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This essay/post is the result of the disturbing trend within some sectors of society to deny, diminish or otherwise undermine the historicity of the Holocaust. Besides the obvious groups like Neo-Nazis, anti-Semites and elements of the Muslim/Christian fundamentalist communities, there is perhaps one group in the 21st Century more responsible for perpetuating the myth that the Holocaust never happened or is vastly exaggerated: conspiracy theorists.

I know this first hand as I am in many ways what can be termed a conspiracy theorist in my work as an author and independent researcher. However, I try to mainly focus on what I call “underground knowledge” – mostly factual things that have been overlooked or underreported in our mainstream media. As WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange succinctly put it: “There are conspiracies everywhere. There are also crazed conspiracy theories. It’s important not to confuse these two.” In other words, I write about ideas supported by strong evidence substantiated in court cases, declassified government files and the like rather than pure speculation. Important issues, such as high finance crimes which decimate communities worldwide and media manipulation which can lead to unnecessary wars, that I believe are crucial for people to know about. Often these subjects are conspiracy fact or conspiracy reality rather than theories.

Sometimes as an author and social activist in this field, I get approached by a certain type of casual reader or amateur investigator who form a dangerous element within the conspiracy field: those who simply regurgitate ideas they read about online and attempt to debate historically-proven events like the Holocaust as if they are up for debate at all. And of course the internet is the perfect technology for bigots and haters to capture young and impressionable or otherwise naïve minds. Lately, I have been getting almost weekly emails from people who question whether the Holocaust occurred as per the history books – some of these people even include other authors. Plus, as I have written extensively about the Holocaust and its dark legacy, I also get hate mail quite often from anti-Semites.

Note that I have put my name in the title of this post not for egotistical reasons but because I, as a non-Jew, am standing up with all my being to say one thing: The Holocaust happened EXACTLY as per the history books. Period. Fact. No debate about it whatsoever.

Wikipedia’s definition of this historical event summarizes what mainstream historians universally agree upon:

“The Holocaust, also known as the Shoah, was a genocide in which Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany and its collaborators killed about six million Jews. Period: January 30, 1933 – May 8, 1945.”

I believe the Holocaust is an extremely important historical event humanity must learn from if our civilization is to eventually survive let alone achieve world peace one day. In my opinion, all truthseekers should study how on Earth this event was allowed to occur (and “allowed” is the correct term as such genocides are never just perpetrators and victims but rather perpetrators, victims AND bystanders…).

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Those who challenge the vast and indisputable historicity of the Holocaust like to state they fall into two distinct camps: Holocaust Deniers (those who say the entire crime of the Nazis never occurred and is just a result of post-war propaganda) and the more common Holocaust Revisionists (those who try to downgrade the death figures from 6 million Jews to only about 50,000 or 500,000 max). But note that the latter group like to also imply that of the tens or hundreds of thousands of Jews they claim to have (only) died, few if any of these “casualties of war” were the result of gas chambers. So essentially revisionists are still denying the Holocaust as there’s really very little difference between saying 95% of the Holocaust never happened as saying 100% of it never happened.

So for the rest of this post I will only use the term Holocaust Deniers as I feel the term Holocaust Revisionists gives them far too much respect and makes them sound intellectual or even academic.

I have studied all sides of this so-called debate, read Holocaust survivors’ books and watched documentary footage of the actual Holocaust, listened to recordings of Hitler’s speeches and infamous Holocaust deniers like David Irving, studied WW2 history etc, etc.

And I can assure you of one thing: Holocaust Deniers always have anti-Semitism somewhere inside them. ALWAYS.

Deniers will pretend they are impartial and say they have simply discovered anomalies in historical records that they wish to report, but deep down there will definitely be a hatred of Jews (even if only a subconscious or unconscious hatred). Sometimes the anti-Semitism is very clear (e.g. David Irving, who after years of claiming he was an unbiased historian with no racial hatred whatsoever, has since made disparaging remarks against Jews and various other non-White races – see his interview with Australian journalist John Safran as one example of Irving’s vile racism ). Other times it’s more like a subtle form of brainwashing that is either conspiracy based (e.g. wrongly assuming the banking elite are all Jewish or believing in the age-old myth that the Jews control the entire world) or else religious-based where certain fundamentalists (primarily in extremist forms of Christianity or Islam) believe the Jews are an inferior race or practice an inferior religion.

I’ve also met a lot of Holocaust survivors and seen the numbered tattoos on their arms that were branded on them by the Nazis. I have listened to the personal eyewitness accounts of these survivors and about what occurred inside the concentration camps and the various atrocities Europe-wide during WW2.


