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Ormus – aka ORME, White Powder Gold or simply White Gold – has been shown to balance the hemispheres of the brain and therefore accelerate learning speeds. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this unusual scientific discovery which, we admit, sounds like something out of an episode of The X-Files.

In book two of our international thriller series The Orphan Trilogy we refer to how daily consumption of Ormus assists the orphans in every facet of their life, from enhancing mental alertness to developing physical strength and endurance to promoting good health.

White Powder Gold aka White Gold…either is appropriate.

As the White Gold dissolved under their tongues, not one of the orphans gave the substance a second thought. They’d been taking the powder all their lives and gave it no more consideration than they gave drinking water or breathing air.The Orphan Factory


Few mainstream scientific studies have thus far been conducted on the mysterious substance. But even if a tenth of what proponents of White Gold say is true, the potential for humanity is remarkable.

Preliminary studies have shown it to assist in a variety of diverse fields including agriculture, engineering and aeronautics. For example, small studies have been conducted by universities to evaluate Ormus’ effects on various fruits and vegetables, and the results are impressive. Farmers and growers worldwide have also reported increased growth in crops, nuts, fruits and vegetables as a result of using Ormus.


However, it is the superconductor’s effects on humans that have prompted most interest. Slowing aging, assisting mental wellbeing, replacing gray hair, improving eyesight, re-growing missing teeth, increasing body immunity and correcting damaged DNA are but a few of the astonishing claims surrounding the substance.

Ormus test results are apparently off the charts and defy the laws of science. White Gold experts explain this by saying the substance exists in the realms of quantum physics and hyperdimensional theory. Skeptics, however, say Ormus more appropriately exists in the twilight zone and its benefits are nowhere near conclusively proven.

Consumers of the little known substance, which is created in different forms by hundreds of commercial manufacturers worldwide, come from all sectors of society. Examples range from sportsmen looking for legal performance enhancers to terminally sick people seeking alternative cures for illnesses modern medicine cannot cure. A-List Hollywood stars are also among those who regularly ingest Ormus.

Jennifer Aniston's primary photo

Actress Jennifer Aniston an Ormus user



Ormus was discovered in 1975 by David Hudson, an Arizona cotton farmer and wealthy businessman. Hudson came across the substance while conducting analysis of natural resources on one of his farms in Arizona. He ended up devoting his life and millions of dollars to researching the strange substance, which he linked to Biblical and ancient Egyptian alchemy.

Ormus founder David Hudson

It was an unusual-looking white powder that the farmer discovered by chance on his farm. When he put the powder out to dry in the hot Arizona sun, it radically changed – from powder to oil!

After conducting scientific analysis of the substance, Hudson confirmed it seems to have odd properties that defy the laws of nature. For example, Ormus’ elements, which include gold, copper and iron, frequently morph into other elements and the substance becomes an electromagnetic superconductor under certain conditions.

Hudson claimed to have knowledge of secretive Government-funded studies of Ormus. He said these experiments took place in laboratories throughout the US and the Soviet Union in the 1980’s. If such experiments did take place, they’ve never been made public.

In the late 1980’s, Hudson was issued a British patent by the UK Intellectual Property Office for the Ormus product he formulated from his initial discovery. At the same time, he coined a term for the exotic elements he patented – Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements, or ORME.

Shortly thereafter, Hudson was informed he no longer had the patent. He claims no clear reason was given and, soon after, he received a visit from the US Department of Defense.

Hudson then enigmatically became reclusive and made few if any public appearances for about 20 years. Nor did he make any comments about Ormus during that period. Only in the last two to three years has he ventured into the public arena again, giving lectures about his discovery.

It’s worth considering the following excerpt by Barry Carter – arguably the world’s foremost expert on Ormus and one of the few who personally knows David Hudson – from an article Carter wrote on the website: “It is my firm belief that, once it becomes widely known, the discovery of the ORMUS materials will be heralded as the greatest scientific discovery in human history.”

Ormus expert Barry Carter


As he watched his manufactured orphans consume their prescribed allocations of the substance, Doctor Pedemont pondered its scientific make-up. Besides gold, he knew it contained a number of other metals including rhodium, iridium, copper and platinum which, like the gold portion, all existed in their non-metallic states. The Orphan Factory


Scientific properties

Ormus is a complex concentrate of chemical elements. Besides gold, it contains a number of other metals including rhodium, iridium, copper and platinum. These metals are said to exist in the monoatomic state, or m-state – an unusual high-spin state of matter where metals don’t form bonds or crystals but remain single atoms.

