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Who would you like to see win the 2020 United States presidential election? That’s the question we put to members of our Underground Knowledge global discussion group in our latest poll on Goodreads… and the results may surprise!


Republican National Convention: Day Four

Trump ahead in Underground Knowledge group poll.


Candidates include a mix of confirmed, rumored and possible candidates. Poll participants have been invited to add their own favorite candidate if they don’t see their preferred individual on the list.

Listed candidates thus far include: Elizabeth Warren, John McAfee, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Jesse Ventura, Marco Rubio, Jill Stein, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Alec Baldwin, Zoltan Istvan, Donald J. Trump, Jon Rappoport, Oprah Winfrey, Howard Schultz, Al Gore, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Michael Bloomberg, Joe Biden, Kanye West, Cory Booker, Chelsea Clinton, Mark Cuban, Michelle Obama, Ivanka Trump, Bill Weld, John Kerry, Alex E. Jones, Michael Avenatti, Jim Webb, Kirsten Gillibrand, Tulsi Gabbard, Beto O’Rourke

Interim poll results have President Trump ahead with 19.1% of the early vote; next is Bernie Sanders on 13.8% followed by Michelle Obama on 12.2% and Oprah Winfrey on 6.4%.

Seems not all Undergrounders (members of our Underground Knowledge group) approve of the poll. This comment just in from one upset punter who goes by the name Angel: “Why bring this shit to Goodreads and upset people? I voted here out of principle. But seriously, I don’t think this poll is necessary. Some people come here to escape this stuff.”

Our poll moderator James responded to Angel as follows: “I apologize profusely for hurting anyone’s feelings…”

Undergrounders’ comments and interim poll results make for interesting reading. To check them out, or better still to have YOUR say, go to:


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The Underground Knowledge global discussion group has been designed to encourage debates about important and underreported issues of our era. All you need is an enquiring mind, an interest in the world we live in and a desire to learn or share ‘underground knowledge’.



In our poll of Underground Knowledge group members on, we ask, So far, how do you think Donald J. Trump is doing compared to his predecessor Barack Obama?  Interim results are in – and it’s fair to say there are no surprises!


Image result for trump and obama shaking hands

Trump vs. Obama in poll.


Poll respondents can answer Much Worse, Much Better, Don’t know/Can’t tell, Slightly Better, Slightly Worse or About the same.

So far, two thirds of respondents have voted that Trump is doing Much Worse than Obama.


Voting details follow:

Much Worse: 66%

Much Better: 12%

Don’t know/Can’t tell: 9%

Slightly better: 5%

Slightly worse: 4%

About the same: 4%


Here’s a sample of poll respondents’ comments:

“This man is a disgrace to your country, an example of pretty much everything that’s wrong in this world and should not even be compared to his predecessors. Him and Obama should not even be put in the same category.” –Alba

“…Trump; absolute dregs as a human being. BUT Obama had many flaws too. In fact I’d be grateful if you could remind me of THREE things he enacted to help ALL US citizens. Please don’t say ObamaCare; half measures avail us nothing and ObamaCare when compared to almost every other Western Public Health Care System sucks. Still 30,000,000 Americans with no access to Health Care and around 200,000,000 underinsured.” –BELLAMc.

“Trump can’t be compared to ANY president in history, let alone Obama. He’s unprecedently terrible and incredibly unqualified to be an adult, let alone a president. Anyone who thinks he’s doing better than Obama or even remotely the same needs to have their head examined.” –Marat

“Trump’s concept of public relations is just awful. But I voted “don’t know” because I am not sure what he has actually done, as opposed to tweeted.” –Ian

“This man has so many skeletons in his closet.” –Jason

“…Trump is a shell without a soul. He’s psycho, and a danger to humanity. Period…People can complain about president Obama all they want but he -in my opinion- at least was a progressive president not to mention a real man who didn’t have to have his news filtered because someone didn’t write something nice about him. I think Obama’s a good man…” –Miss

“Was it not Obama that took down Libya and attempted a coup in Egypt, all with a false narrative, a movie no less. Or how about the war in Syria raising up ISIS, training them in order to overthrow a legitimate government. I don’t think it is about who is better as I really think both were hand picked puppets doing the globalists bidding.” –Laurette

