THE ORPHAN CONSPIRACIES: 29 Conspiracy Theories from The Orphan Trilogy  delivers a balanced exposé of some of the most important conspiracy theories of our time.

Whistleblowing revelations include corrupt officials, racists, secret society members, warmongers, compromised journalists, economic hitmen, modern-day Doctor Frankensteins and mysterious individuals rumored to have wealth that would dwarf the net worth of Bill Gates and others on Forbes’ so-called Rich Lists.


A book for the common people…the 99%.

This book is written for the lower classes and the homeless, the outcasts and the marginalized, the abused and the victimized, the unpaid and the underpaid, the overworked and the out-of-work, the refugees and the poor, the uneducated and the undereducated, the forgotten and the lonely, the misunderstood and all the other underdogs of society who together, collectively, form the majority – or the 99%, if you will.

As Director of Japan’s Advanced-Science Technology Research Organization, Dr. Takaaki Musha, states in the book’s Foreword, “This book discloses exactly what is happening right now…in the corridors of power, in prime banks and meetings of the global elite.”

Dr. Takaaki Musha…a contributor to The Orphan Conspiracies.

A former senior research scientist at the Technical Research and Development Institute of Japan’s Ministry of Defense, Dr. Musha also describes The Orphan Conspiracies as “The secret history of the 20th Century and the early 21st Century.”

And as Professor of History at the University of Idaho, Dr. Richard Spence, reminds us in the book’s Afterword, “Out there, in the dark, all things are possible.”

Richard B Spence

Dr. Richard Spence…”All things are possible.”

The renowned historian also points out that the multitude of “conspiracy theories” we present in the book is “a prime example that we (humankind) do possess a tremendous capacity for deluding ourselves—and others.”

Read more in The Orphan Conspiracies: 29 Conspiracy Theories from The Orphan Trilogy

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    • a survivor says:

      I am a survivor of many of the things that you talk about in your book. I have been telling people about these things for years, but never have actually read anything about it. It was so great to finally have someone show some actual proof of what I have been saying and have lived through. Thank you for helping me to know that I am not crazy after all. I am homeless, out of work and my whole family is against me because they will not believe me. But I can no longer continue to live a lie. I have to know the whole truth of what has happened to me no matter what it costs me. Your work is giving me courage to continue to find the truth about my life. .Thank you for your work

      • a survivor says:

        Unfortunately,I do not have the capability of reading your book however, as it is not in print. I was only able to read the preview. I would love to see it come out in print so I could read the entire work. I would be so grateful to be able to give it to those who work with me in the psychiatric world who just give me a condescending look when I tell them what has happened to me and then stick a label on me and give me another pill to take. the survivor

      • lancemorcan says:

        Sounds like you’re onto it! If our book helps just one person we’ll be satisfied.

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