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Some say the Queen is one of the wealthiest people in the world, if not the wealthiest. Our thriller novel The Orphan Factory covers secret Royal assets and undeclared income… 

Also, here’s an excerpt from The Orphan Factory:

In fact, Lady Penelope was only distantly related to the Windsors, or British Royals, and that relationship was by marriage rather than blood. However, she was an influential figure as she represented many of Queen Elizabeth’s financial interests.

Despite the absence of Queen Elizabeth II’s name in annual Forbes Rich Lists, everyone in the room was aware the Queen was one of the wealthiest people in the world, if not the wealthiest. However, hers and the House of Windsor’s assets and income were mostly non-declared. Naylor himself claimed to have witnessed one offshore bank account of the Queen’s whose value was in the hundreds of billions.

Contrary to the myth that the British Royals were no longer all-powerful, it was common knowledge within Omega and other organizations in the know that they remained one of the most dominant forces on the planet. The Royals were totally comfortable with the mass populace believing they’d passed their heyday. That belief allowed them to control things behind the scenes with effortless ease. And control they did, in every way imaginable.

The reality was the Windsors had their fingers in many pies and had a huge say in global affairs. At home, they dictated to the British Parliament, and no elected Prime Minister could take up office without first pledging total allegiance to the Queen and future King. To Kentbridge’s way of thinking, that proved Britain was no more a democracy than was the United States.

The special agent had often told his orphans that in her capacity as the reigning monarch of the Commonwealth nations, the Queen had legitimate business interests in the pharmaceutical, banking and mineral industries in most or all of those countries. No small cheese considering those nations included mineral-rich Canada and Australia as well as India and numerous African states.

Kentbridge had also told the orphans it was a commonly held belief within Omega that the Queen bankrolled and reaped the rewards from other far more secretive ventures worldwide. As for the exact nature of those other ventures, nobody in the agency knew.

Lady Penelope’s active involvement in Omega proved beyond doubt to Kentbridge and his superiors that the British Royals considered the agency a likely way to expand its semisecret, global empire. The extremely intelligent and influential Omega founding members gave the Royals faith that the below-the-radar Omega Agency would eventually become the potent organization it strived to be.

Read more in The Orphan Factory (The Orphan Trilogy, #2)

The Orphan Factory (The Orphan Trilogy, #2)