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Above is a poster for the dystopian adventure movie After Armageddon which I recently finished filming.

Logline: Two men, who are polar opposites, must come to terms with being the last two humans on Earth in a post-Apocalyptic world.


The film was directed by my long-time collaborator and buddy Stanley Joseph (pictured directing me in a rock-climbing scene ABOVE) and my lead co-star was one of Australia’s great actors Berynn Schwerdt of Wyrmwood fame (pictured BELOW).


Stanley Joseph’s production company (World Pictures Australia) produced the film which we shot in rural NSW, Australia.

My good friend and versatile actor Gil Ben-Moshe (pictured BELOW far left) also features in the main cast.

After Armageddon on the set 17

After Armageddon is now in post-production and being edited. It will be released in cinemas later this year.

To create an intense realism, we shot the movie in a spontaneous fashion and about 90% of the dialogue was completely ad-libbed. This free-flow acting approach was partially inspired by Marlon Brando’s groundbreaking improvisational performances of the 1970s including The Godfather, The Last Tango in Paris and Apocalypse Now.


Stanley Joseph’s style of directing is also very improvisational and he came up with quite a few additional scenes/sequences on set which were not in the original screenplay. Stanley designed the shoot to be an extremely creative storytelling/acting experience – the only problem was this unique style stretched our cinematographer to the absolute limit (see below!)


Noel Evans (pictured BELOW on the left) was our cinematographer and did an amazing job under pressure. In fact, Noel was probably under the most pressure of any of us and I am in awe of just how hard cinematographers work.

After Armageddon on the set 13

Here is some random behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot:

Here is the film’s IMDb page:

For all sales/distribution enquiries please contact World Pictures Australia:

Meanwhile, watch this space for the trailer for After Armageddon…

Thanks to everyone for your support!

James Morcan

Twitter: @MorcanJames


After Armageddon credits:

Director: Stanley Joseph

Main cast: Berynn Schwerdt, James Morcan, Gil Ben-Moshe, Rachel Stanley

Producer: Stanley Joseph

Writers: James Morcan, Stanley Joseph, Berynn Schwerdt

Cinematographer: Noel Evans

Other Cast: Udonnis StVictor, Bob Sutor, Naomi Bertolotti, Rita Taouk, Farid Taouk, Virginia Bertolotti, Victoria Khoury, Cindy LaTrobe

1st AD: Dwuan LaTrobe

Sound Recordist: Vitaly Zolotarev

First Assistant Camera: Matthew McCracken

Production Manager: Gil Ben-Moshe

Composer: Stanley Joseph

Aboriginal Cultural Advisor: Bob Sutor

Catering: Cindy LaTrobe

Art Director: Dwuan LaTrobe

Runtime: 80 Minutes

Production company: World Pictures Australia

After Armageddon on the set 5

After Armageddon on the set 8

Our upcoming 3D feature film SILENT FEAR is underway!

The contracts have been signed off to produce a stunning multi-million dollar 3D feature film, SILENT FEAR, a claustrophobic British thriller which is in development now.

Pictured celebrating the formalising of contracts are (above from left) the Producers Brent Macpherson, of Stretch Motion Pictures, and Ronel Schodt, of Shotz Film & Video Productions, screenwriter Lance Morcan, and Sam Manuatu, New Zealand Sign Language interpreter for the meeting. Absent was Sydney-based screenwriter James Morcan.

Brent and Ronel are currently working feverishly behind the scenes and will announce major developments accordingly. An official New Zealand-UK co-production is likely for this production.

Inspired by true events, SILENT FEAR has the makings of a chilling murder-mystery thriller.

Here’s our logline for the film:

Detective Valerie Crowther is assigned to investigate the murder of a student at London’s Wandsworth University, an international institution for the deaf. Her investigation coincides with a student contracting a deadly flu virus, which results in the university being sealed off from the outside world. When more deaf students are murdered, it’s clearly the work of a serial killer. The stakes rise when Valerie becomes the killer’s next target and the deadly virus claims more lives.

Stretch Motion Pictures will launch a website with additional information relating to SILENT FEAR in due course – at:

Watch this space for more updates about this exciting feature film production! -Lance & James


Here’s a new trailer for my Australian-Indian feature film MY CORNERSTONE which I wrote and acted one of the lead roles in. We shot this film from Nov 2012-March 2013 at various locations in Mumbai, India and Sydney, Australia. This trailer highlights the Indian scenes in the film.

IMDb listing:

Logline: A young Indian nurse moves to Sydney where she’s placed in the household of a wealthy Indian-Australian family and given the task of caring for an elderly lady.

We are currently speaking to distributors worldwide regarding the film’s upcoming release.