International romantic comedy in cinemas now

Posted: October 12, 2014 in Morcan films
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Our multicultural romantic comedy My Cornerstone is in cinemas now and currently screening Australia-wide.


Screening locations include Morley (Perth) WA, Marion (Adelaide) SA, Garden City (Brisbane) QLD, Sunshine (Melbourne) VIC, Southland (Melbourne) VIC, Liverpool (Sydney) NSW and Burwood (Sydney) NSW.

Here is our new 30 second trailer which is currently screening on TV:

Here are some comments from a few of our key cast members:

Zenia Starr


“Working on ‘My Cornerstone’ was a truly unique experience for me as an actress; for the first time I had the opportunity to act in a film with both of parents and so our ‘on set family’ truly was family!
The production team, cast and crew collectively put in many long and hard hours of work to get this film shot in record timing. Contrary to our on-screen interactions for the most part of the film, many lovely friendships were made and belly-laughing memories created. I hope that the message of this film will resonate well with those who watch it.”
Romin Khan
“If the words love, faith and hope resonate with you then ‘My Cornerstone’ is a film not be missed.
I have experienced a lot of love working on set with  ‘My Cornerstone’ team and we all had hopes regarding the faith of this movie to make it to the big screen and our dreams have come true indeed.
So please do come by and join us at the nearest event cinemas near you to celebrate this amazing journey of love, faith and hope called My Cornerstone.”
Gil Ben-Moshe
“I am a cast member of ‘My Cornerstone’ along with my identical twin brother Oren. Apart from being a cast member I also wore several hats within the crew department. I was the first assistant director as well as the production manager. Working on My Cornerstone was a great experience, as I got to work along some of the most incredible cast and crew I’ve ever worked with. I thank producer/director Stanley Joseph for the wonderful opportunity.”
Aishveryaa Nidhi
“It was a pleasure to play the part of Heather Pinto in  ‘My Cornerstone’. Film was so well cast that on-screen family actually became a family after the shoot. Whole cast and crew were very professional. Everybody has worked long hours to finish not one but two films in record days, which is a big achievement. Stanley has worked very hard to produce and release the film. Hats off to him!”

And lastly, myself (James Morcan)


“Filming this ambitious international story was a mammoth undertaking and only achievable due to our highly efficient crew who pulled off untold miracles. Personally speaking, being an actor and screenwriter on the film was a tough dual assignment given the tight deadlines and the improvisational nature of the shoot. But fortunately with Stanley’s constant guidance and a very supportive cast and crew, I managed to deliver what was required.”

Thank you so much for all your support.

See you at the movies!

James Morcan


Director: Stanley Joseph

Writers: James Morcan (screenplay), Stanley Joseph (story)

Actors: Zenia Starr, Romin Khan, James Morcan, Santosh Verma

Cinematographer: Kent Marcus

Editor: Roy Sherfan

Producer: Stanley Joseph

Executive Producer: Akhil Chaukra

Production Company: World Pictures Australia

Distributor: Reel to Deal Pictures





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