So allow me to list a few of the common myths Holocaust Deniers perpetuate:

MYTH #1: “You could not kill 6,000,000 people in those facilities in Auschwitz and the other death camps! The 6 million figure would be almost impossible to achieve, it would had to have been a hell of a meatgrinder and a superhuman work to kill such an enormous amount of people.”

Firstly, 11 million people were killed in the Holocaust, six million of which were Jews, but not all were killed in the death camps (Approximately 3 million Jews are estimated to have died within the concentration camps and not all from being gassed either, many also died from being overworked, malnourished, diseased or experimented on).

Besides the concentration camps, there were Nazi death squads and Eastern European Nazi associates operating with machine guns all over Europe who rounded up and massacred Jews en masse in towns and cities (about 1.5 million are estimated to have been shot in what historians refer to as open-air killings in cities and towns all over Europe). Just research the amount of open-air shootings in Lithuania and Poland alone to see what I mean. Virtually all of which are highly documented.


Beyond Nazi and Nazi associated death squads who machine gunned large groups of Jews all over Europe outside of the concentration camps, the 6 million figure also includes about 500,000 Jews who were starved to death in ghettos in Germany and Poland during AND before the war (refer to the aforementioned definition of the Holocaust being from 1933 until 1945, meaning the death toll began 7 years before the World War began because for European Jews the war started long before Germany began its assault on the rest of the world).

Besides Jews, the other victims in the Holocaust were the Nazis other “inferior races” or “ïnferior groups” including Roma Gypsies, Poles, Homosexuals, Freemasons, Jehova’s Witnesses, Slovenes and disabled people – and these resulted in millions of additional deaths that form the 11 million people in total. It’s also very interesting, if you stop to think about it, that nobody ever seems to spend much time denying the fact that all the millions of non-Jewish who were killed in the Holocaust…It’s only the death of that many Jews that creates controversy…Why??? The answer is very simple: They are Jewish. That’s it – it really is that simple. Had this happened to any other group of people, there would be few if any complaints whatsoever and everyone would accept the facts. Anti-Semitism is one of the most aggressive forces on the planet and always has been going right back to Biblical times…

The Nazis themselves were also meticulous record keepers and kept extensive documentation on deportations and deaths of Jews. Human rights groups have recovered much of the Nazi documentation relating to the Holocaust and have so far found the IDs for over three million Jewish Holocaust victims and additional documentation relating to the other five million non-Jews who died. This is all easily sourced in the public domain for anyone to find.

Make no mistake about it, most of the Jews living in Europe at that time were killed. About 75% of all European Jews died in fact.
There simply is zero debate on this issue and it is completely historically verified.
And the good news is you can easily prove all this to yourself (and to others) by checking out this frightening statistic:

The global Jewish population in 1939 was 15 million.
Today the global population is just under 13 million!
You can see it on the graph at the bottom of this Wikipedia page:

So that’s undeniable proof of the Holocaust right there in black and white.
Because the populations of ALL other ethnic groups increase over time.
They never decrease unless there’s a major famine or massive war (or an ethnic cleansing!).

So this statistic alone should be enough to silence all those who still deny many millions died in WW2. Because if any other ethnic group had a global population of 15 million in 1939 they would ordinarily be about 25-30 million in this era. So how come the Jewish population shrunk so drastically? The answer again is very simple and can be summed up in two words: The Holocaust.


MYTH #2: “The reason the real story about the Holocaust cannot ever be proven is because it is taboo. If you publicly want to discuss the numbers, depending on what country you are, you may be arrested. Why? If this is so well documented then why not just prove it to the people to shut up the deniers. Why forbid them to show their version of facts?”

It’s not a taboo to investigate the Holocaust at all. You can study it until your heart is content. If you go to Europe right now and study historical records of the Holocaust and inspect the IDs the Nazis kept as documentation of Jewish deaths you could literally spend the rest of your life studying these details and nobody anywhere will stop you – in fact you will be greatly encouraged to do so. However, your confusion of the legality issue merely lies in the fact that in certain countries in Europe like German, Austria, Poland and a few others it is illegal to promote any ideology that says the Holocuast did not happen as per the history books. It is literally written into those countries law books and is in recognition of the fact that it is the worst crime in living memory and also that there is still a tremendous amount of anti-Semites and Neo Nazis in Europe today and these countries are worried history could repeat itself. But this is in no way related to your (incorrect) assumption that this means a cover-up of the real history of the Holocaust is occurring. The proof of the Holocaust numbers is there for all to see in plain sight. Like I said, if you arrive in Europe now and say to any official in any European nation “Hi, my name is XXXXX and I would like to study the Holocuast indepth and inspect the records of those who died and all the evidence of the Holocaust,” they will welcome you with open arms.

