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Hot topics being aired this week in our Underground Knowledge group on Goodreads include JFK’s assassination, Jesus Christ, the Deep State, aliens, banksters, Bilderberg, spin doctors and so much more.


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November 22, 1963. Dallas, Texas


As membership of our global discussion group nudges 5,950 (making this one of the fastest-growing groups on Goodreads) the volume of, and participation in, discussion threads grows accordingly. No topic is off limits and all viewpoints are welcome.

Here’s an overview of recent discussions with links to the threads:

Investigating the assassination of President John F. Kennedy—-investigating-the-assassination-of

Earlier historical versions of Jesus Christ?

Are aliens visiting Earth or not????

Banksters swindling the Congo

Deep State (aka the state within the state aka the shadow government)

Where do you guys get your daily news from?

The First World versus the Third World

American Bilderbergers & The Logan Act

Is President Trump for the common people? Or has he secretly been installed by the 1% elite?


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The Underground Knowledge discussion group has been designed to encourage debates about important and underreported issues of our era. All you need is an enquiring mind, an interest in the world we live in and a desire to learn or share “underground knowledge”.



The following is a list of hot topics being discussed this week in our Underground Knowledge group on Goodreads. As you can see, they range from 9/11 and secret methods for increasing IQ to fringe science, vaccinations and aliens — and just about everything in between!

Topics and links to the discussion threads:

False flag operations > Was 9/11 a false flag attack and ‘Inside Job’? (POLL: 50% of you say YES)

Fringe science > Evidence for scientifically advanced Ancient civilizations?

Secret methods to increase IQ > Ambidexterity

UFOs / ETs / Area 51 / Roswell > Are aliens visiting Earth or not????

Fringe science > Weather modification, HAARP, manufactured earthquakes & directed energy weapons

Medical Industrial Complex > Childhood immunizations — Are vaccines for kids as safe as Big Pharma claims they are?—-are-vaccines-for-kids-as-safe-as-big-pharma

Mind control > MK-Ultra (the CIA’s declassified mind control program)

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Membership of our contentious Underground Knowledge discussion group on has topped 1000, making it one of the liveliest and fastest growing groups on the popular Amazon-owned literary site for readers and authors.

There’s no doubt the group’s growth and activity are testament to its freedom of speech policy. Anything goes…and members aren’t slow to exploit that! No subject is off limits. The fact that this group has no rules may also have something to do with its popularity.


A small sample of some of the group’s more controversial discussion threads follows:

Was 9/11 a false flag attack and ‘Inside Job’? 54% of you voted YES

Satanic Elite Child Hunting Parties

Are aliens visiting Earth or not????

Is the Islamic State (IS/ISIS) another invention of the West?

Conspiring to quash alternative medicines

Mozart & shattering the inborn genius myth

Evidence for scientifically advanced Ancient civilizations?  

Restructuring capitalism

November 22, 1963. Dallas, Texas.

The overpopulation myth (part 1)

Extensive biblical revisions made by the Romans

And last but not least…

What really happened to the dinosaurs? And how come the Bible doesn’t mention dinosaurs? (A satirical discussion thread from deep inside the Underground mental asylum – DISCLAIMER: consult with your shrink before reading and post at your own risk!)

Our polls are also popular. Some of the results make for interesting reading – including our latest poll, which asks: Do you believe the official story of Osama Bin Laden’s death was real or staged? (So far, 49% of poll respondents say it was staged)…

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The Underground Knowledge discussion group is open to everyone! All you need is an enquiring mind, an interest in the world we live in and a desire to learn or to uncover “underground knowledge” on important issues of our times. This group is also for like-minded people to discuss the controversial topics explored in The Underground Knowledge Series, which includes the non-fiction books Genius Intelligence, Antigravity Propulsion, Medical Industrial Complex and The Catcher in the Rye Enigma.

Our members include scientists, journalists, moms and dads, historians, doctors, whistleblowers, authors, bankers, teachers, intelligence personnel, housewives, students, Army vets, pacifists, conspiracy theorists, the odd redneck and the Average Joe. All viewpoints welcome!

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