J.R. Rogers’ MISSION TO MOROCCO is a five-star must-read!

Posted: April 13, 2014 in Books in general
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In MISSION TO MOROCCO, Author J.R. Rogers has put a refreshing new spin on WW2 spy stories.

This authentic and atmospheric tale pits American intelligence agency cohort Lieutenant Sam Bradford against the might of an enemy intent on destroying American Navy blimps patroling the French Moroccan coast and theStraits of Gibraltar.

Lt. Bradford has a worthy adversary in one Colonel Ferdinand Hecht, the SS officer tasked with directing French spies recruited to report on the whereabouts of the navy blimps. Neither man is what he seems: Hecht is posing as a diplomat while Bradford adopts the guise of a war correspondent.

What follows is a fast-moving, gut-wrenching, nail-biting spy story rich in tension and intrigue, and even with a touch of romance. And all in an exotic setting.

If you thought WW2 spy stories have been done to death…think again! MISSION TO MOROCCO is a 5-star must-read.         -Review by Lance Morcan


MISSION TO MOROCCO is available via J.R. Rogers’ website at: http://authorjrrogers.com/mission-to-morocco/


Meet the author:

jr-rogersJ.R. Rogers grew up primarily in Paris, but also in Antwerp and Kinshasa, an international influence he finds frequently tainting his historical novels of intrigue and espionage with settings and scenes set in the various parts of the world: France, Belgium, Peru, Brazil, French Guiana, Uruguay and Morocco. He holds a B.A. in French Literature.

His novel influences were those of classic spy writers such as Eric Ambler, and John Le Carre, for instance but his interests in writers of the genre are all over the board.

The author is also a prolific short story writer he often writes alongside his current novel project. As a short story writer he credits the influence of masters the likes of Irwin Shaw, Raymond Carver, William Trevor, J.D. Salinger and Andre Dubus. A number of his stories have been published.

J.R. Rogers lives in Orange County, southern California.



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