However, if some Holocaust denying, anti-Semitic, Nazi sympathizing, Hitler apologist arrives in say Germany or Austria to give a speech about why the Holocaust is greatly exaggerated or says he wants to hold a public debate about whether this historical event actually occurred, he will either be turned away at the airport or imprisoned.
Now, that’s all fair enough in my books and is not unusual. For example, if I was an author and speaker who has repeatedly said African-Americans were never slaves in America’s history and millions did not die in the slave trade and it’s all simply propaganda, do you think US authorities would let me into the country? And would I as a foreigner be allowed to stay in the country and give such hate-filled speeches about black descendants and US citizens? No.


MYTH #3: “We now know media and governments lie and that all wars are made by propaganda. They lied a lot about Hitler, even silly things (he was a sexual pervert, he had only one testicle, he had flatulence etc). If they lied or exaggerated about such things, how can we be assured the rest of the things they told us about World War Two are absolutely true?”

Wars always have vast amounts of propaganda on all sides and certain things said about Hitler are not remotely related to how many Jews died in the Holocaust. That’s like saying just because there were racist cartoons about the Japanese in WW2 that compared the Japanese to animals and even accused them of bestiality, proves they didn’t kill millions throughout the Pacific.


MYTH #4: “Three million deceased Jews in concentration camps is still a huge number. If you consider that the relentless killing didn’t start until some time into World War II, it would need an extraordinary effort for a single country which was already struggling on a two-front war. And the camps did not have the necessary infrastructure to kill and remove the bodies of millions of people. Germany did not have the logistics to pull off such a crime.”

The Nazi regime’s orchestration concerning the concentration camps was incredibly efficient (and again, all fully documented mostly by the Nazis themselves). There were 8 main camps. The highest death toll of Jewish prisoners/victims was Auschwitz at 1 million. Others had about 300,000-500,000 deaths in each. Each camp definitely had the necessary infrastructure to easily and systematically create such a death toll over the entire war. The camps were all built with railway tracks right outside the gates and German (non-Jewish) witnesses report multiple trains per day would leave and depart at each camp (sometimes even hourly trains). These trains were either constantly delivering new victims/prisoners or else bringing in supplies. And this amount of large trains continued from near the start of the war until the very end.

Now you say “it would need an extraordinary effort for a single country which was already struggling on a two-front war” which reveals another common misunderstanding. Germany should not be viewed as just a country at this point. Nazi Germany cannot be compared to modern day Germany or any other single country for that matter, because the fact is Germany had become the Third Reich by that stage. Now just think about what the Third Reich was: one of the most powerful empires in history. It had looted the riches of half of Europe (after having invaded or over-run powerhouse nations like France, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Poland etc), it was secretly receiving enormous funds from the Vatican Bank (yes, the Catholics were aware of Hitler’s intent toward the Jews) and also some Swiss banks were supporting the Third Reich too. Plus, the Nazis had fascist allies like Mussolini’s Italy and even Japan from afar.

So a far better or more appropriate question to ask yourself is: “Could a regime that controls almost all of Europe’s resources and wealth kill a few million defenseless Jews who nobody cared about or would defend?” The obvious answer, if you stop to think about it, is: “Yes! Relatively effortlessly!”

Even during the extremely small-scale Balkan/Bosnian wars in the 1990s in Yugoslavia there were mass graves found of ethnic killings in the tens of thousands and I think well over 100,000 were killed in those (comparatively) tiny wars in which most of it was similarly about ethnic cleansings.

Bückeburg Harvest Festival - Edel Wolf - Herr Wolf - Explaining Hitler - Occult History Third Reich - Peter Crawford

MYTH #5: “Most of the Jews died in the camps due to bad working conditions, famine and diseases, which doesn’t make the picture more pretty than if they were just gassed, but it does undermine the supposed history of the Holocaust.”

Um, no, it does not undermine the history of the Holocaust at all. The gassings were simply one part of the deaths in the camps (again, that’s another very common misunderstanding to think the 3 million who died within the camps were ALL the result of gassings). Remember, the concentration camps were not only designed to exterminate Jews. They were also the hub of the Third Reich in many ways as the Jews were a cheap or free labor force performing many duties day and night including manufacturing and all sorts of work duties that helped the regime. Nazi scientists were also conducting wide-scale medical experimentation on hundreds of thousands of Jews (horrific experiments which killed most experimentees). Starting to get the picture of how so many could have died within these camps?

