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Do you mostly use Mainstream Medicine or Alternative Medicine for your health? We put that question to members of our Underground Knowledge discussion group on – and results to date show that many see merit in combining the two.



Interim poll results show that 36% of respondents mostly use mainstream medicine for their health; 35% use both mainstream and alternative; and 29% mostly use alternative medicine.

For clarity sake, we define mainstream medicine as a system in which medical doctors and other healthcare professionals (such as nurses, pharmacists, and therapists) treat symptoms and diseases using drugs, radiation, or surgery. Also called allopathic medicine, orthodox medicine, and Western medicine.

We define alternative medicine, also known as Complementary Medicine, as natural or traditional or native remedies. We also list the following examples of well-known alternative therapies: Acupressure, Acupuncture, Ayurvedic Medicine (more than 5,000 years old), Biofeedback, Bach Flower Remedies, Colon Therapy/Colonics, Chinese (Oriental) Medicine, Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Cupping (ancient Chinese medical technique), Craniosacral Therapy, Ear Candling, Electropathy, Fasting Therapy, Herbalism (one of most popular health systems worldwide), Hydrotherapy, Iridology, Magnetotherapy, Massage Therapy, Naturopathic Medicine, Vitamin Therapy, Yoga.


A random selection of poll respondents’ comments follow:

I mostly use alternative medicine but use all medical systems (including Western medicine), although avoid Big Pharma’s drugs like the plague and would only agree to surgery as a last resort.

The confusion about alternative medicine is that this one is efficient in certain areas and problems, but it is hard to identify the real cause of the healing when the healing process involves many substances, rituals, dancings, or massages in certain areas combined. And when you do not know the causes or how the system works, it is easy to invent and believe that there are chakras, body energies, magnetism and all sort of crap.

I’m not quite sure why we have to be fully for one or the other… Can we really make a decision or judgment based on such a vague premise? Much of Western medicine is great and much is not… the same goes for alternative medicine. It is impossible to stand for the entire array of medicine produced by western medicine or by the alternative route.

Biofeedack (a medicine I’ve also used with success) is generally listed as “complimentary medicine” or alternative, not generally used in mainstream medicine. It’s also often mocked by skeptics, as per this and other similar listings for biofeedback on skeptics forums:…

Ironically, when someone will explain exactly how certain alternative medicine methods work, these will no longer be “alternative”, but “mainstream” (scientific). Until then, those who use alternative medicine are nothing more than voluntary guinea pigs.

…need to include the fact that what is often being called “science” to support a fair percentage of Western medicine is of course biased research funded by Big Pharma that aims for a specific outcome. And some of it is even anti-science in that it is not open to all possibilities (e.g. research that reveals this patented drug is not the best way to treat a specific illness will often be thrown out).

I wouldn’t personally say all elements of mainstream medicine must be scientifically proven. There’s lots of evidence of peer reviewed medical journals throwing out some studies and favoring others that fit their agenda. Pharma funds studies and makes sure the methods of testing and collecting evidence are biased. So sometimes science is proven and other times it’s fake science propping up medicines and practices.    

Each time in my life that I have been laid low and very ill it has been the alternative medicines / therapies which have given me back my life. I have gone to them out of frustration about our standard treatments.


Poll ends March 1.


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The latest poll in our Underground Knowledge discussion group on, which asks “Do you believe euthanasia (voluntary assisted suicide) should be legalized?”, is proving predictably emotive.



Interim poll results show 66% say YES (euthanasia should be legalized); 19% say NO; and 15% are UNSURE.

Comments by Undergrounders (members of our Underground Knowledge group) reflect the ethical, legal and human dilemmas this issue poses.

A sample of poll respondents’ comments follows:

It is open to abuse but I do see the need for it in some cases. If a person asks to be released would you be willing to say yes or no?    

Yes and no – legalizing it opens up a number of benefits for people, but the chance for somebody to take advantage of the patients who want to die this way seems too much of an issue.

A relative is suffering a lot with bone cancer and maybe we should accept that she has the right to choose put an end on it (which is not permitted on my country).

Yes. Their life their choice.    

No. In Islam suicide is forbidden.    

I watched my husband go through over two years of pancreatic cancer reducing him to literally a shrunken skinned over bone person with a huge tumor growing in his middle. And yet, and yet, the will to live each remaining hour was still there. I suppose that if euthanasia was the request of the person when she/he reached a vegetative state would be alright IF the person consenting to it had power of attorney for health issues previously given, while sound of mind, would be okay. And yet, again, are we really to determine a natural part of existence? Would extreme pain, being totally immobilized in mind and body justify? Could I ask my children to bear the burden of such responsibility?

