The new release book Superluminal Particles and Hypercomputation, published on January 7, 2014 by LAMBERT Academic Publishing and written by leading Japanese scientist Dr. Takaaki Musha, claims that the superiority of the human brain is due to superluminal particles generated inside the microtubles in the brain.

The blurb for Superluminal Particles and Hypercomputation mentions that the book “describes a series of theoretical explorations probing the possibility that superluminal particles exist, and if so the consequences their existence may hold for biology and computing. Starting from standpoint of a model of the brain based on superluminal tunneling photons, the authors included in this volume have described theoretically the possibility of a brain-like computer that would be more powerful than Turing machines, would allow non-Turing computations, and that may hold the key to the origin of human consciousness itself.”

A former senior employee of Japan’s Ministry of Defense where he developed naval weapon systems, Dr. Musha claims this generated superluminal field connects individuals with the outer field of the Universe and this may explain the connection between all people’s consciousness. Dr. Musha’s theory relates to the quantum mechanics’ scale known as decoherence, which is the time to maintain the quantum coherence between particles. If the decoherence time is long in the individual brain, it permits the person to connect the outer superluminal field easily.

If Dr. Musha’s theories are proven to be correct, it opens up a raft of possibilities including the potential for increasing intelligence, understanding how the human mind can affect external electric devices and developing thought control systems.

If you have an interest in things like biology, computing, advanced science of the brain and quantum physics, then Dr. Musha’s book is highly recommended.

Superluminal Particles and Hypercomputation   ISBN: 978-3-659-51184-4

The book can be purchased on Lambert Academic Publishing’s site:


Incidentally, Dr. Musha will be writing a foreword for our upcoming non-fiction book The Orphan Conspiracies which will be published end of February and contains a lot of suppressed science and little-known science from around the world.

Dr. Takaaki Musha is Director of Advanced-Science Technology Research Organization (ASTRO) – a non-profit organization that aims to assist the development for the future creation of new scientific theories and technologies including space propulsion systems, which are not on the extension of current science and technologies.

ASTRO: Advanced Science-Technology Research Organization mission statement:         

Currently, the world has fallen into a desperate situation due to the environmental pollution, future depletion of natural resources and food, and economic problems. To solve these problems and to reach to the next level of mankind, the “new innovation of technology” must be required. But this is not accomplished by the extension of existing science and technologies, and we must develop new technology and scientific theories completely different from the existing ones. For example, big countries around the world launch a rocket by themselves and plan to build a space station, and make a resource exploration of other planets, but the conventional technologies for space transportation and communication through the vast universe are at early stages and thus it is urgently required to develop a revolutionary new science and technology for transportation systems.        
Our non-profit organization hopes to assist the development for the future creation of new scientific theories and technologies including space propulsion systems, which are not on the extension of current science and technologies.


  • Integrating the science-technology toward rapid advancement that will lead to new development in R&D projects on advanced  science and technology including space propulsion systems.
  • Supporting individuals and groups engaged in scientific and  technical activities for integrating science advancement.
  • Educating the public on the basic researches related to advanced science and technology including space propulsion system.




















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