Now when it comes to records of gas chambers themselves, all mainstream historians agree they are 100% verified and that a large percentage of those who died in the camps died from the result of either carbon monoxide or Zyklon B gasses. This is a good starting place for the historical facts surrounding the gas chambers:

Besides the assessment of historians, there have also been numerous independent scientific reports published on the gas chambers over the years, including the following examples:

Jean-Claude Pressac (1944 – 2003) – a French pharmacist who was formerly a Holocaust denier, undertook a forensic examination of the Auschwitz gas chambers in 1979. The result? He was shocked by the overwhelming evidence. In 1989 he published a book that confirmed the established view that the gas chambers were functional, killing between 631,000 and 711,000 prisoners (at Auschwitz alone).

Deborah E. Lipstadt‘s book Denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory won the UK libel case ‘Irving v Penguin Books and Lipstadt’. The case contained forensic examination for use of gas chambers.

One of the common claims of Holocaust Deniers involves the reconstructed gas chambers built by the Polish government after WW2 at Auschwitz as a memorial to the victims. The Nazis destroyed the original gas chambers where mass murders were committed, and the simulated gas chambers at Auschwitz have never had Zyklon-B deployed in them. Deniers frequently exploit such confusion. At Majdanek, which the Nazis did not successfully destroy, evidence of the use of Zyklon-B appears in the bluing of the concrete. Hydrogen cyanide reacts with iron compounds to form the pigment Prussian blue.


MYTH #6: “You cannot deny that Jews have a huge influence in the banking/financial world and in the media, can you?”

No I wouldn’t deny Jews have a big influence in the banking/financial world and media. But I’ll go much further than that. They have made an enormous mark in virtually every field known to man: from mathematics to publishing to science to medicine to economics to human rights campaigning to engineering. When you consider there are less than 13 million Jews worldwide (about half of the population of Mexico City) they are an incredible people and it’s not just in this era they are world leaders – they always have been (and all that despite never having a country of their own until the mid-20th Century and being up against a mountain of anti-Semitism in every other country they have resided in). They have always been a people throughout history who have largely sculpted the world we live in. It’s also hard to see how women’s rights or the legal equality of races or child welfare or animal rights or environmental protection would have occurred when they did without the Jews (research history and you’ll see they were even at the forefront of these movements). Even many or most of the Nobel Prize winners have been Jewish. And all this success or achievement or service to humanity or whatever you want to call it is partly responsible for the hatred and anti-Semitism as people cannot believe that any one small minority can achieve so much in virtually every field without they being corrupt or scoundrels. I mean can you imagine if say half the world’s most successful people on earth came from some little known state in Brazil? That would be the equivalent. And after a while, the rest of the world would get jealous and say things like “those people from Mato Grosso do Sul are liars and cheats and are secretly controlling the world”…So besides the religious thing where anti-Semitic viewpoints thrive within fundamentalist, Far Right or extremist versions of Christianity and Islam, the success of these brilliant and community-orientated people is one of the biggest reasons the Jews have historically been hated and also partly why the Nazis wanted them gone.

Now the whole banking field is another area I have studied a lot and actually co-written a book on. And yes there are many leading Jews in this field but like I point out there are leading Jews in almost every field, so what. The Rothschilds are just one of dozens of banking clans some are Jewish but many are not Jewish. The Rothschilds are people I don’t like, but the way they are held up to represent Jews in general is a joke. There are good and bad people in all races. The fact that there are many Jews in the banking sector is being used by Neo Nazis and anti-Semites in general to try to sway the uneducated to believe the Jews are the problem instead of banking assholes in general.


MYTH #7: “I am pretty sure Hitler had racist ideas and saw Jewry were his main enemy. However, his main objective was NOT to wipe out the Jews from the face of the Earth. If they had departed from Germany it would have been reasonable for him.”

If you read Mein Kampf and listen to Hitler’s speeches, getting rid of the Jews was a huge part of his agenda. Nazi Germany’s desire for “racial purity” was very real and the concepts of the Final Solution are well documented. But did Hitler also have world domination and other wider goals not related to the Jews? Yes definitely, but that doesn’t change the fact that his expressed desire to get rid of these people and expel them not only from Germany but from the ever-expanding Third Reich is all on-the-record and official. No getting around that, buddy.


MYTH #8: “I have seen various figures about the numbers of Jews who died in Europe. It’s hard to know which statistic to believe! There is almost no unbiased data about this subject!”

