Goodreads group poll result shows support for euthanasia

Posted: February 2, 2016 in Underground Knowledge
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The latest poll in our Underground Knowledge discussion group on, which asks “Do you believe euthanasia (voluntary assisted suicide) should be legalized?”, is proving predictably emotive.



Interim poll results show 66% say YES (euthanasia should be legalized); 19% say NO; and 15% are UNSURE.

Comments by Undergrounders (members of our Underground Knowledge group) reflect the ethical, legal and human dilemmas this issue poses.

A sample of poll respondents’ comments follows:

It is open to abuse but I do see the need for it in some cases. If a person asks to be released would you be willing to say yes or no?    

Yes and no – legalizing it opens up a number of benefits for people, but the chance for somebody to take advantage of the patients who want to die this way seems too much of an issue.

A relative is suffering a lot with bone cancer and maybe we should accept that she has the right to choose put an end on it (which is not permitted on my country).

Yes. Their life their choice.    

No. In Islam suicide is forbidden.    

I watched my husband go through over two years of pancreatic cancer reducing him to literally a shrunken skinned over bone person with a huge tumor growing in his middle. And yet, and yet, the will to live each remaining hour was still there. I suppose that if euthanasia was the request of the person when she/he reached a vegetative state would be alright IF the person consenting to it had power of attorney for health issues previously given, while sound of mind, would be okay. And yet, again, are we really to determine a natural part of existence? Would extreme pain, being totally immobilized in mind and body justify? Could I ask my children to bear the burden of such responsibility?

… this is a slippery slope, you may have hundreds of ppl who would kill people for money, saying they wanted me to kill them.     

It goes against my faith, as a Roman Catholic I’m supposed to believe all life is precious and only God should decide. I’m also a Registered Nurse who works with premature babies, some that should never have been submitted to such drastic life saving measures when less than 500 grams, and 23 weeks or less. This topic needs continued discussion and debate but I voted Yes.

It’s not okay to end your life because you are suffering, you never know what might happen next. Even the darkest night ends with dawn.    

I don’t see why if someone is in excruciating agony year after year with some terminal illness that they should not have the right to die early and end the extreme physical suffering if that’s what they want. After all, it’s their body and their life.


To view all comments, or better still to have YOUR say, go to:—a-discussion-group?type=group







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