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Who would you like to see win the 2020 United States presidential election? That’s the question we put to members of our Underground Knowledge global discussion group in our latest poll on Goodreads… and the results may surprise!


Republican National Convention: Day Four

Trump ahead in Underground Knowledge group poll.


Candidates include a mix of confirmed, rumored and possible candidates. Poll participants have been invited to add their own favorite candidate if they don’t see their preferred individual on the list.

Listed candidates thus far include: Elizabeth Warren, John McAfee, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Jesse Ventura, Marco Rubio, Jill Stein, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Alec Baldwin, Zoltan Istvan, Donald J. Trump, Jon Rappoport, Oprah Winfrey, Howard Schultz, Al Gore, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Michael Bloomberg, Joe Biden, Kanye West, Cory Booker, Chelsea Clinton, Mark Cuban, Michelle Obama, Ivanka Trump, Bill Weld, John Kerry, Alex E. Jones, Michael Avenatti, Jim Webb, Kirsten Gillibrand, Tulsi Gabbard, Beto O’Rourke

Interim poll results have President Trump ahead with 19.1% of the early vote; next is Bernie Sanders on 13.8% followed by Michelle Obama on 12.2% and Oprah Winfrey on 6.4%.

Seems not all Undergrounders (members of our Underground Knowledge group) approve of the poll. This comment just in from one upset punter who goes by the name Angel: “Why bring this shit to Goodreads and upset people? I voted here out of principle. But seriously, I don’t think this poll is necessary. Some people come here to escape this stuff.”

Our poll moderator James responded to Angel as follows: “I apologize profusely for hurting anyone’s feelings…”

Undergrounders’ comments and interim poll results make for interesting reading. To check them out, or better still to have YOUR say, go to:


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The Underground Knowledge global discussion group has been designed to encourage debates about important and underreported issues of our era. All you need is an enquiring mind, an interest in the world we live in and a desire to learn or share ‘underground knowledge’.



What is a bigger threat to society: Inequality (whether caused by sexism, racism or other discrimination) or Political Correctness (e.g. censorship, language controls, anti-freedom of speech regulations etc. that aim to prevent inequalities)?

That’s the latest poll question we put to members of our Underground Knowledge discussion group in




Interim poll results are as follows: 35% say Inequality; 29% say Political Correctness; 34% say both; 2% are unsure.

In introducing the poll, here’s what Underground Knowledge group co-founder James says:

Hey, hey, hey, don’t shoot the messenger here regarding the phrasing of the poll (Yes, I’m a mind reader!)

This is a really tricky poll to word and I perhaps didn’t quite find the best wording.

But hopefully y’all get the gist of the two sides of the equation here.

For the record, I voted both are equal threats as I fear both extremes. And I’m also very aware that some people try to make out every single concern expressed by minorities or the disadvantaged or outcast would always equate to PC in action — that can be a subtle tactic of fascists or racial agitators or gender/sexuality haters, where they always label any sensitivity concerns expressed as “political correctness” when half the time they are legitimate concerns.

However, I must admit lately I’m getting more and more concerned about not only the more extreme side of Politically Correct (PC) culture (especially censorship) and the all pervasive “Nanny State” it’s breeding — but also the growing “we know best” brigade who seem to judge any action of a public figure that’s even slightly unsavory/distasteful as being completely unforgivable…Some of that sort of lobbying for social justice gets really vicious especially on social media…And it’s weird how those claiming to be humanitarians end up becoming quite militant or even fascist in their attempts to “deliver justice”…

So somehow it seems to be about getting the balance right where we do stand up against legitimate hate speech and purposeful marginalizing of various underdogs of society, without preventing open debate and freedom of speech. Because I wonder if our society could eventually become so overly protective in its desire to create equality and inclusiveness that it births brand new minorities…or else new marginalized groups who don’t fit in or innocently use language, or try to start debates, not deemed acceptable…Or could these measures even create greater divisions than ever existed before?

And is all this what George Orwell was warning us about in his novel Nineteen Eighty-Four?


To see what poll respondents are saying, or better still to have YOUR say, go to:

Poll ends November 4, 2018.



