Do they know something we don’t?
Although novels, our international thriller The Ninth Orphan and its prequel The Orphan Factory are based on real conspiracies – conspiracies we have extensively researched.
The controversial subjects explored in the books including the following:
* Mind control and MK-Ultra
* Jonestown and the Peoples Temple
* Secret CIA prisons
* The Bilderberg Group
* The Trillion-dollar empire of Ferdinand Marcos
* Medical experimentation on orphans
* Yamashita’s Gold
* Chinese intelligence agencies
* Human cloning and other suppressed science
* New Illuminati groups
* Advanced mental techniques of the secret elite
* White Gold and Ormus
* IMF, World Bank and other corrupt financial organizations
* The Omega Agency
* Secret elite links of Bill Gates, Obama and the Bush / Clinton families
* Hidden wealth of the British Royal Family
                Queen Elizabeth II with Kate Middleton.
The Ninth Orphan (The Orphan Trilogy, #1)
The Orphan Factory (The Orphan Trilogy, #2)
The third and final book in the series, a sequel titled The Orphan Uprising,  will be published by Sterling Gate Books in 2013.
The Ninth Orphan (The Orphan Trilogy, #1) The Orphan Factory (The Orphan Trilogy, #2)

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