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In defense of the argument our world is not over-populated, sparsely-populated landmasses with mostly wide open spaces must be taken into account. Places where you can drive across hundreds of miles of farmland or virgin landscapes without seeing a town or a village, or even a person in some cases.

Such landmasses include Canada, Brazil, Australia, Mongolia, Scandinavia, Russia, much of central Asia, many parts of the Middle East and large chunks of Africa and South America. Even some rural regions of the two most populated countries on earth – China and India – would fit into this category, not to mention certain states in America such as Alaska, Idaho, Nebraska, Maine, Utah, Arkansas, Wyoming, Texas and Montana – each of which have larger landmasses than many countries.

As reported in the August 2003 edition of International Journal of Wilderness, Conservative International conducted a major assessment into how much global wilderness is left. The conclusion was that the “study found that 46% of the planet qualified as remaining wilderness”.

Say what? If almost half the Earth’s surface – not including oceans – is comprised of untouched wilderness, why are we being told there’s hardly enough land to accommodate everyone?

Another statistic that shatters the overpopulation myth is that the entire world population could fit into the state of Texas. This has been confirmed by various sources.

Even the environmentalist website concurred in a July 27, 2011 article headed At NYC’s Density, the World’s Population Could Live in Texas. The writer states, “If the entire world’s population – 6.9 billion people – lived at the same density level as New York City, we could all fit within the borders of the Lone Star State (Texas).”

It’d be a tight squeeze, but we could all fit within the borders of Texas. Yippie-ki-yay!

In 2010, the website calculated as follows: “Divide 7,494,271,488,000 sq ft (total landmass of Texas) by 6,908,688,000 people (world’s population in 2010), and you get 1084.76 sq ft/person. That’s approximately a 33′ x 33′ plot of land for every person on the planet, enough space for a town house. An average four person family, every family would have a 66′ x 66′ plot of land, which would comfortably provide a single family home and yard”.

Nobody is suggesting living conditions in a Texas with 7-plus billion people would be sustainable given land is needed for industrial and commercial premises, farms, orchards, schools and other community facilities. But the Texas statistic does at least prove space is not an issue given Texas is a tiny percentage of the planet’s habitable land.

We address the overpopulation myth in our book THE ORPHAN CONSPIRACIES: 29 Conspiracy Theories from The Orphan Trilogy. Here’s another excerpt:

Another little known fact is that for decades, economists have advised sparsely populated countries they need to increase their population to stimulate their economies. In our native New Zealand, which currently has a population of just under 4.5 million people, this has certainly been the case. Although the pro-active immigration policies of successive governments have been criticized by some, New Zealand’s present strong economy would likely not have been possible without the valuable input of immigrants who boosted the country’s population. At the time of writing, incidentally, New Zealand’s economy is rated one of the most buoyant in the Western world.

New Zealand’s thriving! (Population 4.5 million give or take).

Australia, a continent with only 23 million people, and Russia, which covers one sixth of the world’s total land mass, are other examples of countries which could potentially benefit from increased populations.

In the mid-2000’s the Australian Government, under Prime Minister John Howard, subscribed to the little-known Underpopulation Theory by implementing a child encouragement policy nicknamed the Baby Bonus. This scheme, a brainchild of Australian treasurer Peter Costello, paid Australian citizens lump sums any time they produced newborn babies. Howard and Costello believed increasing the population would help stimulate the nation’s economy and put Australia in good shape for years to come.

Short of a nuclear war or some other cataclysmic event, world population levels are only going to continue to increase. According to some estimates, it will reach 8 billion in about a decade. Rather than worrying about this, humanity needs to focus on social responsibility, fair wealth distribution, equality and universal justice. In other words, the very things that are needed to sustain Mankind alongside food, water, clothes and shelter.

We are not saying we know better than scientists, futurists and economists. However, it’s a fact that 99% of these experts are blissfully unaware of the suppressed science mentioned throughout The Orphan Conspiracies: 29 Conspiracy Theories from The Orphan Trilogy. Ask most scientists about Nikola Tesla and you’ll be met with a blank stare – or at best a comment like, “Oh yeah, wasn’t he the guy who developed the AC current?”

And yet, the US government has classified more files on Tesla than any other scientist in history.

There is good reason for that and it didn’t happen by accident.

Tesla circa 1890.jpeg

Nikola Tesla…scientist extraordinaire.

When the experts estimate how long the world can sustain life based on current and projected populations, they never take into account the radical technologies that would of course be released if we found ourselves on the brink of extinction.

Technologies like Tesla’s free energy inventions, and his pollutant-free and self-charging transportation inventions that would reduce pollution levels almost overnight.

Most experts never include such technologies in their gloomy forecasts as they simply don’t know about them. Or perhaps some of them have heard about these technologies, rumored or otherwise, but have written them off as fanciful conspiracy theories.

After reading The Orphan Conspiracies, and hopefully absorbing the often contentious, usually little known and sometimes revolutionary material contained within its pages, it should now be blindingly obvious that we, the writers, are diametrically opposed to the diatribes of the elite who consistently imply humans are parasites destroying the Earth.

So go ahead and propagate, and know that your offspring have the potential to assist the planet, not wreck it. In fact, go forth and multiply like rabbits. You have our blessing, but be warned: there’ll be no baby bonus from us!


At least John Lennon agreed with us about the overpopulation myth. Here’s what Lennon said in an interview on The Dick Cavett Show on September 11, 1971:   

“I think we have enough food and money to feed everybody … I don’t believe in overpopulation. I think that’s kind of a myth the government has thrown out to keep your mind off Vietnam, Ireland and all the important subjects.”


Lennon…didn’t believe in the overpopulation theory.

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