Silent Fear paperback giveaway open to Goodreads members

Posted: November 5, 2017 in SILENT FEAR novel
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To celebrate the launch of our crime thriller Silent Fear (A novel inspired by true crimes), a new paperback giveaway competition is underway on – open to all Goodreads members worldwide. The competition ends November 18.

To enter go to:


Silent Fear (A novel inspired by true crimes)

Scotland Yard detective Valerie Crowther is assigned to investigate the murder of a student at a university for the Deaf in London, England. The murder investigation coincides with a deadly flu virus outbreak, resulting in the university being quarantined from the outside world. When more Deaf students are murdered, it becomes clear there is a serial killer operating within the sealed-off university. A chilling cat-and-mouse game evolves as the unknown killer targets Valerie and the virus claims more lives.


 Silent Fear  go to:




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