In the latest poll in our Underground Knowledge discussion group on, we ask members Do you believe abortion should be legal or illegal? Interim results show three-quarters of poll respondents say is it should be legal.



In posing the question, we asked members to discount extreme cases (like pregnancies resulting from incest or rape as well as mothers who are too sick to carry a child full-term) when casting their votes.

Interim poll results are as follows: 75% say abortion should be legal; 18% say it should be illegal; and 7% are undecided.


A selection of poll respondents’ comments follow:

The government should keep their laws out of my vagina. How i feel about abortions is my business.

It’s obviously a freedom of choice issue. There’s no other argument to be had.

Interesting topic that will surely bring out people’s gut feelings and strong emotions. I will simply post this amazing video that I saw just a few months ago:…

Here in the US, it doesn’t matter much what we think, the Supreme Court already affirmed it as a woman’s right. I myself am against it, but I’m not going to begrudge a woman who has to make that choice. Instead of trying to chip away at access, government’s focus should be on making sure these clinics are safe and regulated.

Hearing male legislators talk about “gifts” of rape and braying other truly ignorant positions, a woman’s right to choose has to be protected. When it comes to aborting a child because you want one of a different sex I do feel very uncomfortable. When it comes to abortion because of sex without care or caution of birth control, I do feel very uncomfortable.

Birth control can fail and if a woman can’t afford a baby she should have the choice to kick it back to stardust so it can reincarnate and be with a family who wants it.    

I think medical abortions are necessary for many reasons, but I do believe people need to take responsibility for the consequences of their sexuality by using birth control devices… Abortion is definitely a choice, a choice to terminate a life you created out of carelessness, be wise and and practice contraception with your partners. No excuses.    

Abortion is the premeditated murder of a new human son of God ! All the living components to make an ascending son of God are in the living sperm-living egg union! 

I do not like the idea of abortion or of suicide. While I have my preferences, I do not have the hubris to assume that my preferences gives me the right to determine actions that have nothing to do with me.


Poll ends June 30.

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Our Underground Knowledge discussion group is aimed at those with an interest in the world we live in and a desire to learn or to uncover “underground knowledge” on important issues of our times.

Everyone’s welcome to join! All you need is an enquiring mind and a desire to learn. Our members include scientists, social activists, teachers, historians, authors, former military and intelligence agency personnel, bankers, housewives, whistleblowers, students, former police officers, journalists, readers and many more.

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There’s a long list of claims regarding the existence of underground bases around the world – and an equally long list of claims regarding the nefarious activities of the global elite and their pawns in these underground bases. We address these claims in our new release book UNDERGROUND BASES: Subterranean Military Facilities and the Cities Beneath Our Feet.


UNDERGROUND BASES: Subterranean Military Facilities and the Cities Beneath Our Feet (The Underground Knowledge Series Book 7)


In a chapter titled ‘What goes on beneath the surface?’, we expand on this.

Here’s an excerpt:

Some say the global elite have clandestine prisons where officially designated missing persons and others who have dropped off the grid are held captive; some believe human-alien joint ventures are taking place in these bases to further black technologies or to advance certain species.

When it comes to suppressed science, the hit sci-fi television series Warehouse 13, which aired for five seasons until mid-2014, probably best portrays the secret science bunker concept. The basic plot has two US Secret Service Agents assigned to a top-secret government warehouse to protect scientific discoveries and radical technologies invented by Nikola Tesla and others – none of which the public are aware. The premise of a largely underground warehouse storing suppressed discoveries and inventions is based on conspiracy theories that have been swirling around for decades.

Surprisingly, these wild conspiracy theories are not wholly unsubstantiated. There have also been some reports from former military engineers and government geologists about supersonic transportation systems underground. Who knows, maybe the global elite travel between cities and countries below ground, utilizing the underworld’s rumored faster transportation methods?


