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In our Underground Knowledge discussion group on Goodreads we ask our Undergrounders (members) whether President Trump is for the common people or has he secretly been installed by the 1% elite? Not surprisingly, it’s one of the most popular discussion threads in our group.


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The Trump discussion follows a well subscribed poll we recently ran, asking Undergrounders, Do you believe the election of President TRUMP will bring about mostly POSITIVE or NEGATIVE changes in America and around the World?  Some 56.5% of respondents voted Mostly NEGATIVE changes, 22% voted Mostly POSITIVE changes while the balance were undecided.

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Meanwhile, here’s some examples of what Undergrounders think of President Trump:

Of course Trump is not for the common people. Of course he was installed by the 1% (not so secretly – American ‘elections’ are just the means by which the 1% install their people.

I just want to say, I’ve been reading about protesters gathering at JFK, SFO, Dulles, etc. Thousands of lawyers are volunteering help to families of immigrants. NYC cabbies organized a work stoppage against JFK as a protest (XXXXXXG Uber isn’t joining). This stuff makes me proud to be an American. When my countrymen stand up and say XXXX This Shit, I have hope.

Trump’s setting a dangerous tone by beginning to ban certain nationalities or those of particular faiths – especially when Americans and Christians are not banned from entering the nations/regions he’s targeting…

How could Trump possibly be for the ‘common people’ if he’s 1. as rich as he says he is? 2. A capitalist with global business ventures that exploit third world countries and 3. A narcissist? His populist stance was nothing more than an angle, a very constructive one, in where his voice could be promulgated and cheered on. His politics are all lies which is exactly why he was so adored by the masses, the masses love ‘hope’ and this was what he gave them. Now that he’s president the desire to actually change is gone and he will, without a doubt, be the downfall of this country.

Trump has no sense of boundaries, much less decorum. He’s trying to recapture the rush from the approval he got from 4chan types for the racist crap he said in his campaign. He doesn’t have a clue about the rule of law but he’s about to learn.

Trump is playing with Islamophobia. People are afraid of ISIS and muslims (as much as you may disagree), but they want to be politically correct as well. So you either stop the fear mongering associated with Islam, or Trump is taking the other option. After all even Saudi Arabia won’t take the refugees, and the refugees refused the offer from Iceland to live there.

The billionaire class is now ruling openly rather than from behind the scenes. Trump heads a govt of ruling class gangsters and thugs.

Trump represents the Elite more than any other leader I’ve ever seen. The whole “giving power back to the people” line was laughable.


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Do you believe the election of President Trump will bring about mostly POSITIVE or NEGATIVE changes in America and around the World?  That’s the question we put in our latest poll to members of our Underground Knowledge group on Goodreads — and results to date show only one fifth of respondents believe Trump will bring about mostly positive changes.


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Trump…positive or negative changes ahead?


Interim poll results show: 60% of respondents voted mostly NEGATIVE changes, 21% voted mostly POSITIVE changes, 14% voted an equal mix of positive/negative changes, and the balance (5%) cannot decide.


Here’s what poll respondents are saying:

Suffice for DT to deliver the promises he made during the campaign and we would need to give a new meaning to the word ‘dystopian.’

What Trump will do, or try to do, will be negative. People’s strong reactions against what Trump does will hopefully be positive…If both the Republicrats and the Demoplicans implode, that would be positive.

I really believe that things will get better and that he will be more concerned for the people who are the backbone of this country and the good of all Americans. Time will tell but IMHO it can’t get much worse than it’s been.

He’s completely denying global warming and I think it will majorly impact the world negatively especially at this time.

Whatever he does I don’t think he can achieve much worse than Obamacare, NSA spying against own taxpayers on their own dime, police shooting American afroamericans on sight, ginormous external debt of US, home-growing DAISH and starting multiple wars around the world. And I’m not even starting on Hillary, she would have been even worse.

I imagine that those who voted for Trump will end up very disappointed when he doesn’t fulfill his campaign promises…Don’t believe anything these people say because the public will get nothing and the real winners are the big corporations and the 1%.

I have a hunch that as a businessman he will help the economy in the USA but I fear his abrupt style and lack of negotiation skills will cause offense and worsen relations between them and other countries.

Considering that the President has very little real power. It seems that we really need to worry about the congress.

This is awful but, I can’t wait for the economy to tank and for WWIII to start. Trump supporters are going down with the rest of us, just wait and see. Wait and see.


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Poll ends December 31.


The Underground Knowledge discussion group (on Goodreads) has been designed to encourage debates about important and underreported issues of our era. All you need is an enquiring mind, an interest in the world we live in and a desire to learn or share “underground knowledge”.