Underground cities a safeguard against some imminent catastrophe?

Posted: February 16, 2016 in Underground Bases
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Some observers claim the US Government is building underground cities in preparation for an imminent catastrophe. We investigate this in our new release book UNDERGROUND BASES: Subterranean Military Facilities and the Cities Beneath Our Feet.


Inside a mysterious underground facility in the Ozarks.


An excerpt from Underground Bases  follows:

Whether the elite believe the coming catastrophe will be some kind of nuclear apocalypse or a religious, Armageddon-type scenario, nobody knows. At least, nobody we know knows.

In episode 4 of the third TV season of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, former Minnesota Governor Ventura and his son Tyrel Ventura, along with Sean Stone, son of Oscar-winning filmmaker Oliver Stone, travel to the Ozarks, a mountainous region of the central United States, to investigate rumors of underground developments there. They find the entrance to what appears to be an underground city being built inside a mountain.


Jesse Ventura speaking on freedom to marry in MN.jpg

Governor Ventura…outspoken. 

Despite heavy fortifications – and no doubt aided by Ventura’s status as former Governor of Minnesota – the team gain vehicular entry to the massive underground facility, which they discover covers an area of 50 square miles! As they drive around freely, they quickly deduce it is indeed an underground city in the making, complete with offices, warehouses, manufacturing plants, indoor farming facilities as well as stockpiles of food, water and crude oil.


“It’s like they’ve got door-to-door transportation for the chosen few when it’s time to move inside and weld those doors shut. I don’t necessarily think it’d be a good place to live, but it would be a good place to survive.” -Jesse Ventura, from episode 4, season 3, of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura.


In an item dated November 27, 2012, Missouri television news channel KY3 reported that “According to multiple contentions made …on a cable television show, the Ozarks is about to become the center of what remains of human civilization.”

The show it referred to is Conspiracy Theory.

KY3’s report continues: “Mountain View, Arkansas was also featured in the production. The town’s “suspiciously large number” of banks was said to be serving as the repository of the wealth of those about to move to the Ozarks to survive the end of the world. An unusually large increase in the number of earthquakes was suspicioned to be the result of the construction of underground bunkers.”

The channel’s report, however, debunks Governor Ventura’s findings in the TV episode. You can draw your own conclusions.

One Missouri commentator reports, “The large underground structure being built just south of Springfield is said to be a private residence constructed for a billionaire corporate bigwig which will also serve as his corporate retreat/headquarters… There’s another underground storage facility in Branson, Missouri, a half hour from me. When you’re driving up the highway, off to your left you see a gravel parking lot and loading docks cut into the side of the cliff, several bays, going back into the mountain.”

The facility this commentator refers to is Pensmore, which, officially at least, is a mansion currently under construction in the Ozarks. According to Wikipedia, “When completed, the home will be the private residence of Steven T. Huff and his family” and “will be one of the largest private single-family residences in the United States.”…

…It’s worth noting some hardcore conspiracy theorists believe Pensmore will serve as the new White House “from which the Illuminati will rule the US!”

That aside, it’s worth asking the question: Why are so many billionaires privately building all these underground bunkers of late?

The same commentator who drew our attention to Pensmore alludes to the idea that the global elite may know of, or at least think they know of, a looming apocalyptic future. “I know that preppers come in all shapes and sizes and tax brackets, but even more than having the same fears and anxieties we all share at times combined with the financial wherewithal to actually do something substantial about it, perhaps they also are better informed than many of us. They might know what’s coming before it does, or are playing the odds, just in case.”



UNDERGROUND BASES: Subterranean Military Facilities and the Cities Beneath Our Feet (The Underground Knowledge Series Book 7)


Underground Bases  is Bk #7 in The Underground Knowledge Series  and is available exclusively via Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/UNDERGROUND-BASES-Subterranean-Facilities-Underground-ebook/dp/B0184KA4KS/





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