Reviewer describes as “stunning” the amount of research that has gone into new vaccine book

Posted: July 19, 2019 in Vaccine Science Revisited

Here’s the latest review (unabridged) of our new release book VACCINE SCIENCE REVISITED: Are Childhood Immunizations As Safe As Claimed? 

The amount of research that has gone into this book is stunning. Furthermore, it’s been written in collaboration with a professional medical advisory team, so you can be sure that the content is factually correct. When vaccines are seen as such a normal part of modern life, it’s easy to not think twice about what you’re putting into your body, what the vaccine actually does to you and how the vaccine actually works. I tell ya, I’m glad I don’t have kids, as I’d find it an extremely difficult task to know whether it would be better for them to receive vaccines or not, but this book acts as a great resource for you to come to your own conclusions about whether vaccines are entirely safe. 

I’ll be honest, I occasionally turned off from the slightly-weighty medical specifics (as much as they’re necessary), but this is my own fault – not the authors. Complex information is actually broken down very well into bitesize chunks that can be easily understood by the layman. Personally, the bit I enjoyed reading about the most was how vaccines were first created and came into being (which I knew nothing about).

There shouldn’t be anything wrong with the subtitle of this book: “Are Childhood Immunizations As Safe As Claimed?” – as that is the central question being posed in this book, and the book’s blurb begins with the statement: “An unbiased, neutral, fact-based investigation that simply allows the science to do the talking on childhood vaccinations.” However, seeing a few one-star reviews for this book makes me believe (perhaps wrongly) that those readers haven’t even read it, and they’re thinking the authors are trying to tell you why vaccines are not safe. As much as there is evidence for vaccines not being quite as good as you perhaps believe, the authors do not try to sway their readers. They are simply posing the question. As they quote in the final chapter: “The important thing is not to stop questioning.” (Albert Einstein). Amen! That’s the most important thing of all. With such massive profits being made by Big Pharma etc., and more and more information coming out about the dangers of many types of medication (I’ve always been amused at that term “side effects”. SIDE effects? They’re simply the EFFECTS!) and people turning more and more to natural remedies, we certainly all need to consider exactly what vaccines are and what they do to us. This is an important and comprehensive book that I highly recommend. -Harry Whitewolf, Author of Route Number 11  and The Road To Purification


VACCINE SCIENCE REVISITED: Are Childhood Immunizations As Safe As Claimed? (The Underground Knowledge Series Book 8) by [Morcan, James, Morcan, Lance]

Book questions safety of childhood immunizations.


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