Sci-fi filmmaker warns there’s something going on below ground

Posted: January 4, 2016 in Underground Bases
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In the foreword to UNDERGROUND BASES: Subterranean Military Facilities and the Cities Beneath Our Feet, film actor-producer-director Jerry Griffin finds common ground between our new release book and his new release feature film ‘The Lake Drain.’


Jerry Griffin’s foreword to Underground Bases  follows:

“There’s something going on. You just can’t see it all,” says Mr. Woodward somewhere right now in the closing lines of The Lake Drain science fiction film. It streams above ground online.

If the Holly Wood (used to make a magician’s wand) feature film All the President’s Men was about the reality of worldwide governmental deep underground construction then the famous line would read, “Follow the concrete” instead of “Follow the money.” The source in the film (and novel) was, of course, “Deep Throat,” a deep undercover (alleged) contact.

Follow the worldwide concrete production reports over the last decades (focus on the mid-90’s.) You most likely will not find evidence where that tremendous production volume was mixed with water and can now be located in governmental structures. You may see obvious evidence using a “satellite” mapping system available on the computers we are allowed to have. This would be the entrances to what James & Lance Morcan have detailed so nicely before you now (see Chapter 4, “Lockheed Martin” entrance photo).

Ever look at something and not know what you were looking at? Later, did you realize what you saw and only then you discovered…you did not know what you were looking at?

Welcome aboard. You will see from the authors’ work here that underground activity has occurred way before you were born. (For intelligent questions here about being born you might look into the authors’ GENIUS INTELLIGENCE: Secret Techniques and Technologies to Increase IQ, book one in The Underground Knowledge Series.) Links to all their works are at the end of this publication. You may come across why you are smart.

So, if we are smart and also not readily aware that underground life is an ancient reality then our “text” books must be front-loaded. Someone consistently keeps overwhelming evidence from our immediate reach.

Ancient cities exist below our feet right now. Maybe way down and a little to the left depending on where you are standing or sitting.

Right now you are reading and if you were to get up and travel quite a distance, possibly, you would find the archaeological existence of great machined caverns below your feet. This means machinery of a higher technology than you might be used to up here on the surface while sitting and reading. Look up, “Subterrene Machine.” You will have a blast.

Some ancient cities underground, too, were machined and one need look no further here on the surface for remaining archaeological evidence than cut stones around the Giza pyramid complex in Egypt (Khemet.) There also exists right now megalithic rock structures cut to laser-like precision (in South America for example) and massive underwater monuments and cities discovered in various parts of the world. (Example – see: Foerster, Brien, Lost Ancient Technology of Peru and Bolivia).

Quite possibly Lance Morcan’s upcoming work titled NEW ZEALAND, an epic adventure novel covering 500 years of South Pacific and Polynesian history, will also uncover evidence. Megalithic construction and underground living facilities must also pepper Polynesian life. (Ever see a picture of one of the Easter Island “heads” excavated below ground to show huge standing figures?).

Mr. Woodward in my film mentioned at top is a journalist hounded by black ops machinery only to find there is no end to the layers involved in going down the “rabbit hole” or “the lake drain.”

There is something behind it all and even those inside cannot see or know it all.

You might consult the Morcans’ Underground Knowledge Series I-V to be awakened to the reality that you have been offered – a programming which skims the surface.

The great thing about running into researchers away from corporate (mental) news (programming) is when your research intersects through an ongoing process of elimination. There is always something to reassess. (Just search a moment for “Anatoly Fomenko” and you may understand to what I refer).

We are programmed by those controllers who have already been in this area of deprogramming research. See Chapter 11 here for evidence programmed right before your eyes in the Denver Airport Murals.

This is where the words “Satanic” and “Masonic” must, at least, be mentioned for an overarching perspective on who is involved in “programming.” A pentagram is a pentagram is a star. A rose represents Rosicrucian and robed Jesuits wear black for Saturn and red and white for Santa, er, Satan.

So, they are already over here in this area of underground bases and tunnels research. Here (Chapters 8 & 9) is this place you will discover in the material below called Dulce. The word means “sweet” in Spanish.

“Alleged” is mentioned here as he also does in my film interviews with Richard Sauder, Ph.D., an internationally noted and referenced author on the subject. The military regularly references his blog.

He says from personal conversation with the major parties concerned in Chapters 8 & 9 that “Dulce is sweet disinformation”. (‘Richard Sauder, Ph.D. Atop A Nuclear Silo on Deprogrammed Radio HD’, approx. 1:20:00 sec.- and can be found online on Youtube. He also addresses WHY the elites would build these warrens). Much of the Alternative Media promotes and refers to Dulce Deep Underground Military Base as a fact and there exists no evidence according to this interviewed author and researcher.

Read on. Go down the warren. The Lake Drain. Come to understand these ‘continuity of government’ projects exist not for you but for those with the knowledge that something will be occurring, causing people to once again retreat underground.

Below, James & Lance Morcan will help you understand what you are looking at.

Jerry Griffin

Filmmaker Jerry Griffin.

A graduate of Georgia State University where he wrote and anchored an Emmy-award-winning news program covering the Georgia Legislature, Jerry Griffin is known for his photojournalistic work, which has been published in the Atlanta Constitution. A career shift saw him move into acting and more recently filmmaking.

The 2015 sci-fi thriller ‘The Lake Drain,’ which he also wrote, produced and stars in, represents his feature film directorial debut.

A crucial high-tech piece of CERN collides into the path of a retired and broken biker at his lake home in rural Alabama focusing covert recovery intelligence away from an actively targeted journalist. Unleashed is the high-tech Black Ops reconnaissance and recovery apparatus rushing to return the proton smashing missing element before “whatever is down there” gets it first. 



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  2. […] Source: Sci-fi filmmaker warns there’s something going on below ground […]

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