The death tolls are estimates and cannot ever be 100% precise. Just like nobody can estimate how many exactly died in the Vietnam War (some say 3M Vietnamese and 58,000 Americans, others say 3.2M Vietnamese and 60,000 Americans). There will always be slight variances in death tolls of wars spanning entire continents, especially if you go as far back as WW2. But these slight variances are not remotely related to Holocaust Deniers who are trying to revise things (to support their hate-filled agendas) by claiming 90-100% of the Holocaust deaths (e.g. 5-6 million Jews) are some fairytale concocted years after the war. Rest assured the only books anywhere that talk about the tiny death toll numbers Holocaust Deniers believe in (i.e. thousands or hundreds of thousands instead of millions) are either Holocaust denying books written by the likes of David Irving and other anti-Semitic “historians” or Neo Nazi groups. There are no mainstream history books ever published now or anytime since 1945 that ever mention a death toll that isn’t in the millions for the Holocaust. Period.

If you go beyond the death tolls from the concentration camps, and study the open-air massacres in places like Lithuana and Poland (which tens or even hundreds of non-Jews have verified as being witnesses of) you will see millions were killed in these events alone. So to believe in Holocaust denialism you have to ignore perhaps 1 million different witnesses and survivors (from Jews to Gypsies to Germans to Poles to children etc, etc) who all verify the Holocaust. These independent testimonies, as well as the Nazi’s documentation of concentration camp detainees who died, all add up to the confirmed estimates of the Holocaust death toll (universally agreed upon by ALL mainstream historians as being 6 million Jews give or take a few hundred thousand either way, could be slightly more could be slightly less).

It is potentially the most well-documented crime of the 20th Century but remember to religious extremists, Nazi apologists or other anti-Semites it would never matter how much evidence you put in front of them they would always deny the Holocaust as to admit the event occurred is to stop believing the Jews are inferior to them.

For further proof, this site uses abundant evidence to successfully debunk all other arguments Holocaust Deniers raise:

Lastly, I’d like to add the motto of Holocaust Survivors: NEVER FORGET.

James Morcan

P.S. For anyone else who stands against Holocaust denialism, feel free to add your voice by posting in the comments section below, or else spreading the word by sharing this blog post. Thanks.

The winners of the "medium family class" of a "fitter families contest" pose at the 1927 Kansas Free Fair. The American Eugenics Society was founded as a direct result of the Second International Conference on Eugenics, held in New York in 1921.

Eugenics, or the science of improving a population by controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics, has been around since the mid-1800’s.

Social engineering some call it.

Genocide. Sterilization of the mentally ill, blacks, homosexuals and other undesirables. Euthenasia. Forced pregnancies and birth control. Racial segregation. Compulsory abortions. Genetic screening. These are examples of eugenics practices and policies adopted to varying degrees by various countries until commonsense prevailed and most countries banned such practices.

Although we don’t specifically tackle eugenics or racial issues in our thriller series The Orphan Trilogy, we use these early eugenics experiments as inspiration for the cold and ruthless way our fictional orphans are genetically engineered. Products of the Genius Sperm Bank, a real-world eugenics experiment, the orphans all have the genes of carefully selected white male donors.


Supervising the eerie experiment was Omega’s own Doctor Frankenstein – better known as Doctor Pedemont, the brilliant biomedical scientist responsible for the radical science behind it. Over the past few years, with the help of his team of geneticists, Doctor Pedemont had painstakingly selected the fetus’ genes from thousands of sperm donations combined with the genes of his female subjects. The donations had come from another medical experiment referred to as the Genius Sperm Bank. The Orphan Factory


In all three books in the trilogy, we also mention eugenics and cover very similar issues. Numerous book critics have referenced this wretched history of eugenics in their reviews for our series.

What’s scary is that some independent researchers believe eugenics is not just a thing of the past.


The motivation behind the Genius Sperm Bank, which had been initiated over a decade earlier, was to advance the breeding of super-intelligent people. The bank was stocked full of semen donations solicited from many of the world’s most intelligent men. The Orphan Factory


A short history of eugenics

Early eugenicists blamed genetics on polluting Mankind’s gene pool. They cited everything from alcoholism and prostitution to homosexuality and feeble-mindedness as examples of defective genes, and favored elimination ahead of treatment.

Eugenics’ original proponents were active throughout much of Europe, but it was in the US that eugenics really struck a chord – before the rise of Nazi Germany that is.

In the early days, the American eugenics movement received the financial backing of the likes of the Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Institution as well as many high profile individuals such as Winston Churchill, H.G. Wells and Theodore Roosevelt. Eugenics was taught at many learning institutions and by the early 1900’s eugenic policies were introduced into legislation.

The Carnegie Institution in Washington D.C…prominent in America’s eugenics movement.

The Carnegie name crops up an awful lot in the shameful history of eugenics.

As Edwin Black states in his book War Against the Weak: Eugenics and America’s Campaign to Create a Master Race, in 1904, the Carnegie Institution established a laboratory complex on Long Island that stockpiled millions of index cards on ordinary Americans as researchers carefully plotted the removal of families, bloodlines and whole peoples.

