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In our poll of Underground Knowledge group members on, we ask, So far, how do you think Donald J. Trump is doing compared to his predecessor Barack Obama?  Interim results are in – and it’s fair to say there are no surprises!


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Trump vs. Obama in poll.


Poll respondents can answer Much Worse, Much Better, Don’t know/Can’t tell, Slightly Better, Slightly Worse or About the same.

So far, two thirds of respondents have voted that Trump is doing Much Worse than Obama.


Voting details follow:

Much Worse: 66%

Much Better: 12%

Don’t know/Can’t tell: 9%

Slightly better: 5%

Slightly worse: 4%

About the same: 4%


Here’s a sample of poll respondents’ comments:

“This man is a disgrace to your country, an example of pretty much everything that’s wrong in this world and should not even be compared to his predecessors. Him and Obama should not even be put in the same category.” –Alba

“…Trump; absolute dregs as a human being. BUT Obama had many flaws too. In fact I’d be grateful if you could remind me of THREE things he enacted to help ALL US citizens. Please don’t say ObamaCare; half measures avail us nothing and ObamaCare when compared to almost every other Western Public Health Care System sucks. Still 30,000,000 Americans with no access to Health Care and around 200,000,000 underinsured.” –BELLAMc.

“Trump can’t be compared to ANY president in history, let alone Obama. He’s unprecedently terrible and incredibly unqualified to be an adult, let alone a president. Anyone who thinks he’s doing better than Obama or even remotely the same needs to have their head examined.” –Marat

“Trump’s concept of public relations is just awful. But I voted “don’t know” because I am not sure what he has actually done, as opposed to tweeted.” –Ian

“This man has so many skeletons in his closet.” –Jason

“…Trump is a shell without a soul. He’s psycho, and a danger to humanity. Period…People can complain about president Obama all they want but he -in my opinion- at least was a progressive president not to mention a real man who didn’t have to have his news filtered because someone didn’t write something nice about him. I think Obama’s a good man…” –Miss

“Was it not Obama that took down Libya and attempted a coup in Egypt, all with a false narrative, a movie no less. Or how about the war in Syria raising up ISIS, training them in order to overthrow a legitimate government. I don’t think it is about who is better as I really think both were hand picked puppets doing the globalists bidding.” –Laurette

“When I talk to his supporters, the main point that they cling to is who he isn’t (Hillary Clinton). Eventually, they will have to judge him for who he is. It just seems to be taking a long time to get to that point.” –Robert

“Asking educated people how they feel about Trump. Haha…” –Brandon

“Being an intuitive, I see their massive egos are almost on a par. For me; repulsive, seriously counter-productive and off balance. Hierarchy produces such characters and we seriously need another option at this stage of the game. I’d like to suggest Democracy as an obvious alternative. It’s been waiting in the wings for a very long time.” –Linda

“Another puppet of corporate world.” –Salman

“No. 45 ( I don’t speak/write his name) is a child in a man’s body. He lacks communication skills, social skills and the list goes on. He is a proud racist! Shall I go on? Everywhere this president goes he leaves a stain, he offends and disrespect the people.” –Seymone

“He does not act with dignity, professionalism or behave like a president. He acts like a spoiled, rich, over-indulged, vulgar child. (And will someone PLEASE take his Twitter account away from him!!!!! The real lesson here is that the American public was willing to elect a vulgar twit because they were SO unhappy with the political arena in our country. That should send a damn message to the powers that be to clean up their act.” –Juli

“All politicians are equally worthless.” –R.S.

“Trump is proof that corporate CEOs make bad leaders…But Trump out trumps all other incompetent CEOs. He inherited all his wealth, lost much of it in multiple bankruptcies, and is well-known in the finance community as a bad risk. How could anyone think he’d be a good president? Add on to that his mental instability, lack of moral sense, and his treasonous behavior, what other answer could you give but “Much Worse.” –Martin

“Barack Obama has a Nobel Peace Prize. Of course it is a travesty. But Trump deserves a war prize. Trump is our most bellicose president since Theodore Roosevelt.” –P.J.

“Donald Trump is horribly unqualified for such an important position. He behaves as though the country should serve him, when his role ought to be serving the people of the nation.” –Jeff

“I am amazed that this man is still your president. Well, this is democracy at its worst. Good luck to you guys. Maybe you know better than I do. God bless.” –Practitioner


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Poll ends December 9.

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In the latest poll in our Underground Knowledge discussion group on, we ask members Who was most responsible for defeating the Nazis? — and interim poll results show nearly two thirds of respondents (63%) nominate the Soviet Union ahead of the United States (20%) and Britain (17%).



Poll respondents’ comments make for interesting reading. Here’s a random sample:

When you consider just what the Soviet Union sacrificed to defy the Nazis, (out of the 60 million people who died in the war, 27 million were Soviets!), it’s hard to even consider the Nazis could have ever been defeated had the Soviets been neutral or sided against the Allies. Yes, America was crucial to winning the war also (and the US along with Britain made tremendous sacrifices too), but I think we’ve all been fed propaganda by Western historians to believe the US almost single-handedly won the war. In fact, I think it’s fair to say that the Allies wouldn’t have had a hope of even putting up much of a fight against the Nazis without the might of the Soviet Empire supporting them.

