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Morcan Books & Films

If you’re a fan of international conspiracy thrillers in the vein of James Bond and James Bourne – and you like your action fast and furious – this latest offering from father and son writing team, James and Lance Morcan, is guaranteed not to disappoint.

The first of a trilogy, The Ninth Orphan follows the fate of Sebastian George Hannar, the ninth orphan of Chicago’s Pedemont Orphanage. We meet ‘Nine’ at the age of 31, a highly skilled assassin, trained since birth to be the perfect secret agent.

Increasingly frustrated with the life that he has been bred for – and the dark secrets it entails – our protagonist decides to make his next mission his last, and secure his freedom with the highly sensitive information he is privy to. But of course, our hero making a quick escape to the suburbs and settling into a life of quiet domesticity…

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