… this is a slippery slope, you may have hundreds of ppl who would kill people for money, saying they wanted me to kill them.     

It goes against my faith, as a Roman Catholic I’m supposed to believe all life is precious and only God should decide. I’m also a Registered Nurse who works with premature babies, some that should never have been submitted to such drastic life saving measures when less than 500 grams, and 23 weeks or less. This topic needs continued discussion and debate but I voted Yes.

It’s not okay to end your life because you are suffering, you never know what might happen next. Even the darkest night ends with dawn.    

I don’t see why if someone is in excruciating agony year after year with some terminal illness that they should not have the right to die early and end the extreme physical suffering if that’s what they want. After all, it’s their body and their life.


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Bernie Sanders is the preferred candidate by a country mile for the 2016 US Presidential Election if the interim result of our Underground Knowledge group’s latest poll, on, is any guideline. And for any who question the acumen, intelligence or wherewithal of ‘Undergrounders’ (our name for the group’s members), please be advised they include include Pulitzer Prize nominees, New York Times  bestselling authors, internationally-renowned scientists, leading investigative journalists, economists and social activists, ex-CIA and MI6 intelligence agents-turned whistleblowers, historians, neuroscientists and former NASA engineers to name but a few. 


Bernie Sanders.jpg

Sanders…poll front-runner.


In response to the question Who would you like to see win the 2016 United States Presidential Election?  interim results are as follows:

Ben Carson  11.5%
NONE of the names on this list:  9.6%
Donald Trump  8.7%
Jeb Bush  4.8%
Rand Paul  2.9%
Ted Cruz  1.9%
Marco Rubio  1.0%
Joe Biden  1.0%
Al Gore  1.0%
Ralph Nader  1.0%
Scott Walker  0.0%
Jill Stein  0.0%
Sarah Palin  0.0%
Jeff Boss  0.0%
Jim Webb  0.0%
John Kasich  0.0%
Bobby Jindal  0.0%
Rick Perry  0.0%
Mitt Romney  0.0%
Jim Gilmore  0.0%
Our poll ends November 8.
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The Underground Knowledge group is a global discussion group designed to encourage debates about important and underreported issues of our era. All you need is an enquiring mind, an interest in the world we live in and a desire to learn or share “underground knowledge.”

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Interim results of the latest poll in our Underground Knowledge discussion group on  show around half are against the death penalty for heinous crimes.



The exact question put to Undergrounders (group members) was: Do you think there should be a death penalty for the most heinous crimes?

Results to date are as follows: 52% say NO / 22% say YES / 26% are UNSURE


Respondents’ comments make for interesting reading. A random selection of comments follows:

“Thou shalt not kill and if anyone does, we’re gonna kill ya!” makes no sense.

I voted 100% YES for the death penalty. I’d even pull the switch if there’s no other volunteers. Reason being…there are recidivist offenders out there who are just plain evil and beyond education, rehabilitation, redemption, salvation or any other ‘tion’. Beyond hope in other words. 

Am basically against the death penalty, especially as some of those on death row are occasionally proven to be innocent…including sometimes posthumously.

In the case of rape, the rapist would kill the victim if there’s death penalty for it. Almost always. Don’t know what to think!  

I have no right to decide who should be killed REGARDLESS of their crime. It would only be vengeance to make one feel better – that doesn’t make it right.    

I do believe there has to be a punishment that equals the crime. However, is the death penalty the answer? For some, it would be, an eye for an eye. For other the death penalty is the easy way out. Life in Prison without the possibility of parole would be a more realistic punishment. Here in Califonia, there are approximately 750 on death row awaiting execution; however, all executions are on hold. Many of those on death row have been there over 20 years, costing millions of taxpayer dollars in legal costs along.    

Why spend $100K (est.) a year to keep a proven killer in lockdown when that money could actually go toward saving lives? Seems society is more focused on looking after offenders than the offenders’ victims and victims’ families.


To read all respondents’ comments, or better still to have YOUR say, go to our Underground Knowledge group poll at:—a-discussion-group?type=group

Poll ends December 16.


The Underground Knowledge group is a global discussion group designed to encourage debates about important and underreported issues of our era. All you need is an enquiring mind, an interest in the world we live in and a desire to learn or share “underground knowledge.”

