The novel they branded as “socially dangerous” and “revolutionary” really is a must-read!

Posted: February 22, 2014 in Books in general
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The bestselling philosophical thriller The Transhumanist Wager, by former National Geographic and New York Times correspondent Zoltan Istvan, really is a must-read – regardless of your religious persuasion.

It’s a novel every Christian and non-Christian should read. As one of those in the former camp, it challenged my beliefs without changing them, whilst giving me hours of entertaining reading – all at the same time!

I tried to write a summary of the storyline, but for the life of me I couldn’t improve on the publisher’s own summary, so here it is verbatim…

Set in the present day, the novel tells the story of transhumanist Jethro Knights and his unwavering quest for immortality via science and technology. Fighting against him are fanatical religious groups, economically depressed governments, and mystic Zoe Bach: a dazzling trauma surgeon and the love of his life, whose belief in spirituality and the afterlife is absolute. Exiled from America and reeling from personal tragedy, Knights forges a new nation of willing scientists on the world’s largest seasteading project, Transhumania. When the world declares war against the floating city, demanding an end to its renegade and godless transhuman experiments and ambitions, Knights strikes back, leaving the planet forever changed.

Before I was half-way through this book, I could see why religious authorities and scholars have branded it as “socially dangerous” and “revolutionary”: it challenges the current world order and also Christians’ acceptance and understanding of the ‘second coming’ and the afterlife.

If this wasn’t a work of fiction, I doubt I’d have read it. But it is fiction, and I’m very glad I did (read it). Not sure it’s “visionary”, as the book’s splurge would have us believe, but it sure is a page-turner.

Highly recommended!  –Lance Morcan

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Here’s what other Amazon reviewers have to say about The Transhumanist Wager:

“This book is a brilliant, provocative masterpiece.” –Immortal Life

“Protagonist Jethro Knights may become one of the grand characters of modern fiction.” -Psychology Today

“I enjoyed The Transhumanist Wager…an adventurous suspense-filled semi-sci-fi about sailing, love, and life extension.” –The Huffington Post

“A philosophical thriller…the Atlas Shrugged for transhumanism.” –

“A very powerful book…this is a must read.” –Serious Wonder

“It’s a page-turner. Istvan knows how to tell a compelling story.” –

“Really impressive…an unforgettable read.” –Sfmag

“A marvelous work of science fiction.” –IEET



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