Prince Charles not alone when it comes to communicating with plants

Posted: February 11, 2015 in Underground Knowledge
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Seems Prince Charles ain’t the only one who communicates with plants if the comments being made by members of our ‘Underground Knowledge’ discussion group on are anything to go by. The comments have been prompted by one member, a former Intelligence soldier with the US Army, who raised the possibility of telepathic communication between plants and humans on one of the group’s discussion threads.

 Prince Charles

Charlie not only talks to plants…he swears they respond!

The member concerned (name withheld) says he recently came across several studies that have identified a telepathic (or energetic) communication between plants and humans. “In multiple studies, plants have presented a measurable response to human thoughts of harming the plants. If plants can indeed read human thoughts, what does this say about nature and our relationship to it. Are we capable of an avatar-like communication with the natural world. If so, why do you think this information is not being taught in every single school around the world?”

The member concerned left the following link for anyone interested:

His comments sparked a variety of responses from other members – some skeptical, some receptive. A sample of these comments (names withheld) follow:

I believe it, but tend to think the phrase “energetic communication” would be more apt than “telepathic communication”.


Perhaps “energetic immagination” would be even more apt…


I think there’s a fair amount of scientific research to validate it or at least make it very hard to dismiss.


Perhaps we should consult Prince Charles on this one. He doesn’t just talk to his plants, he instructs them and swears they respond…as per this Daily Mail article –


Does this mean vegetarians should immediately become meat-eaters?


I just sense there must be a way for all living things to create some form of communication…even if just very basic communication…I mean, only half a century ago people would have said it’s impossible for humans and dolphins to communicate.


If you’ve ever listened to Gregg Braden, he does a great job explaining how all matter communicates on a quantum level; how consciousness can influence particles.


Come on people, we all know Prince Charles is crackers: it’s all that aristocratic inbreeding! Similar to your plants/communication hypothesis I have a generic issue for you all to discuss which can be phrased abstractly as follows:

Given any event X and any unrelated event Y

Discuss evidence for X affecting Y

Waste hours of your time looking at the connections. Then conclude that the “jury is still out”, which of course it would be as there is no evidence. This is basically what you’ve done above.


Not all phenomenon can be squeezed into your X and Y equations.


Must away. There’s a lettuce in my garden looking a little forlon. I best go and cheer him up with a few kind words…


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