THE BACHELOR PARTY – a superior mystery-thriller

Posted: May 3, 2014 in Book reviews
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The author warns in the Prologue “there is a lot to be concerned about when it comes to non-compete agreements” (where one party agrees not to enter into or begin a similar trade or profession in competition with another party) – and by the time you finish reading this book you realize he’s right: in THE BACHELOR PARTY author Ron Hummer exposes a widespread, present-day problem in a very believable albeit fictional setting.

Well researched and very well written. This is a superior mystery-thriller guaranteed to please the most discerning reader.    –Lance


Here’s the publisher’s blurb for this book:

Tony Sage, a financial consultant is about to go to jail for bilking thousands of investors out of their money in a Ponzi Pyramid scheme. Before he goes on trial, he wants revenge on the man who had a one night stand with his wife, Michael Wells, a lawyer with Wells, Carmichael, Lane, and MacGregor.

What started as a fight in the back of a strip club between the two ended in the murder of Tony Sage. Michael stands accused of the murder because he was found unconscious next to the body with the murder weapon, a knife in his hand.

Enter Jack Roscoe, Private Detective and former Navy Seal. He is hired by the firm to solve the murder. The problem: Jack doesn’t like lawyers, especially ones who specialize in non-compete agreements. Wells, Carmichael, Lane, and MacGregor is one of the largest law firms in this field.

Even though Jack has two friends whose lives were ruined due to their non-compete agreements, he decides to handle the case. Jack will be battling mobsters, a motorcycle gang, and several convicts, all while helping Rebecca Martinez, a victim of domestic violence, in an effort to solve this case and get the money back for the investors. By the end of the story, Jack hopes to teach the lawyers of Wells Carmichael, Lane and MacGregor a lesson that they will never forget.

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