“When I talk to his supporters, the main point that they cling to is who he isn’t (Hillary Clinton). Eventually, they will have to judge him for who he is. It just seems to be taking a long time to get to that point.” –Robert

“Asking educated people how they feel about Trump. Haha…” –Brandon

“Being an intuitive, I see their massive egos are almost on a par. For me; repulsive, seriously counter-productive and off balance. Hierarchy produces such characters and we seriously need another option at this stage of the game. I’d like to suggest Democracy as an obvious alternative. It’s been waiting in the wings for a very long time.” –Linda

“Another puppet of corporate world.” –Salman

“No. 45 ( I don’t speak/write his name) is a child in a man’s body. He lacks communication skills, social skills and the list goes on. He is a proud racist! Shall I go on? Everywhere this president goes he leaves a stain, he offends and disrespect the people.” –Seymone

“He does not act with dignity, professionalism or behave like a president. He acts like a spoiled, rich, over-indulged, vulgar child. (And will someone PLEASE take his Twitter account away from him!!!!! The real lesson here is that the American public was willing to elect a vulgar twit because they were SO unhappy with the political arena in our country. That should send a damn message to the powers that be to clean up their act.” –Juli

“All politicians are equally worthless.” –R.S.

“Trump is proof that corporate CEOs make bad leaders…But Trump out trumps all other incompetent CEOs. He inherited all his wealth, lost much of it in multiple bankruptcies, and is well-known in the finance community as a bad risk. How could anyone think he’d be a good president? Add on to that his mental instability, lack of moral sense, and his treasonous behavior, what other answer could you give but “Much Worse.” –Martin

“Barack Obama has a Nobel Peace Prize. Of course it is a travesty. But Trump deserves a war prize. Trump is our most bellicose president since Theodore Roosevelt.” –P.J.

“Donald Trump is horribly unqualified for such an important position. He behaves as though the country should serve him, when his role ought to be serving the people of the nation.” –Jeff

“I am amazed that this man is still your president. Well, this is democracy at its worst. Good luck to you guys. Maybe you know better than I do. God bless.” –Practitioner


To view all comments, or better still to have YOUR say, go to:

Poll ends December 9.

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The Underground Knowledge global discussion group has been designed to encourage debates about important and underreported issues of our era. All you need is an enquiring mind and a desire to gain or share “underground knowledge”. Everyone is welcome!



In the latest poll in our Underground Knowledge discussion group on Goodreads, we are asking members: Is North Korea a genuine threat to world peace? Or is it an exaggerated threat?  Interim results resoundingly show that most Undergrounders believe the threat is exaggerated.


The protagonists…self centred man babies?


Interim results show that 49% believe the North Korea threat’s exaggerated, 31% believe it’s genuine, and 20% are unsure.

Poll respondents’ comments make for interesting reading. Here’s one that caught our eye: “We have two self-centered man babies throwing tantrums and both with mental issues. Not a good combo for the world! It would not surprise me that our Grabber-In-Chief would use a war to try to use it as a diversion from the Russian scandal.”


Here’s a random sample of respondents’ comments from both sides:


Not really sure but from what I have read on North Korea, it is one crazy dictatorship that has the entire Nation under threat all of the time. Very cruel. And this has been going on for many years under that weird family. I would not be in the least surprised if it was true that they were hoping to fire upon the Western Nations. Regardless of what you think of Trump, it is no excuse to pardon North Korea.

I think both genuine and exaggerated threat.

This threat is very, very real as the result of Obama’s purposeful emasculation of our military and defensive capabilities and the ineptitude of the current Washington Swamp. Americans will not “get it” until Los Angeles or other similar-sized cities have lost several million people in a nuclear attack.

I think Trump is the real threat!!!

They have the right to do as they please in their own country (and it’s totally understandable to want to be stronger and more independent instead of staying under someone else’s mercy). USA needs to f……. chill instead of being such a control freak, who named them gods anyway?? all the problems come from them in the first place…

I would say our (and by our I mean the President’s) over-reactions and lack of diplomacy are a greater threat to world peace. I’m not saying North Korea wouldn’t do anything, but our escalating the situation with rhetoric is ridiculous and not helpful in any way.

…I found multiple ways that devices can be imported by sea. North Korea has demonstrated nuclear bombs that work, and frankly, they don’t need a missile to deliver them… If they sent ten, one would most certainly get through. To me, that is a legitimate threat because it is about attitude, not ability.

