Swabia undersea colony. Not only that but a secret nuclear war occurred there in the late 1980’s between the US and the surviving Nazis, causing the ozone hole over the South Pole and “false” global warming issues!

Even the South Pole can’t escape the Tinfoil Hatters!

You gotta love the Tinfoil Hat Network. What they lack in anything resembling evidence, they make up in spades for with blockbuster-style entertainment.


Admittedly, we have no idea how many of these undersea and underground bases are real and how many are pure fiction. Nor do we know the extent of activity in the known subterranean bases or whether ET’s are present.

Anyone desperate enough to learn the truth could approach scientists, engineers and military personnel who have worked at confirmed underground bases and try to prize information out of them. Truthseekers could also go to areas where subterranean bases are rumored to exist and use ground penetrating radar devices to see if manmade levels, structures and machinery show up below.

However, anyone considering such action should probably keep in mind that the line between independent investigator and conspiracy crackpot is often a thin one…Actually, maybe we should have kept that in mind ourselves before we agreed to write this book!


Read more in The Orphan Conspiracies: 29 Conspiracy Theories from The Orphan Trilogy – available now via Amazon at:

A book that’s for the common people.


Happy reading! –James & Lance





Almost every conspiracy theory in recent years at least references the New World Order (NWO) in some way.

There are various versions of the NWO Theory, depending on who is telling it and what their agenda may be – if they have an agenda, which they usually do! However, in the simplest of terms, the theory suggests the global elite are subtly directing our civilization toward a totalitarian one world government.

This is apparently being orchestrated by leading politicians, including heads of state, who are implementing policies to allow for a one world government that will eventually replace sovereign nation-states. Once a reality, such a governing body so empowered would naturally set laws that reflect the global elite’s core philosophies.

Methods used by the global elite to action this NWO plan are said to embrace many of the subjects covered so far in this book, including media propaganda, central banking and engineering wars with false flag attacks.

It all sounds possible – at least within the context of this book – right?

The only problem is, NWO conspiracy theories are often trumpeted by those who are more than a few pennies short of a pound and have trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality.

Those commonly peddling one world government ideas include anti-Semites blaming Jewish people for every problem under the sun, religious zealots who believe the NWO will bring about apocalyptic scenarios, UFO gurus warning an alien invasion is imminent, and indeed all those other conspiracy extremists who together form our beloved Tinfoil Hat Network.

So, all this talk of a NWO is a bunch of BS then. Right?

Um…maybe. Or maybe not.


“The only salvation for civilization lies in the creation of a world government” –Albert Einstein


Money talks

If any group had the authority to direct the planet towards a NWO, it would be the world’s financial elite.

Many independent researchers have said the bulk of the world’s money supply is in the hands of less than 1000 families. Yep you read that right: the bulk of the world’s money supply is in the hands of less than 1000 families.

These families would include the Rockefellers, the British Royals, the Marcos and Bush clans as well as other elite dynasties mentioned in this book.Their fortunes consist of Old World money, invisible money and blood money.

In a similar vein, David Rothkopf’s 2008 book, Superclass: The Global Power Elite and the World They Are Making, states that the world is governed by a group of 6000 elite individuals.

Product Details

And according to Oxfam’s 2014 economic briefing, the wealth of the top 1% in the world amounts to US$110 trillion. That’s 65 times the total wealth of the bottom half of the world’s population.


“Marcia Wilson was a good example of Omega’s core strategy for creating a New World Order. It involved placing their people, or moles, in positions of power within the CIA, the NSA, the Pentagon, the White House and global organizations like the UN, the IMF and the World Bank. This enabled Omega to pull some of the strings of these organizations and to direct American, and world politics, to an extent.” The Ninth Orphan


Another staggering statistic from Oxfam’s briefing was that, collectively, the financial worth of the world’s 85 wealthiest people approximately equals that of the poorer half of the world’s total population. In other words, and get this – the richest 85 individuals have as much wealth as the 3.5 billion or so people who make up 50% of the world’s population and who are categorized as the poorest on the planet!

What if those 85 Rich Listers got together – assuming they or their representatives haven’t already – and agreed on certain things? Things like lobbying for a one world currency, for example, or anything else that fits their definition of a better world? With their financial clout and inherent power, would they not be capable of creating a New World Order of sorts?


Kentbridge continued, “There are different types of New World Order scenarios. One would be a world government ruled by a totalitarian regime like the Nazis were working toward. That would obviously be destructive. Another scenario would be one in which a fairer world is created. That’s what we are aiming for. We can unite everybody worldwide and create everlasting peace.” The Orphan Factory


In The Orphan Trilogy, we refer to two secret organizations, the Omega Agency and the Nexus Foundation, whom we describe as having ambitions to create a NWO on their terms. Omega and Nexus are inspired by shadow organizations rumored to exist in today’s world – shadowy, real-world organizations, which according to conspiracy theorists are hell-bent on achieving a NWO.