And in 1911, a Carnegie-sponsored study explored solutions to ridding the population of people with defective genes. While euthanasia was shelved as one possible solution, marriage restrictions, racial segregation and forced abortions were deemed most acceptable.

Incidentally, euthanasia was only temporarily shelved as a possible solution. Proponents considered the timing wasn’t yet right to suggest so drastic a measure.“Fitter Families Contest” run by the American Eugenics Society in the 1920’s.

Fitter Families contestants at Georgia State Fair, Savannah

Flashback to “Fitter Families” contestants in Georgia.


Compulsory sterilizations

Indiana passed the world’s first eugenics-motivated sterilization law in the early 20th Century. Thirty US states soon followed Indiana’s lead by making it legal to sterilize those deemed genetically inferior, especially psychiatric patients.

Those with certain types of mental illness weren’t the only ones sterilized en masse, however. Promiscuous women, prostitutes and females with perceived negative sexual orientations like bisexuality or lesbianism were often sterilized by authorities, while for men sterilizations were regularly done to curb excessive aggression in certain types of criminals.

View of a "Eugenic and Health Exhibit" with crowd, Kansas Free Fair, 1929. More an advocacy group than a scientific organization, the American Eugenics Society promoted general ideas to the public.

A pro eugenics exhibit draws a crowd at a Kansas fair in 1929.

Outside the US, various countries including Brazil, Belgium, Sweden and Canada implemented the policy of sterilizing citizens ruled not worthy of reproduction.

During the years that eugenics legislation was in effect in the US, around 65,000 American citizens were forcibly sterilized. Although compulsory sterilization has been considered a human rights violation in most parts of America since WW2, the laws were not overturned in many states until decades later. Virginia, for example, did not overturn its sterilization law until 1974.

Exhibits like this one, seen at an exposition in Philadelphia in 1926, were popular. Based in New Haven, Conn., the American Eugenics Society attracted the support of nearly every major American eugenicist.

An American Eugenics Society exhibit in Philadelphia in 1926.


Final Solution

To quote author Edwin Black again, he says eugenics was the racist pseudoscience determined to wipe away all human beings deemed ‘unfit,’ preserving only those who conformed to a Nordic stereotype. “Elements of the philosophy were enshrined as national policy by forced sterilization and segregation laws, as well as marriage restrictions, enacted in 27 states (of America)…The grand plan was to literally wipe away the reproductive capability of those deemed weak and inferior.”

Apparently, gas chambers were suggested, on the record, as the final solution for dealing with the unfit!

Do the words gas chambers and final solution sound familiar?


Links between American and Nazi eugenics

Although eugenics flourished in Nazi Germany, the ideal of a blond-haired, blue-eyed master race wasn’t Adolf Hitler’s. It may surprise many to know that, in Mein Kampf, Hitler credited America with helping formulate his ideas on eugenics, and he admitted he’d studied the laws of US states to familiarize himself with selective reproduction and other eugenics issues.

Our research indicates it’s no exaggeration to say American eugenics policies inspired eugenics programs in Nazi Germany.

If that’s not disturbing enough, during the early days of the Third Reich, American eugenicists publicly praised Hitler’s plans to introduce and enforce sterilization (of unsuitable people) and other such eugenics policies!

File:Ebensee concentration camp prisoners 1945.jpgHitler’s “Final Solution” eugenics policy part-funded by America!

Funding also flowed from the US to Nazi Germany for eugenics programs. For example, The Rockefeller Foundation financed numerous German eugenics experiments, including one that Josef Mengele worked on before he carried out his notorious human experimentations in Auschwitz.

The website for Crichton University provides a succinct summary of the history of eugenics in the US and the links between American eugenics and Nazi Germany. It points out that, “Eugenicists across America welcomed Hitler’s plans as the logical implementation of their own research” and “10 years after Virginia passed its 1924 Sterilization Act…the Superintendent of Virginia’s Western State Hospital complained…the Germans are beating us at our own game.”

America’s influence on the Nazi government was also confirmed by senior eugenics leader C. M. Goethe who, after visiting Germany in 1934, wrote the following to a fellow eugenicist: “You will be interested to know that your work has played a powerful part in shaping the opinions of the group of intellectuals who are behind Hitler in this epoch-making program. Everywhere I sensed that their opinions have been tremendously stimulated by American thought…I want you, my dear friend, to carry this thought with you for the rest of your life, that you have really jolted into action a great government of 60 million people.”