Incidentally, Ormus’ non-scientific name White Powder Gold refers to the fact that when processed its appearance is reminiscent of cocaine powder.


Ormus aka White Powder Gold.

M-state elements are naturally abundant in seawater, and the pure sea salt in seawater is said to be responsible for these rare, high-spin particles.Ormus properties are also said to be present in most rocks as well as trees.

In addition, various researchers have independently claimed to have found Ormus elements embedded in the DNA structure of animals and plants as well as in humans’ brain, skin, nails, hair, blood and in all the organs.

Different methods for obtaining Ormus elements have been devised in recent years – the easiest and most common of which involves combining ocean water, lye water and distilled water in the right fashion. This method is said to be so simple it can be done by anyone in their own home.

Supposed formulas, or recipes, have been posted on various websites online. However, it’s not clear whether these formulas lead to the same Ormus elements as those David Hudson discovered.


Tut’s tail

In 2003, US citizen Dana Dudley found a stray male cat which she named Tut. Dudley adopted Tut and allowed him to sleep on the back porch of her home. Later, Tut’s tail was cut off in an accident.

Dudley, who happened to be an Ormus user, decided to treat Tut with the substance to see if it would help the injured cat. Every day, she placed Ormus in Tut’s food and also hand-fed some to him. It wasn’t long before she was able to report that Tut had begun growing a new tail.

In 2007, Dudley posted before-and-after photos online of Tut. In the latest photos, the cat’s tail looked normal and appeared to have completely regenerated. These before-and-after photos have been shared and reposted on various websites, and they remain online for all to see.

As of writing, Tut is still alive and Dudley reports he is a very happy and active cat.


Tut now a happy cat…


ORME’s biological results were outstanding. As well as balancing both hemispheres of the brain, the product had also been proven to activate so-called Junk DNA, and the orphans’ regular consumption of it allowed them to move, fight and think as efficiently and effectively as almost any adult. The Orphan Factory


Health benefits

As mentioned, Ormus can be taken in order to improve a person’s health. In its powdered form, it’s usually ingested sublingually, or under the tongue. When taken this way, it goes straight into the bloodstream. Alternatively, in its liquid state, White Gold can be drunk as a potion or else applied topically to the skin.

Not long after he discovered Ormus and began analyzing it, David Hudson said the substance could repair the body on a genetic level. Others have since postulated that Ormus is a universal cure for all forms of disease, including cancer and AIDS. Proponents also say the substance can correct errors in the DNA and even activate Junk DNA.


Claims that Ormus can activate junk DNA…unproven.

It’s worth mentioning that most commercial manufacturers of Ormus have numerous testimonials from customers. Testimonials on the manufacturers’ websites claim cures for all sorts of serious illnesses, including mental disorders, diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis. Various anti-aging results have also been reported.

Again, though, it should be stressed none of these health benefits have been proven scientifically. It’s anybody’s guess whether Ormus users experienced the placebo effect or whether there simply haven’t been enough mainstream studies conducted to support users’ claims.

Only time will tell.


Dispensing a phial to the last of the orphans, the doctor then handed another to Kentbridge who promptly emptied its contents under his tongue. As the biological effects were known to be similar for everyday people like him, Kentbridge thought it couldn’t hurt. He’d been consuming it for over a decade – ever since Doctor Pedemont had assured him it would correct most of his damaged DNA and keep his body in shape. White Gold also had anti-aging benefits, something Kentbridge figured he would need in future if he was to keep up with the orphans.The Orphan Factory


Hollywood stars on Ormus

Since its discovery, White Gold has been used by a raft of Hollywood stars. It’s especially popular with middle-aged starlets – not surprising given the substance’s purported anti-aging benefits and the fact Hollywood is notorious for casting young, or at least youthful-looking, actresses for most major roles.

Gwyneth Paltrow's primary photo

Gwyneth Paltrow a vocal Ormus fan.

