PEOPLE LIKE US a genuine page-turner

Posted: April 29, 2014 in Book reviews
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Strange. Quirky. Lecherous. Unusual. Odd even. These are all ways I’d describe the storyline and the writing in PEOPLE LIKE US. But above all…it’s compelling and a genuine page-turner!

The writing oozes quality, freshness and humor. Especially humor. Nice little touches that ease the tension.

This book is totally unique – like nothing I’ve personally read before. Helped no doubt by the first person approach, it feels like the writer is sitting right next to you, relating the story by way of a live chat over a cuppa.

Speaking of cuppas, if you like your murder mysteries served with an intriguing and entertaining dash of cynicism, this book’s for you! Five Stars. –Lance Morcan


The Amazon link for this book is:




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