58 per cent believe 9/11 was an ‘inside job’ according to poll

Posted: October 22, 2014 in The Orphan Conspiracies
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Provisional results of our latest (continuing) poll show that 58% of those polled to date believe 9/11 was an ‘inside job’.

9/11 Pictures

The poll, which ends October 24 PST, asks one simple but contentious question: Do you believe 9/11 was an inside job? The question refers of course to those persistent conspiracy theories that the September 11 attacks should be attributed to the US Government (or agencies of) and not to terrorists.

This interim result would seem to reflect the belief of many (Americans especially) that the September 11 attacks – including the “controlled collapse” of New York’s Twin Towers and 7 World trade Center – were orchestrated by US officialdom to provide a ‘false flag’ justification for invading Afghanistan and Iraq.

9/11 Pictures

Predictably, the poll, which is running in our Goodreads.com discussion group 29 Conspiracy Theories, is generating some heated discussion.

Your opinion is welcome…so feel free to register your opinion and contribute to the discussion in the Poll thread in our Goodreads discussion group at: https://www.goodreads.com/poll/show/109642-do-you-believe-9-11-was-an-inside-job


Meanwhile, here’s some of the comments received to date (names redacted):

I’m totally shocked there are still people out here who actually still believe the government’s story!


Inside job as someone in our own Government did this? If that is what this quiz is about then hell no.


Charlie Sheen has by his own admission fried his brain with more drugs than he can probably recall and even he knows the official 9/11 story wouldn’t pass for a bad B-movie script: “It seems to me like 19 amateurs with box-cutters taking over four commercial airliners and hitting 75 percent of their targets, that feels like a conspiracy theory.” -Charlie Sheen


I think yes….only because it was an anniversary to something…and they were using that as justification for this attack. Very sad that people have been reduced to this type of behavior.


The official story is a joke and has more holes in it than a Swiss cheese. Now does that mean it was an Inside Job? Not necessarily. But it sure doesn’t bode well. Anyone who researches 9/11 soon realizes that while there’s no smoking gun, there’s a plethora of anomalies like building 7 and Dick Cheney’s “stand down” orders to his minions which is on-the-record to name only two.


My personal un-provable belief is that, at some level, the US knew this was coming. They calculated the benefits that could be extracted by the rulers under every scenario they could imagine, and this was the result; a perennial war feeding the war machine; a law to strike fear in the heart of every free man; a depleted US Treasury contributing to the economic demise of the population; a logical attempt at a total takeover.


It seems so convenient for those who wanted a “Patriot Act” and provide the excuse to fund the war machine for this to have happened. The tapes of the firefighters indicated that they were hearing continued explosions. These tapes are now “confidential.”


If you simply have faith in your country and government and media that they tell you the truth, then of course you’ll believe 9/11 was the whole known Bin Laden/Al Queada story.


Man, there’s just SO much evidence out there, I don’t know where to begin: the Bin Laden families being flown out of no-go air space the day after. The U.S/Saudi connection. The fact that Building Seven came down without reason, and is most definitely a demolition job, as was the towers themselves- supported by well over two thousand actual architects (see link). The fact that Bin Laden was trained by the CIA. The false excuse for invading Iraq which had nothing to do with Al Queada at that time. The video footage of Bush being told America was under attack, whilst he just nodded and carried on reading a nursery story about a goat…


Reminder: Our poll “Do you believe 9/11 was an inside job?” closes October 24 PST. Your opinion is welcome. Go to: https://www.goodreads.com/poll/show/109642-do-you-believe-9-11-was-an-inside-job



  1. This is not tinfoil-hat stuff, guys – the evidence is neither hidden nor subjective. You only need to look, nothing more.

  2. Anonymous says:

    In regards to 9/11- there ARE differences of opinion- Between those who have done the research on the subject and who KNOW that our government had their hands all over this event, and those who are in serious denial/ignorance, and the paid for trolls who insist on this fantasy of the governments explanation-

  3. Fazel says:

    An investigation is a simple process
    Establish facts ,eliminate suspects ,preserve and establish authenticity of evidence,scientifically prove evidence is Within established tried and tested procedures ,establish or refute all charges including any and all possible scenarios in an open and transparent manner .
    Include all witness accounts which are authenticated .
    Who is capitalising on the events taking place.Including asking why if any parties who would gain publicity are not taking advantage ie is alqeada using this attack to promote their cause ,why not?
    Who is adamant in not allowing an investigation or blocking the investigation .
    Miracles must be proved an recorded as miracles and most importantly give the public total access to all the above
    Which person or persons were not held accountable ,or rewarded for incompetence.
    If all the above is followed we would not be in the dark after 16 years and counting.
    The majority of any population of any nation will always come to the right conclusion on transparent ,informed verdicts .
    This is a matter too important for all of humanity and the people of USA as well as the innocent lives lost/ taken in vain.

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