But beyond works of fiction, is there any truth behind this conspiracy theory?

We got no idea. Why ask us? We have no answers, remember? We’re merely dramatists posing a number of questions, but we can theorize of course. (You may have noticed by now we tend to specialize in that).


A NWO by increments

There is a theory that suggests the NWO will be achieved in stages.

Firstly, blocks of countries such as the African Union, the European Union and the proposed North American Union between the US, Canada and Mexico combine.

Proudly waving…flags of the EU.

Secondly, before you know it, global organizations pop up all over the show, including the World Bank, the United Nations and the International Monetary Fund – their presence and power magnifying with each passing day.

Thirdly, and last of all, a one world government is formed. Then, apparently, it’s too late to do anything about it and the global elite have won, according to conspiracy theorists.

Imagine waking up to headlines announcing that your nation’s government has relinquished the reigns of power to a one world government. Hells bells!

The global elite may have completed steps one and two (above), but step three, the formation of a one world government, has so far eluded them.

So, if this is a game of soccer, it’s currently 2-0 to the global elite, according to you-know-who. However, it ain’t game over yet.


The dollar bill conspiracy theory

Above…’s take on this theory.

Probably the most high profile and best known reference to the NWO, in America at least, is the much-touted US One Dollar Bill Theory. As many a proud member of the Tinfoil Hat Network will tell anyone who is half-listening to them, written on the US dollar bill is a Latin Phrase that translates as New World Order.

We even heard a well-known conspiracy theory radio show host tell his audience, “As everybody knows, it’s a fact that the words New World Order are written in Latin on the dollar bill.”

Apparently, many American school kids accept this as fact as well.

The only problem is the Latin phrase novus ordo seclorum, which has been on the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States since 1782, and on the reverse of the dollar bill since 1935, doesn’t translate to New World Order; it actually translates to New Order of the Ages.

Instead of a New World Order and toppling of nation-states, New Order of the Ages is commonly acknowledged by experts as being a reference to a new era of the United States of America, suggesting the nation will go from strength to strength. This appears to directly contradict the NWO claim, as nations are supposed to get weaker not stronger in the build-up to a one world government.

However, conspiracy theorists, especially the Tinfoil Hatter extremists, continue to claim that the direct Latin translation is just a smokescreen and the dollar bill does in fact allude to a coming NWO.

It seems the word mistranslation isn’t part of the vocab of the Tinfoil Hat Network’s members.


Kentbridge passionately believed that Omega – or the Light, as Naylor sometimes referred to the agency – was America’s, and the world’s, only hope of ever unifying. And unification was the only solution for he was also aware that while the public was dividing and conquering itself by focusing on banal, media-driven conflicts such as Neoconservatives versus Liberals, democracy versus terrorism and the West versus the rest, destructive covert outfits were slowly but surely growing stronger. The special agent also understood how groups like Nexus fostered and benefited from the climate of fear perpetuated in television broadcasts and newspaper headlines. As long as Americans were consumed by fear of evildoers, whether these be communists, terrorists, religious extremists or any other potential enemy, he knew they would never realize the greatest enemy of all was operating within within the West, within America, within their own Government.The Orphan Factory


Puppet masters pulling strings again

As we’ve revealed in earlier chapters, most if not all of the world’s senior leaders have pledged allegiance to at least one elitist organization such as the Bilderberg Group, Bohemian Grove, Freemasons or the Council on Foreign Relations. The NWO concept is interrelated with these secret handshakes and closeted meetings.

Remember those invisible puppet masters we referred to in chapter 3? And the little known founding members of those organizations we name above? And the people who are rumored to be manipulating the higher profile members of those same organizations?

Well, if a NWO exists, those puppet masters would likely be the orchestrators of it. They would be the ones quietly but diligently setting up the beginnings of aone world government.

In 2001, one of the founders of the Bilderberg Group and likely puppet master Denis Healey said: “To say we were striving for a one-world government is exaggerated, but not wholly unfair. Those of us in Bilderberg felt we couldn’t go on forever fighting one another for nothing and killing people and rendering millions homeless. So we felt that a single community throughout the world would be a good thing.”


As they watched and listened to the recorded speech, the orphans noted something which the vast majority of political commentators, and certainly the public at large, had never picked up on. That something was that President Bush subtly mentioned the phrase New World Order several times throughout his speech.The Orphan Factory


Bush’s New World Order speech

NWO came to some prominence in 1990 when President George H. W. Bush said in a speech to Congress, “Now, we can see a new world coming into view. A world in which there is the very real prospect of a new world order”.

Conspiracy theorists claimed this was the President announcing – albeit in code – the elite were one step closer to creating a one world government that would dominate the planet and eliminate all dissenters, starting with the Iraqi people.