I totally agree. For all their faults, the Red Army won the war in Europe and was, according to some historians, also responsible for the Japanese surrender.

I think Great Britain, because they demoralised Germany and were fighting them on so many fronts. The number of human lives lost was not the deciding factor, so much as keeping Germany busy and too occupied to focus completely on one enemy at a time. 

The history as we (in the USSR) were taught unequivocally claims that USSR borne most of the fighting burden, while allies help was appreciated but was far from decisive, as they were not involved in the ground battles in Europe until less than a last year of WW2. Soviet historians claim that Western Front was opened as late as 1944, when it became clear that USSR had been coming out with the upper hand and would clearly defeat the Nazis and Russian army would sweep through Europe. By then the prospective victory of the Soviet Army was evident.

I’m not sure of the exact estimates but I recall that the Soviets destroyed (killed or captured) 90 per cent of the Nazi forces. It may be less but it certainly was well over 50 per cent. I think they destroyed much of their air force as well.    

Certainly the Soviets took heavy casualties, and I won’t doubt they might have been able to win without our help, but our eventual entry helped by splitting Germany’s forces. Hitler could not shift the bulk of his forces toward the East because of us just as he couldn’t throw them at us in the West because of the Soviet threat. As far as Britain, I’m not sure they could have defeated Hitler without the other two Allies, but they sure put up a hell of a fight before the US got involved.

Some insightful comments here; History is spun by the victors and it is different history in each nation…NOBODY wins by themselves, so that is the main lesson of history here. I would have liked to see Allies as a choice.


To view all the comments, or better still to have YOUR say, go to:—a-discussion-group?type=group

Poll ends March 31.




Provisional results of our latest (continuing) poll show that 58% of those polled to date believe 9/11 was an ‘inside job’.

9/11 Pictures

The poll, which ends October 24 PST, asks one simple but contentious question: Do you believe 9/11 was an inside job? The question refers of course to those persistent conspiracy theories that the September 11 attacks should be attributed to the US Government (or agencies of) and not to terrorists.

This interim result would seem to reflect the belief of many (Americans especially) that the September 11 attacks – including the “controlled collapse” of New York’s Twin Towers and 7 World trade Center – were orchestrated by US officialdom to provide a ‘false flag’ justification for invading Afghanistan and Iraq.

9/11 Pictures

Predictably, the poll, which is running in our discussion group 29 Conspiracy Theories, is generating some heated discussion.

Your opinion is welcome…so feel free to register your opinion and contribute to the discussion in the Poll thread in our Goodreads discussion group at:


Meanwhile, here’s some of the comments received to date (names redacted):

I’m totally shocked there are still people out here who actually still believe the government’s story!


Inside job as someone in our own Government did this? If that is what this quiz is about then hell no.


Charlie Sheen has by his own admission fried his brain with more drugs than he can probably recall and even he knows the official 9/11 story wouldn’t pass for a bad B-movie script: “It seems to me like 19 amateurs with box-cutters taking over four commercial airliners and hitting 75 percent of their targets, that feels like a conspiracy theory.” -Charlie Sheen


I think yes….only because it was an anniversary to something…and they were using that as justification for this attack. Very sad that people have been reduced to this type of behavior.


The official story is a joke and has more holes in it than a Swiss cheese. Now does that mean it was an Inside Job? Not necessarily. But it sure doesn’t bode well. Anyone who researches 9/11 soon realizes that while there’s no smoking gun, there’s a plethora of anomalies like building 7 and Dick Cheney’s “stand down” orders to his minions which is on-the-record to name only two.


My personal un-provable belief is that, at some level, the US knew this was coming. They calculated the benefits that could be extracted by the rulers under every scenario they could imagine, and this was the result; a perennial war feeding the war machine; a law to strike fear in the heart of every free man; a depleted US Treasury contributing to the economic demise of the population; a logical attempt at a total takeover.


It seems so convenient for those who wanted a “Patriot Act” and provide the excuse to fund the war machine for this to have happened. The tapes of the firefighters indicated that they were hearing continued explosions. These tapes are now “confidential.”


If you simply have faith in your country and government and media that they tell you the truth, then of course you’ll believe 9/11 was the whole known Bin Laden/Al Queada story.


Man, there’s just SO much evidence out there, I don’t know where to begin: the Bin Laden families being flown out of no-go air space the day after. The U.S/Saudi connection. The fact that Building Seven came down without reason, and is most definitely a demolition job, as was the towers themselves- supported by well over two thousand actual architects (see link). The fact that Bin Laden was trained by the CIA. The false excuse for invading Iraq which had nothing to do with Al Queada at that time. The video footage of Bush being told America was under attack, whilst he just nodded and carried on reading a nursery story about a goat…


Reminder: Our poll “Do you believe 9/11 was an inside job?” closes October 24 PST. Your opinion is welcome. Go to: