Invisible personal fortune

The majority of Queen Elizabeth’s wealth is said to be inherited money. After all, the British Royals descend from elite European families in a centuries-old empire that reaped the spoils of Ancient Rome, the Crusades and splits in the Vatican.

King of Great Britain James I Stuart

King James 1 (1566-1625)…one of the more extravagant British Royals.

We are talking serious Old World money here – something we discovered when researching our book THE ORPHAN CONSPIRACIES: 29 Conspiracy Theories from The Orphan Trilogy.

Here’s an excerpt from the book:

The Queen’s ancestors not only owned untold mineral resources throughout the known world, but were also instrumental in setting up the earliest banks and controlling money supplies and lending. And the British House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha – since renamed theHouse of Windsor – actively supported and profited from nefarious but extremely lucrative historical events like the opium trade in China as well as slave-trading.

Certain theorists suggest gold alone in the Royal Family’s possession is said to be worth well over a trillion pounds. If true, most of this is likely to be inherited gold.

Some investigators, journalists and even EU politicians have over the years claimed the family’s dirty business didn’t end with the Opium Wars or the trading of African slaves. They’ve suggested the House of Windsor also participates in the industries of drug trafficking, arms trading and the landmine manufacturing, using middle men or intermediaries in order to never leave any royal trace.

For example, The Guardian reported on March 30, 2012 that the candidate for the 2012 French presidential election, Jacques Cheminade, accused the Queen of amassing a drug money fortune. The article summarized Cheminade as theorizing that “Queen Elizabeth II owes her fortune to drug money”.

“There are many other sources,” the French politician was reported by The Guardian as saying, “but it’s a series of trafficking operations within which, yes, there were drugs.”

Speculation that the Queen is the richest person alive also points to the long-rumored existence of bank accounts in the name of Her Majesty in various tax havens. The plot of Roger Donaldson’s 2008 heist thriller The Bank Job, starring Jason Statham, may vaguely allude to these secret offshore bank accounts.

Primary image for The Bank Job

This true story film highlights a grand conspiracy involving MI5, elite bankers and the British Royals. Perhaps tellingly, it shows the Queen’s younger sister, Princess Margaret, in a scandalous situation in the Caribbean island nation and renowned tax haven of Trinidad and Tobago.

Some independent researchers even say the Crown technically owns the City of London, the world’s finance capital. Tied into this theory is the idea that the Windsors are senior players in the manipulation of global financial markets.

It’s also worth noting the Queen has proven herself to be a highly effective investor and is regularly advised by her close circle of elite bankers, billionaire industrialists and leading politicians. She is exposed to State secrets and other privileged information.

When Her Majesty balances Royal duties and personal investing, we wonder whether she ever finds herself veering into conflict of interest territory?

Perhaps she never worries about such matters because British laws protect the Monarchy from prosecution or even any form of investigation. The Queen is therefore completely immune to such accusations.

This point was touched on by British pioneer organic farmer and social activist Julian Rose in an article he wrote for the non-profit news site Activist Post on June 12, 2012.

“The wealthiest woman in the World,” Rose wrote, “Elizabeth Windsor owns one sixth of the land mass of our planet. A big Estate, it consists of Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom plus many more smaller ‘Commonwealth’ fiefdoms. Her Crown Estate does not attract Inheritance or Capital Gains Tax … According to Lord Halsbury in Laws of the Land ‘The sovereign can do no wrong and no laws can be brought against her’.”

When attempting to figure out the Queen’s true net worth, you must also factor in that her husband, Prince Philip, is the unofficial leader of the mysterious Club of the Isles. A cagey oligarchy of European industrialists and aristocrats, the club is rumored to preside over approximately US$10 trillion in global assets. Companies said to be associated with the Club of the Isles include Royal Dutch Shell, The Bank of England, Lloyds Bank, SmithKline Beecham, General Electric, Barclays Bank, Rio Tinto, HSBC, BHP Billiton and DeBeers.

Duke of Edinburgh 33 Allan Warren.jpg

Prince Philip…long associated with Club of the Isles.

Some claim Prince Philip’s highly secretive organization dominates the world’s oil, banking, pharmaceutical and mining industries.

Researchers who believe there is a vast reservoir of undeclared Royal assets, have estimated the Queen’s worth between US$11 trillion and US$30 trillion. Compare this to the world’s official richest person who, as at the start of 2014, was Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Forbes’ estimate of his worth was a paltry US$76 billion. Some would say that’s how much the Queen makes annually in bank interest alone.

There’s also the little issue of the controversial Sovereign Grant (aka the Civil List), which ensures the Queen and indeed all the British Royals receive their own form of welfare benefits. But more about that in our next post…

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