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Interim results of the latest poll in our Underground Knowledge discussion group on  show that nearly two thirds of respondents believe prostitution should be legalized.



In response to the question Should prostitution be legalized?  65% say YES / 27% say NO / 8% are UNSURE.


A random selection of poll respondents’ comments follows:

In order to make it taxable? “Cleaner” & safer environment? Show that we have all have the power to do what we please with our bodies? Will this in any way minimize forced prostitution? 

I believe that Prostitution should be legal as long as the person involved is of legal age and it can be ascertained that s/he is entering into the deal without coercion or force (if that can ever be proven). It is already legal in Nevada and the reports seem to be good.

Legalizing prostitution and recognizing it as a legitimate practice would create a safer environment than making it illegal, just like history shows about alcohol and drugs. It isn’t directly about power, either, but freedom.

I favor legalizing of prostitution for various reasons, the most important being the conditions surrounding the sex workers.Forced or not, they’re subject to extreme exploitation which can be reduced to a great extent by legalization.

Being a libertarian, I think victimless crimes should be decriminalized. You cannot legislate morality. However, even after legalization, trafficking and procurement (pimping) of women occurs.

When you make a victimless crime, you create a criminal (and a victim of the system.)    

I feel the legalizing it will make it safer and cleaner, It will not stop the issue of human trafficking anymore than legalizing Marijuana has stopped people from selling it. The Prostitution has been around for ever and has shown to be successful and safe in many countries. Criminalizing it just ties up resources that can be better used else where. 

By making prostitution legal, avoids making sex workers victims, and frees up law enforcement to focus on human trafficking in general and slavery in particular.     

By making these things which people have done since the beginning of time illegal it puts power in the hands of criminals, and makes criminals of victims.


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Poll ends December 8.





A lot of people believe there are secret underground cities around the world if the results of the latest poll in our Underground Knowledge group on the literary site  are anything to go by.

In response to the question Do you believe there are secret/classified underground cities around the world? some 61% of poll respondents say Yes; only 18% say No; and the balance are unsure.

A selection of respondents’ comments follow:

I don’t see why not… Look at some of the underground facilities and cities of bygone eras we have found, usually by accident. Such a thing is not unbelievable with modern technology…

I put unsure about cities; but there are bunkers and bases used by politicians, military and civilians for safety in case of war or major disasters.

Definitely and I think the President is very aware of this fact. Hmm…maybe there are some bunkers in area 51.

From Area 51 there are underground roads leading across the USA with underground petrol/diesel stations, regular sleeping hostels, medical facilities.

Bunkers and bases YES. From places like North Korea to Washington D.C. Paris, Rome and many others there exist extensive underground facilities. However, they’re all a hodgepodge of antiquated catacombs, private bunkers, or smaller constructions…Cities? NO. No government is competent enough to hide any population larger than a few thousand, more medium company or village sized.

I believe there are underground cities that are secret/classified because they are the most essential places to operate in military purposes or other government related purposes.

Not just underground but under the sea as well.

Most likely, the ultimate truth relating to Area 51, and underground cities (if they exist), are at a classification level “above the President”. Am pretty sure JFK was the last president who knew anything about these types of projects.

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Poll ends October 31.


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Do you believe ALL animals should be classified by law as Sentient Beings? That’s the question we put to members of our Underground Knowledge group on – and interim results show nearly three-quarters of poll respondents voted a resounding YES!

“Hey listen up…I got feelings too, Bud!”

To date, 74% of respondents say Yes; some 18% say No; and 8% are Unsure.

The poll was inspired by New Zealand’s recent decision to classify all animals as sentient beings, thereby making it illegal to kill, harm or experiment on any animal.

Greeting New Zealand’s new Animal Welfare Amendment Bill, the activist site  welcomed the news as “a landmark decision by the Kiwis (that) sets a precedent that other countries should follow”.

True Activist states:

New Zealand has just set a great example to the world by recognizing what animal lovers have known forever- that our furry friends are as sentient as we are, and (obviously, dur) they have feelings just like we do. It’s a theme we have covered time and again here at True Activist, but this landmark ruling by NZ is the first time this shift in perception and policy has been extended to all animals, not just chimpanzees, orangutans, or dolphins.

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Poll ends September 28.


Our Underground Knowledge discussion group is aimed at those with an interest in the world we live in and a desire to learn or to uncover “underground knowledge” on important issues of our times.

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