‘The Ninth Orphan’ conspiracy thriller novel achieves another milestone on Amazon

Posted: June 2, 2014 in Book reviews, The Ninth Orphan
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Our top rating conspiracy thriller novel THE NINTH ORPHAN (The Orphan Trilogy, #1) has achieved another milestone, registering its 50th Five-Star review on Amazon.

Book reviewer Johnny April says “The Ninth Orphan is packed with suspense, romance, and memorable characters.”

Here’s the review in full:


Great Action, Suspense, and Memorable Characters    -June 1, 2014


In the Ninth Orphan, we meet Nine, who is actually named Sebastian, as he is trying to escape from The Omega Agency, a covert spy agency that recruits orphans to do their dirty work. Since he just can’t leave, he is tracked by his mentor, Kentbridge, and another spy named 17. All the spies in the agency are named by numbers instead of their names.

Much of the story is the chase as Nine is trying to elude members of the covert agency. He has martial arts skills and is a master of disguise. There are some great fight and chase scenes along with some memorable moments aboard a train. That, along with a great romance with Isabella kept the story moving along for me at a fast pace.

What I like the most about this story is that there are some TV shows that also work since this is based on a conspiracy theory. If you’re a fan of the hit series Nikita, then you should also enjoy this book. As for me, I not only enjoy Nikita but I also like the South Korean dramas that also work off conspiracy theories such as IRIS, IRIS 2, and Athena, Goddess of War.

The Ninth Orphan is packed with suspense, romance, and memorable characters. I’m happy to give it five stars.



For more Amazon reviews of THE NINTH ORPHAN go to: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0056I4FKC


Happy reading! –Lance & James




  1. jgetts1430 says:

    My initial thought is ‘I don’t know if I’ll like this book’, but this review is fantastic and I love books that have a conspiracy twist so I’m very intrigued. I’ll have to give it a try, I certainly can’t judge a book by its cover! I just read “Hypocrisy” by D.M. Annechino, http://www.dmannechino.wordpress.com , and if you like conspiracy books I think you’d like this one! It’s a medical thriller that has a definite conspiracy element and it was a really great read! Thanks for this review!

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