Crash Course in Jewish History Part 61: The Final Solution

Of course Hitler took eugenics to a whole new level in a way probably no American envisaged. He hijacked the term Final Solution and decided genocide was the best method of permanently eradicating his long list of ‘undesirables’ from the European gene pool.

It’s not known whether this America-Germany eugenics connection went full circle when Nazi scientists were brought into the US post-WW2 during the CIA’s Project Paperclip operation.


Benefiting from the efforts of some of Omega’s elite operatives, Doctor Pedemont had unlawfully obtained hundreds of samples from the Genius Sperm Bank. Then, taking the best ofthe sperm donations, he’d artificially inseminated the very women who were now in the process of giving birth. This meant each child that was about to be born effectively had one mother and numerous fathers. The Orphan Factory


Eugenics conspiracies

Since its beginnings, opponents of Eugenics have linked it to racial hatred. And rightly so, most would argue.

In America alone, eugenics often targeted minority ethnicities.

For example, Nobel-prize winning electronics pioneer, eugenics advocate and notorious racist, Dr. William Shockley (1910-1989), once proposed to pay black persons with IQ’s lower than 100 a cash incentive of $1000 to have themselves sterilized. There was no mention of sterilizing white persons with IQ’s lower than 100, of course.

However that is tame compared to the dark rumors swirling around modern eugenics. These rumors say the practice is not in decline but actually being used to eradicate genetic degenerates by the millions.

Such ideas stem from conspiracy theories floating around which suggest certain viruses – like SARS, Ebola and Swine Flu – were created by pharmaceutical technicians in labs.

Some conspiracy theorists even claim HIV/AIDS is a man-made disease rather than a freak of nature. These theories suggest HIV was originally eithera biological warfare virus that escaped from a laboratory by accident, or was released on purpose, as a tool for population control and eugenics implementation. The culprits are said to be shadowy, elitist organizations with New World Order ambitions.

Extreme accusations indeed, but perhaps not without some form of precedence.

From 1932 until 1972, the US Public Health Service deceptively conducted a clinical study known as the Tuskegee syphilis experiment. The notorious study was designed to monitor the progression of syphilis in African-American men who were led to believe they were receiving free treatment from the Government for the sexually transmitted disease. The infamous 40-year experiment involved medical professionals surreptitiously refusing treatment to black patients infected with syphilis.

Revelations by whistleblowers of the Tuskegee syphilis experiment led to US law changes concerning patient protection and informed consent for medical studies.

Several prominent African-American celebrities have made comments in public about the Tuskegee experiments, including comedian and film star Dave Chappelle whose grandfather was a Tuskegee survivor who was permanently blinded as a result of the experimentation. Shortly after the Hurricane Katrina disaster in New Orleans, leading film director Spike Lee mentioned the Tuskegee experiment on an episode of the TV series Real Time with Bill Maher. Lee alluded to a racial conspiracy in the Katrina aftermath by comparing the Government’s apparent lack of response to African-American communities with the ill treatment of patients in the syphilis experiment.

Various groups, including the Nation of Islam and the Black Panthers, believe the CIA purposefully infected African-Americans with HIV. Reminiscent of Tuskegee, this is said to have been carried out under the guise of hepatitis vaccinations. Those who subscribe to this theory have suggested HIV was spread by some pro-eugenics splinter group to decimate the black race, both in the US and in Africa.

The concept of AIDS being a sinister experiment seems to be reasonably accepted in the African-American community at least. In 2005, The Washington Post did a survey on the subject, questioning 500 African-Americans. The newspaper reported over 50% of those surveyed believed HIV was man-made and over 25% believed it was created in a US Government laboratory.

In Nigeria, there have been theories amongst locals that the World Health Organization (WHO) was spreading HIV via polio vaccines. As a result, there has been a decrease in the amount of Nigerians vaccinated against polio in recent years as many parents choose to keep their children away from WHO needles.

In 1986, American Physician Doctor Robert Strecker stated that HIV was not only a man-made bio-weapon created by the US military, but that it was disseminated by the WHO in Africa in the 1970’s by inserting the killer virus into smallpox vaccines. Strecker’s theory went on to suggest the distribution of HIV did not stop with Africa, but continued in the US. According to the doctor, the outbreak of AIDS in America was caused by government-sponsored hepatitis B vaccine experiments in San Francisco, New York City and Los Angeles in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. The vaccines were said to be contaminated with HIV and were apparently only given to gay men and African-American men.

                                                                                                                               Dr. Robert Strecker.

 Although TIME magazine and most other mainstream media outlets condemned Strecker’s theory, it has since been supported by several prominent doctors and scientists. One of the supporters included Doctor Alan Cantwell who authored the 1988 book AIDS and the Doctors of Death: An Inquiry into the Origin of the AIDS Epidemic.

