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The 2016 US Presidential Election dominates Underground Knowledge group discussions on the popular Amazon-owned book lovers’ site Little wonder given the importance of the upcoming election and the media coverage afforded its main contenders.


Candidates Trump and Clinton draw flak from Underground Knowledge group members (aka Undergrounders) who voice their thoughts about the election in the discussion thread at


However, the election isn’t the only discussion thread attracting members to this, one of the fastest growing groups on Goodreads.

Other popular Underground Knowledge group topics include:

Is the Islamic State (IS/ISIS) another invention of the West?

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Modern fascism (in our governments!)

Satanic Elite Child Hunting Parties.

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Media manipulation.

Mysterious deaths > Princess Diana.


Our polls are well patronized also. Check out our latest poll at—a-discussion-group?type=groupIt asks the question: What do you think should be done with repeat offender child molesters? Most respondents opt for castration for offenders. Feel free to add your vote. Poll ends soon.


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Bernie Sanders is the preferred candidate by a country mile for the 2016 US Presidential Election if the interim result of our Underground Knowledge group’s latest poll, on, is any guideline. And for any who question the acumen, intelligence or wherewithal of ‘Undergrounders’ (our name for the group’s members), please be advised they include include Pulitzer Prize nominees, New York Times  bestselling authors, internationally-renowned scientists, leading investigative journalists, economists and social activists, ex-CIA and MI6 intelligence agents-turned whistleblowers, historians, neuroscientists and former NASA engineers to name but a few. 


Bernie Sanders.jpg

Sanders…poll front-runner.


In response to the question Who would you like to see win the 2016 United States Presidential Election?  interim results are as follows:

Ben Carson  11.5%
NONE of the names on this list:  9.6%
Donald Trump  8.7%
Jeb Bush  4.8%
Rand Paul  2.9%
Ted Cruz  1.9%
Marco Rubio  1.0%
Joe Biden  1.0%
Al Gore  1.0%
Ralph Nader  1.0%
Scott Walker  0.0%
Jill Stein  0.0%
Sarah Palin  0.0%
Jeff Boss  0.0%
Jim Webb  0.0%
John Kasich  0.0%
Bobby Jindal  0.0%
Rick Perry  0.0%
Mitt Romney  0.0%
Jim Gilmore  0.0%
Our poll ends November 8.
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