Pro vaccine author and mom praises new release book

Posted: February 4, 2019 in Vaccine Science Revisited

Lee Murray, award-winning author and, more importantly, a mother of children who are vaccinated, is the latest reviewer to recommend our new release book Vaccine Science Revisited: Are Childhood Immunizations As Safe As Claimed?  

Here’s Lee’s review (unabridged): 

Before everyone gets excited and jumps up and down, I’m going to say right now that I fall fully in the vaccination camp: I consider vaccinations are a public service necessary to protect the very young, the elderly, and all immune-compromised people in our communities. I have had my kids vaccinated for a range of illnesses (and for all the countries we relocated to), we all get an annual flu shot, and we make sure we’re vaccinated when travelling to places where we might be at risk or could put others around us at risk. I have a child on the autism spectrum and, yes, I’m aware of the erroneous and misleading research that inspired unfounded guilt in thousands of parents of autistic children and went on to spawn the anti-vax movement. But as a direct descendant of Edward Jenner, a former scientist, and someone who is allergic to certain tableting agents used in a variety of vaccines and pill preparations, I’m still open to further investigation of whether the vaccines we systematically offer families (HepA, Polio, MMR, Rotavirus, Varicella, HepB, DTaP, Pneumoccocal, Meningococcal and Hib) might be improved, or the timing of when those vaccines are administered changed, and what may be the long-term generational consequences of systematic vaccinations. Just because I believe that vaccination is the safest way to protect all of us currently, doesn’t mean there aren’t still things to learn and the release of this book is timely. Written in a conversational layman’s style, it highlights some of the dangers which our common vaccines (and their tableting / binding agents) present to certain demographic groups in particular, and the shortcomings, in the authors’ view, of some vaccination research. I suspect the authors’ intent in writing this work wasn’t to come down on one side or the other, or even to incite a riot, but rather to look for opportunities to open a discussion around the outcomes and consequences of vaccination that might have been overlooked in all the controversy. It’s certainly an interesting text and while reading it I occasionally found myself side-tracked, dipping into a number of the cited works (there are 740 references with hyperlinks to the original papers) to learn more, so in that respect, Morcan & Morcan have succeeded in creating an engaging and thought-provoking volume.


Lee Murray…acclaimed author of fantasy, science fiction and horror.

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