Underground Knowledge group membership tops 12,000 on Goodreads

Posted: September 19, 2019 in Underground Knowledge
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Our Underground Knowledge global discussion group membership has topped 12,000 on Goodreads, making it one of the fastest-growing and most active groups on the Amazon-owned site for authors and readers.



Planet Earth…Home to 12,000+ Undergrounders.


This global discussion group has been designed to encourage debates about important and under-reported issues of our era. All you need is an inquiring mind and a desire to gain or share underground knowledge. 

Everyone’s welcome. Our members include award-winning writers and journalists, whistleblowers, members and former members of the intelligence community, armed forces and law enforcement, teachers, students, doctors, scientists, historians, bloggers, conspiracy theorists and other shit-stirrers, authors, everyday readers, stay-at-home moms and more.

Everything’s up for debate. No topic is off-limits.

Our innumerable discussion threads include: British Empire 2.0? (when/if Brexit occurs) / Another false flag with Iran? / How Safe Are Vaccines? A Medical Laboratory Scientist Speaks / Why did the Nazis go to Antarctica before and during WW2? / MK-Ultra (the CIA’s declassified mind control program) / Brainwave entrainment / Finding (hiding) a cure for cancer / The Opiate Epidemic / Animal spies / Evidence for scientifically advanced Ancient civilizations? / Do you believe time travel is possible? (56.5% of Undergrounders voted YES) / The 2020 U.S. Presidential Election (Who would you like to win? And who do you think will win?) / Amazing UFO quotes from world leaders, NASA astronauts and other prominent figures / How will cryptocurrencies (aka cybermoney) influence the world economy? / Can we trust news media outlets? / Confessions of an Economic Hit Man / Jeffrey Epstein’s death: Suicide, as reported? Or murder?? / Other confirmed and rumored underground bases around the world / The multi-trillion dollar WW2 cover-up / Other black sites (aka secret prisons) / Should drugs be decriminalized? / The Monarch (And the Windsors) / The Duplessis Orphans / The Hinckley-Bush-Reagan connection / Artifical Intelligence (AI) / How will VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality) and MR (Mixed reality) alter the world? / Verifying the gas chamber exterminations / Biblical conspiracy theory re Adam & Eve / Whistleblowers in the Underground (We take whistleblowing seriously) / Princess Diana: Accidental death or murder? (POLL: 58% of you say MURDER)

The above random selection of discussion threads is a tiny fraction of the topics currently under discussion in this mighty popular group.

To check out the Underground Knowledge group, or better still to have YOUR say, go to: https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/142309-underground-knowledge—a-discussion-group

Y’all welcome!





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