The other guy also said there was scuttlebutt of an underground rail system that ran under the FEMA facility. Just as he said that, we felt a low rumbling beneath our feet like a subway. We noticed some suits coming in our direction and headed off.” –David Icke, Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More


It has also been claimed that radical biological experiments take place in the Splinter Civilization’s underworld. The kind that the laws of the land above ground don’t allow – such as unsanctioned forms of genetic engineering, human cloning and illegal drug testing by pharmaceutical corporations.

Some conspiracy theorists who believe complex viruses like HIV/AIDS, SARS and Ebola are all manmade, have even theorized that these viruses are manufactured and tested in underground facilities before being unleashed above ground.


An image supposedly smuggled out of Dulce Base, NM.


Dr. Michael E. Salla, initiator of “exopolitics” and author of a book entitled EXPOSING U.S. GOVERNMENT POLICIES ON EXTRATERRESTRIAL LIFE expressed his belief that there is a joint US/alien underground bio-lab beneath the Archuleta Mesa and that this must be addressed as a serious human rights abuse issue.” –Norio Hayakawa, official report of the Dulce Base Conference of 2009 in New Mexico.




Underground Bases  is Book #7 in The Underground Knowledge Series  and is available exclusively via Amazon:



Most people don’t want the authorities to add fluoride to our water supply. That’s if interim results of the latest poll results in our Underground Knowledge group on  are any guide.

In response to the question Do you believe fluoride should be in your town’s water supply?  more than two thirds of respondents say no.

Interim poll results are:

-67% of respondents say NO

-20% say YES

-13% are unsure.



Respondents’ comments make for interesting reading. Here’s some random examples:

I vote NO for the following reasons:
Harvard Study Confirms Fluoride Reduces Children’s IQ —…
This pic lists some facts and theories concerning fluoride and how it apparently is detrimental to human’s health……
Tap water usually contains high levels of fluoride. Numerous studies have shown fluoride reduces IQ levels and in some cases even causes brain damage.

Fluoride has been considered a neurotoxin for some time now. I just pulled an older article:…

I can tell you that there’s no conspiracy, only stupidity. Cities take shortcuts and are under pressure to perform (in this case – provide safe water). Organic solutions like ozonation are cost prohibitive, and Fluoride effects are mild and subtle. But, there’s much worse crap in the water in cities, such as human waste, most importantly – diseases, prescription drugs, and many other nasties.

Very interesting question which prompted me to do a little more research on the matter. My initial reaction was an astounding, “Yes”, however, I now have to admit there has to be much more research beyond the Harvard study. To begin with, according to the Flouride Information Network,, Flouride is found naturally in water supplies coming from the rocks and sediment within those sources. The quantity can range fro 0.12 to over 12 parts per million. I was perusing several sites and came across this one, www.Openparachute.wordpress.coms. Here are a few points they raise about the studies, particularly the Harvard Study.

It’s worth pointing out the Harvard study is literally one of dozens of studies worldwide revealing links between fluoride consumption and low IQ’s in children (not to mention other adverse health effects).

I am unhappy with he Harvard study because (a) The levels of fluoride at times almost enter the toxicity zone, (b) other studies were excluded, but had they been included, the effect would have shrunk, (c) many of those included had other effects present, e.g. iodine deficiency, As, and in the coal-burning regions, there would be a number of other things present.

Mass medication via water is just plain wrong and stupid. Some people eat more foods that naturally contain fluoride. And kids need less than adults. 


Poll ends May 1.

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In the latest poll in our Underground Knowledge discussion group on, we ask members Who was most responsible for defeating the Nazis? — and interim poll results show nearly two thirds of respondents (63%) nominate the Soviet Union ahead of the United States (20%) and Britain (17%).



Poll respondents’ comments make for interesting reading. Here’s a random sample:

When you consider just what the Soviet Union sacrificed to defy the Nazis, (out of the 60 million people who died in the war, 27 million were Soviets!), it’s hard to even consider the Nazis could have ever been defeated had the Soviets been neutral or sided against the Allies. Yes, America was crucial to winning the war also (and the US along with Britain made tremendous sacrifices too), but I think we’ve all been fed propaganda by Western historians to believe the US almost single-handedly won the war. In fact, I think it’s fair to say that the Allies wouldn’t have had a hope of even putting up much of a fight against the Nazis without the might of the Soviet Empire supporting them.