Gwyneth Paltrow is probably the most vocal Ormus user in the Hollywood community. On the website the following testimonial (of hers) appears as follows:

Gwyneth Paltrow said: August 10th, 2009 5:27 pm

Dear Brendan, congratulations on your wonderful website, I must admit I am a little bit jealous that our little secret about your incredible ORMUS is now available to the world. I know I can`t stand in the way of human evolution and I am proud of you for your part in raising awareness and the planets consciousness through your ORMUS, god bless you, love Gwyneth x PS can you send me another few bottles of your latest brew my stash is running low thanks xx

Alchemical Elixirs, which also lists Jennifer Aniston and Audrey Tautou among its clients, is just one of many Ormus manufacturers and suppliers that names film stars, business executives, top sportsmen and famous musicians among its customers.

Audrey Tautou's primary photo

Actress Audrey Tautou another Ormus user. 


Like most of the substances and technologies Doctor Pedemont employed to perfect his orphan creations, the produce was not known to official science. Although the scientific community was aware of Arizona cotton farmer David Hudson’s accidental discovery of ORME back in 1975, they had been denied the opportunity to test the latest strains. Indeed, they never knew of their existence. Pure White Gold Powder, the rarest and most effective strain, had been completely withheld from mainstream scientists and from the public at large. That way, elite groups like the Omega Agency could use it in total secrecy to profit from its unquestionable benefits and to further their own agendas.The Orphan Factory


A suppressed version

Following on from the suppressed science covered in chapter 7, there have been rumors the Ormus that the public has access to is not the same as that which David Hudson discovered. The elements in the White Powder Gold that he discovered were said to become invisible at times, whereas nothing that radical appears to have been reported by Ormus users who source their product from known suppliers. No customers have disappeared that we know of!

If it’s true there’s a suppressed and more powerful type of Ormus, it probably relates to the top-secret lab experiments Hudson claimed the US and Soviets conducted in the 1980’s.

In The Orphan Factory we refer to a conspiracy theory which claims the US Military tested Ormus extensively. This theory contends that the Military Industrial Complex observed that the substance exhibited a cloak of invisibility, and signals in its presence were corrupted.

B2 Bomber Stealth USAF B-2

Rumors the US Military can render its planes invisible using Ormus…also unproven.

As we wrote in The Orphan Factory: “The military had discovered an unexpected but useful side-effect of White Gold: when smothered on vehicles and planes, they became invisible to radar and satellite technologies, and all transmission devices failed to emit signals effectively.”

Nine, our novel’s young hero, escapes from his masters by using Ormus to avoid radar detection. But that’s another story.


The agency had hired physicists, chemists and biologists to conduct laboratory experiments and design a version of ORME specifically for the orphans. They used various technologies to monitor the effectiveness of the powder, including dark-field microscopy of the blood and EEG tests on the brain.The Orphan Factory


The real gold of the ancients

Some say Ormus is the elixir of life that ancient peoples spoke of and that was lost to Mankind for several thousand years. Apparently, the Ancients variously referred to the precious powder as, among other things, the Fruit of the Tree of Life, the Gold of the Gods and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Great Salt Lake and Chalice

The mythical elixir of life was said to be a substance that would maintain life, or at least eternal youth, indefinitely. It has been said that the elixir of life was sought by alchemists for many centuries after it was lost. Subscribers to this theory say the Ancients had recognized this substance would cure all diseases and enable extraordinary life-spans for humans.

There have been rumors in conspiracy circles that Ormus was found in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. But again, this is not remotely proven.


For around US$100 or less you can try Ormus for yourself by ordering it direct from any one of the various commercial enterprises that manufacture or supply it. It appears the manufacturers all use different formulas and, in the tradition of alchemists, those formulas for the most part seem to remain secret.

Any mainstream studies into Ormus will be worth keeping an eye on.

For the time-being, however, the substance remains shrouded in mystery and it’s very hard to find the truth amongst the hype. This task is not made any easier with all the quasi-science commercial manufacturers are using to support their claims. No doubt the composition of their products is far removed from the properties of farmer Hudson’s original discovery.

If you are thinking of purchasing a batch of Ormus, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Besides the stunning testimonials surrounding White Gold, it’s worth noting numerous users have also reported taking it and noticing no tangible results.

So it’s a case of buyer beware and always consult your doctor.

By the way, we had to insert the italicized disclaimer above for legal purposes – such is the litigious nature of our society!

And, lastly, we could be totally wrong about everything we wrote or implied about Ormus / aka White Powder Gold. In which case, best you don’t throw out your anti-wrinkle cream just yet…


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