South Africa’s former president, Thabo Mbeki, has claimed HIV/AIDS is a grand conspiracy involving the CIA and Big Pharma.

But probably the most famous supporter of the theory that AIDS is some kind of Unit 731-style biological weapon is the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize laureate and environmental and political activist Wangari Maathai (1940-2011).

The Kenyan was quoted by Nairobi-based newspaper The Standard in 2004 as saying AIDS was “deliberately created by Western scientists to decimate the African population”. This lead to a flurry of world headlines including this one by Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty on December 10, 2004, ‘Africa’s First Female Nobel Peace Laureate Accepts Award Amid Controversy Over AIDS Remarks’ and this one on the same day in The New York Times, ‘Nobel Laureate Seeks to Explain AIDS Remarks’.

Maathai was also reported in a December, 2004 edition of TIME magazine as saying, “I do know things like that don’t come from the moon. I have always thought that it is important to tell people the truth, but I guess there is some truth that must not be too exposed … I’m referring to AIDS. I am sure people know where it came from. And I’m quite sure it did not come from the monkeys”.

As UNICEF has called AIDS “the worst catastrophe ever to hit the world” the idea that certain governments or agencies created the virus to attack minority groups is hard to even consider, let alone believe. Personally, we feel this theory is veering into the sort of crackpot conspiracy ideas promoted by the Tinfoil Hat Network. Then again, as Spike Lee was alluding to in his TV interview, history is riddled with malicious, eugenics-style medical experiments like Tuskegee, so you never know.

Here’s hoping this HIV/AIDS conspiracy theory ain’t true!


North Korean eugenics

As far as governments go in the modern world, North Korea is known to practice eugenics. The neo-Stalanist regime is committed to protecting racial purity and sees eugenics as the way to breed a stronger population and eradicate degenerates who carry supposedlyweak genes.

An October 21, 2006 article in UK newspaper The Telegraph reported the UN had uncovered “subhuman gulags” in North Korea where the disabled and mentally ill were locked up.

The rogue state operates a “rigorous system of eugenics” according to the article, for those “deemed subnormal, ranging from the disabled to dwarves.”

The Telegraph also reported the gulags were designed so that “those who do not conform to the state’s designation of normal do not pass on their genes by having children.”

Satellite images show gulags still operational in North Korea

An April 2014 satellite image of a gulag in North Korea.

Apparently, in North Korea those deemed abnormal are locked up for life. Marriages are allowed at segregation camps, but reproducing is not.There have also been reports of turning these ‘abnormals’ into laboratory guinea pigs for testing chemicals and germ agents.


In the Western World, the disturbing trend toward designer babies, the unofficial use of euthanasia by some medical professionals and the treatment of elderly people in some rest homes are just a few examples of present-day eugenics in operation – albeit tame examples compared to the genocide and forced relocation of many thousands of people occurring in some Third World countries.

American Christopher Langan, who claims to have an IQ between 195 and 210 and is also known as the world’s smartest man, has often been reported as being a eugenics supporter. The RationalWiki website describes a YouTube video in which “Langan talks about how he wishes he could implement a benign form of eugenics involving mandatory birth control and health screenings, and how breeding as much as we like isn’t necessarily a free right, and that people have to be trained to not abuse their freedoms, especially at the expense of future generations.”

Hopefully the 1997 sci-fi film Gattaca does not prove to be an accurate prophecy for eugenics implementations to come. Written and directed by Andrew Niccol and starring Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, the film presents a future society where nearly all children are conceived by genetic engineering technologies to ensure they do not inherit bad genes from their parents. Any persons born outside this society’s eugenics program are labeled faith births, degenerates or invalids, and are heavily discriminated against.

Primary image for Gattaca

And then there’s the whole issue of human cloning. We considered that too out there, and too far beyond our level of knowledge or understanding, to include in this book. However, we must at least acknowledge human cloning as it is a major theme of The Orphan Trilogy – in particular book three in the series which reveals the powerful Omega Agency’s cloning plans have come to fruition, allowing the organization to conduct medical experimentation on live humans.

Given the well-documented history of eugenics, and the persistence of its known adherents into the 21st Century, it is possible the controversial science continues underground. The secret use of eugenics could include classified experiments similar to the programs described and shown in The Orphan Trilogy and Gattaca where humans are genetically engineered for perfection.

Then again, maybe (hopefully) we’ve been writing conspiracy thriller novels so long our fears regarding eugenics are closer to the fiction we write than reality! If our concerns have no basis then it’s quite possible our critics are right and we really do see conspiracies everywhere in the real world.


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Not all is what it seems! –James & Lance