I totally agree. For all their faults, the Red Army won the war in Europe and was, according to some historians, also responsible for the Japanese surrender.

I think Great Britain, because they demoralised Germany and were fighting them on so many fronts. The number of human lives lost was not the deciding factor, so much as keeping Germany busy and too occupied to focus completely on one enemy at a time. 

The history as we (in the USSR) were taught unequivocally claims that USSR borne most of the fighting burden, while allies help was appreciated but was far from decisive, as they were not involved in the ground battles in Europe until less than a last year of WW2. Soviet historians claim that Western Front was opened as late as 1944, when it became clear that USSR had been coming out with the upper hand and would clearly defeat the Nazis and Russian army would sweep through Europe. By then the prospective victory of the Soviet Army was evident.

I’m not sure of the exact estimates but I recall that the Soviets destroyed (killed or captured) 90 per cent of the Nazi forces. It may be less but it certainly was well over 50 per cent. I think they destroyed much of their air force as well.    

Certainly the Soviets took heavy casualties, and I won’t doubt they might have been able to win without our help, but our eventual entry helped by splitting Germany’s forces. Hitler could not shift the bulk of his forces toward the East because of us just as he couldn’t throw them at us in the West because of the Soviet threat. As far as Britain, I’m not sure they could have defeated Hitler without the other two Allies, but they sure put up a hell of a fight before the US got involved.

Some insightful comments here; History is spun by the victors and it is different history in each nation…NOBODY wins by themselves, so that is the main lesson of history here. I would have liked to see Allies as a choice.


To view all the comments, or better still to have YOUR say, go to:—a-discussion-group?type=group

Poll ends March 31.




Interim results of the latest poll in our Underground Knowledge discussion group on  show that most respondents believe citizens should not  have to pay for health care. 

In response to the question Do you think universal (free) health care should be provided to all citizens?  more than three-quarters of respondents to date answered in the affirmative.

Interim results show that 77% say YES, only 15% say NO, and 8% are UNSURE.

Poll respondents’ comments make for interesting reading. Here’s some of those comments:

The big problem here is not the insurance or mass healthcare systems, rather, it is the drug companies making bank off of human fraility. I am certain we have all heard of seniors in the US making trips to Canadia and Mexico (often illegally) to buy their medications just over the border because they cannot afford them here in the US.

I voted no because who is going to pay for it? Right now i am paying out the ass for my i nsurance and those too lazy to work or illegals. (Truly disabled people not included in this rant).    

That is the real problem. That is the real cost of healthcare. Medications. Prescriptions. And for what? It wouldn’t be so bad if that money funneled back into research, but it doesn’t. It pads pockets too far up the line to even make a difference to the end-user. THAT is the biggest atrocity with healthcare, and why people over a certain age are considered “too old” to receive treatments. It boils down to a cost/benefit analysis.   

Is there any reason not to help save people’s lives?   

Education and health care should both be free. That is the only way to have an equal opportunity regardless of income. Unfortunately, it is like feeding 30 people from your one rice bowl. All 30 starve, because the math doesn’t add up.   

Even though I am disabled and have been for a number of years, and pay nothing (now) for my health insurance I voted No. Because someway, somehow, someone is going to pay for the treatment and the “free” healthcare.

There is MORE THAN ENOUGH resources and public wealth available to cover all citizens who cannot afford healthcare. Period. To believe otherwise would be Myth #1 in my book.

“Unless you’re a Warren Buffet or Bill Gates, you’re one illness away from financial ruin in this country.” –Dr. Steffie Woolhandler

I recommend watching Michael Moore’s documentary on US healthcare called SICKO. You can watch a 2 minute trailer here:…
I thought Moore made some very good points in this documentary about the sorry state of America’s health system. 

The US can easily afford universal healthcare and various other social welfare investment just like the UK, Canada Australia and even Russia and China have, but it’s instead spending trillions annually on the Military Industrial Complex in all these silly “wars” e.g. The War on Terror (which nobody understands).


Poll ends March

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