Visible personal fortune

There is a theory Queen Elizabeth’s overall wealth can essentially be compartmentalized into three separate categories: the Monarch, her visible fortune and, lastly and most importantly, her invisible fortune.

queen elizabeth ii coronation. queen elizabeth ii coronation

The Queen and the royal corgis…content in the lap of luxury.

The Queen’s known fortune was initially accumulated by indulging in tax-free investing during her first 40 years on the throne. In 1992, a law change required Her Majesty to pay taxes like any other British citizen. However, that did not curtail her business activities in the slightest – as we discovered when researching our book, THE ORPHAN CONSPIRACIES: 29 Conspiracy Theories from The Orphan Trilogy.

Here’s an excerpt from the book:

Queen Elizabeth’s empire includes hundreds of residences worldwide, including palaces and castles; there’s also yachts, race horses, fleets of Bentleysand Rolls-Royces, tens of thousands of old masterpiece paintings and other prized artworks, the world’s biggest collection of jewels, a gold carriage and billions of shares in blue chip multinational companies; Her Majesty’s investment portfolio includes large shareholdings in major companies like Rio Tinto, General Electric, British Petroleum, Royal Dutch Shell and many other multinational corporations.

The queen’s golden carriage – valued at 28 million pounds.

Now how many of the world’s so-called wealthiest do you think have these kinds of assets? And keep in mind, all this is merely her known fortune. It has been claimed by many researchers that these official assets comprise a small percentage of her overall wealth.

In a case of but wait there’s more, the Queen’s hidden assets are rumored to dwarf her known ones, which would likely make her the richest person on earth.

But more about that in our next post…

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