Seems like there’s a big financial incentive to invade North Korea then…ala other invasions of mineral-rich foreign lands such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc, etc.

A genuine threat but to only some regions of the world. However, I do believe much of their threats are just propaganda and rhetoric. But, it only takes one crazy day for the despotic leadership to say, “You know what? Let’s do this.” And, push the button.

Genuine, and the USA continues to make it worse. Constantly claiming you’re number one at everything makes those not number one gun for you. Sadly, South Korea is in the most danger because of Trumps moronic posturing.


To view more comments, or better still to have YOUR say, go to:

Poll ends August 31.



Do you believe the election of President Trump will bring about mostly POSITIVE or NEGATIVE changes in America and around the World?  That’s the question we put in our latest poll to members of our Underground Knowledge group on Goodreads — and results to date show only one fifth of respondents believe Trump will bring about mostly positive changes.


Image result for "deal with it" donald trump

Trump…positive or negative changes ahead?


Interim poll results show: 60% of respondents voted mostly NEGATIVE changes, 21% voted mostly POSITIVE changes, 14% voted an equal mix of positive/negative changes, and the balance (5%) cannot decide.


Here’s what poll respondents are saying:

Suffice for DT to deliver the promises he made during the campaign and we would need to give a new meaning to the word ‘dystopian.’

What Trump will do, or try to do, will be negative. People’s strong reactions against what Trump does will hopefully be positive…If both the Republicrats and the Demoplicans implode, that would be positive.

I really believe that things will get better and that he will be more concerned for the people who are the backbone of this country and the good of all Americans. Time will tell but IMHO it can’t get much worse than it’s been.

He’s completely denying global warming and I think it will majorly impact the world negatively especially at this time.

Whatever he does I don’t think he can achieve much worse than Obamacare, NSA spying against own taxpayers on their own dime, police shooting American afroamericans on sight, ginormous external debt of US, home-growing DAISH and starting multiple wars around the world. And I’m not even starting on Hillary, she would have been even worse.

I imagine that those who voted for Trump will end up very disappointed when he doesn’t fulfill his campaign promises…Don’t believe anything these people say because the public will get nothing and the real winners are the big corporations and the 1%.

I have a hunch that as a businessman he will help the economy in the USA but I fear his abrupt style and lack of negotiation skills will cause offense and worsen relations between them and other countries.

Considering that the President has very little real power. It seems that we really need to worry about the congress.

This is awful but, I can’t wait for the economy to tank and for WWIII to start. Trump supporters are going down with the rest of us, just wait and see. Wait and see.


To view all the comments, or better still to have YOUR say, go to:

Poll ends December 31.


The Underground Knowledge discussion group (on Goodreads) has been designed to encourage debates about important and underreported issues of our era. All you need is an enquiring mind, an interest in the world we live in and a desire to learn or share “underground knowledge”.




I recently appeared on Boston’s Philosophic Perspectives Radio Show to discuss my newly-published book Debunking Holocaust Denial Theories: Two Non-Jews Affirm the Historicity of the Nazi Genocide (co-written with Lance Morcan with a foreword by Holocaust survivor Hetty E. Verolme).

Topics covered in this interview include the ugly history of anti-Semitism, indisputable Holocaust facts, the Middle East conflict…and Donald Trump!

Debunking Holocaust denial theories can be ordered via Amazon.

Paperback edition:

Kindle edition:


James Morcan


The 2016 US Presidential Election dominates Underground Knowledge group discussions on the popular Amazon-owned book lovers’ site Little wonder given the importance of the upcoming election and the media coverage afforded its main contenders.


Candidates Trump and Clinton draw flak from Underground Knowledge group members (aka Undergrounders) who voice their thoughts about the election in the discussion thread at


However, the election isn’t the only discussion thread attracting members to this, one of the fastest growing groups on Goodreads.

Other popular Underground Knowledge group topics include:

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Our polls are well patronized also. Check out our latest poll at—a-discussion-group?type=groupIt asks the question: What do you think should be done with repeat offender child molesters? Most respondents opt for castration for offenders. Feel free to add your vote. Poll ends soon.


To visit the Underground Knowledge discussion group, or better still to have YOUR say, go to:—a-discussion-group