Book six in our ‘Underground Knowledge Series’ is dedicated to the impoverished in forgotten places of the world

Posted: October 6, 2015 in Bankrupting the Third World
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Our next book, BANKRUPTING THE THIRD WORLD: How the Global Elite Drown Poor Nations in a Sea of Debt, seriously questions whether the World Bank and other big international aid organizations help the world’s poor.

At the outset, we ask: What if much of the aid extended to impoverished nations is not charitable, but selfish, with serious strings attached – strings designed to fleece vulnerable nations?

We also ask: What if the international financial aid organizations are all gigantic scams designed to subjugate Third World countries?

The answers may surprise.

Of all the statistics we uncovered during our research, one in particular has stayed in our minds throughout the writing process:

21,000 people die every day (one person every four seconds) from starvation.

That’s a sickening figure considering our research has also shown there is more than enough wealth in the world for everyone to at least receive the basic necessities of life.

Even more sickening when you consider there is more than enough wealth in the Third World for it to organically sustain itself.

We hope this book will contribute in some small way to the masses pressuring world leaders to eradicate the extreme poverty that sees millions of our fellow Human Beings – men, women and children – dying unnecessarily every year.

Read more in Bankrupting the Third World – Coming soon!



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