“It is not my intention to doubt that the doctrine of the Illuminati and the principles of Jacobinism had not spread in the United States. On the contrary, no one is more satisfied of this fact than I am”. –George Washington



Author Dan Brown’s 2003 mega bestseller The Da Vinci Code introduced many in the mainstream to the Illuminati, even though a thousand and one NWO theories had referred to this mysterious group well before the novel ever hit bookstore shelves.

But like the novel, the infamous Illuminati secret society is a mixture of fact and fiction. And probably more fiction than fact.

The (true) Illuminati story begins in Europe with historical records showing the Order of the Illuminati was founded by German professor Adam Weishaupt, in Bavaria, in 1776. The underground organization was a type of breakaway group that separated from European Freemasonry, with most of the founding members being recruited from German Masonic Lodges. In 1785, the order was destroyed from within by agent provocateurs working for the Bavarian Government, which feared secret societies could eventually overthrow the ruling Bavarian Monarchy.

Unfortunately, that’s where the facts and historical evidence surrounding the Illuminati end. Virtually every other supposed piece of Illuminati evidence that conspiracy buffs put forward is debatable at best and pure fantasy at worst.

In the late 1700’s and early 1800’s, there were many prominent figures who surmised that the Illuminati may have somehow survived and masterminded key historical events, including the French Revolution.

But again, there’s no evidence of this.

However, those rumors are nothing compared to more recent rumors, which reflect fear and paranoia.

Between the First and Second World Wars, as fascism advanced, various rampant anti-Semitics said the Illuminati served elite Jewish bankers who, they claimed, were dividing Europe to gain financial control and create a Jewish type of NWO. It’s possible some of these Illuminati theories aided in creating a furtive and fertile environment for the likes of the Nazi Party to assume power so easily.

In the early 21st Century, Illuminati folklore has blossomed, perhaps off the back of The Da Vinci Code, or maybe it has more to do with increases in mental illness cases!

The supposed mind control program Project Monarch, which we covered in chapter 2, is closely tied in with modern Illuminati theories. If you Google phrases like mind controlled celebrities or Hollywood stars and the music industry, you’ll find countless conspiracy theories referring to the Illuminati and its numerous “Monarch slaves”.

Music stars in particular are said to be Monarch victims, and common names bandied about include Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna. What’s more, they all supposedly use Illuminati symbolism in their music videos.

None of the Tinfoil Hatters ever seem to consider that these ancient Illuminati symbols could have simply been hijacked by modern and infinitely less powerful groups. This is what Dan Brown seems to be getting at in his Robert Langdon novel Angel’s & Demons, when he writes, “It means that when organized philosophies like the Illuminati go out of existence, their symbols remain… available for adoption by other groups. It’s called transference. It’s very common in symbology. The Nazis took the swastika from the Hindus, the Christians adopted the cruciform from the Egyptians”.

Furthermore, any death of an A-List celebrity is always claimed to be Illuminati-orchestrated, according to conspiracy extremists. For example, on February 2, 2014, the day Academy Award-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman tragically died, YouTube was awash with hastily compiled videos featuring titles such as “Philip Seymour Hoffman Murdered by Illuminati” and “PHILLIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN…ILLUMINATI SACRIFICE?”

Philip Seymour Hoffman's primary photo

Philip Seymour Hoffman.

None of those who promote such theories ever seem to question whether the Illuminati still exists. Nor do their followers, it seems. Again, the last confirmation of the Illuminati’s existence was in 1785. Something tells us if they still were around, there would have been at least one verification of their presence in the more than two centuries that have since elapsed.

Nor do these conspiracy theorists ever seem to acknowledge there’s not a shred of evidence to prove Project Monarch exists. Instead, Monarch gets lumped in with the highly documented CIA mind control program MK-Ultra. This is rather deceitful to say the least.

Some celebrities, including Jay-Z, Kim Kardashian and Howard Stern, have fought back against the keyboard warriors who make such videos or write such blogs, by issuing media statements and publicly denying they are members of the Illuminati.

Jay-Z's primary photo  Kim Kardashian's primary photo 

Jay-Z and Kim Kardashian…fighting back.

Unfortunately, when such high profile names defend themselves like this, it only seems to add fuel to the Illuminati fire.


“For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as internationalists and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure—one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.” –David Rockefeller from his 2002 autobiography Memoirs.


So where does all that leave us when it comes to deciding whether or not a New World Order exists?

Dunno. (Surely by now you realize we don’t have any answers to offer)!

If you really want our opinion – and we are not quite sure why on earth you would – we’d have to say there does seem to be a NWO, or the beginnings of one at least, but it’s probably in a different form than most conspiracy theorists imagine. (And we use the word imagine advisedly). Ever the optimists, we’d like to think it’s in a form that will facilitate sharing of nations’ resources, elimination of wars and poverty, and promotion of peace and cooperation worldwide.

But maybe – quite possibly in fact – there is no NWO in the making and maybe there never was. In which case, we’ll keep this note to ourselves handy and read it every time we sit in front of our keyboards: Remove our tinfoil hats before we write anything.


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