Reviewer compares ‘World Odyssey’ favorably with ‘Fiji: A Novel’

Posted: July 29, 2014 in The World Duology, World Odyssey
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Respected book review site Great Historicals has given a big thumbs up to our historical novels World Odyssey and Fiji: A Novel, books one and two in The World Duology.

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“I loved reading it as much as I loved Fiji,” the reviewer says of World Odyssey.

Here’s Great Historicals’ review (unabridged) as it appears on Amazon:

World Odyssey is an epic, a story that follows the tumultuous lives of three different people – Nathan, Jack, and Susanna. In this first novel, their lives are separate from each other, and by the end of the novel, they arrive in Fiji, though their paths have yet to cross.

Lance and James Morcan have a wonderfully easy style of writing, simple but descriptive, fast paced yet detailed. It is a comfortable book that one can fully relax into because of its steady flow and lovely prose. It is a prequel to their first book, Fiji, but each book stands alone and you don’t have to read them in the order they were written in.

For the three main characters, there is change and danger at every turn. From travel on land and then on the high seas, I was intrigued and completely pulled into the story from the start to the end of this book. I loved reading it as much as I loved Fiji. I highly recommend that you get both of these fabulous epics!


WORLD ODYSSEY (The World Duology, #1) is available via Amazon:


Happy reading! –Lance & James



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