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In our book Genius Intelligence we devote a chapter to polymaths and high-IQ individuals, reminding readers there are many whose IQ is higher than Albert Einstein’s. American author Marilyn Vos Savant, for example, has an IQ of 192; Russian chess grandmaster and former world champion Garry Kasparov has an IQ of 194. Incidentally, Einstein’s IQ was estimated to be between 160 and 190.

Keeping in mind the average IQ is 100 and approximately 50% of those tested score between 90 and 110, quite a few individuals have tested in excess of a 200 IQ score, including South Korean civil engineer Kim Ung-yong (210), former child prodigy and NASA employee Christopher Hirata (225) and Australian mathematician Terence Tao (225-230).

And last but not least is American child prodigy, mathematician and politician William James Sidis who had an IQ of 250-300. He graduated grammar school at age six, went to Harvard University at age 11 and graduated cum laude at the age of 16. Sidis, who died in 1944, could fluently speak 40 languages by the time he reached adulthood.

According to one reliable source the top five countries in terms of average IQ’s of their citizens are Hong Kong (107), South Korea (106), Japan (105), Taiwan (104) and Singapore (103). Further down the list, China, New Zealand and the UK share equal 12th position with a 100 average, while the US is in 19th position with an average citizen IQ of 98.

GENIUS INTELLIGENCE: Secret Techniques and Technologies to Increase IQ (The Underground Knowledge Series Book 1) by [James Morcan, Lance Morcan, Takaaki Musha]

GENIUS INTELLIGENCE: Secret Techniques and Technologies to Increase IQ  is available via Amazon as a paperback and Kindle ebook.


The Orphan Conspiracies: 29 Conspiracy Theories from The Orphan Trilogy by [James Morcan, Lance Morcan, Takaaki Musha, Professor Richard B. Spence]

Among the diverse topics we cover in this book are mind control, eugenics, false flag operations, the Queen’s hidden assets, secret prisons, The Catcher in the Rye enigma, political assassinations, medical cover-ups, genius learning techniques, Yamashita’s Gold, the Jonestown mystery, Americanized Nazis, the bankrupting of Third World nations, underground bases, the US Federal Reserve, the New World Order, forbidden science, the War on Drugs, subliminal messages and extraterrestrials.

★★★★★ “Years ago, I read Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee and felt my life and beliefs change for the better! Now…I just finished reading The Orphan Conspiracies and once more felt my life and beliefs change positively… A highly readable book about the abuse of power by the select few at the top, the global elite who keep essential knowledge from the everyday person. The Orphan Conspiracies shows the Morcans’ thoughtful approach to the abounding number of existing conspiracy theories and will confirm what people have always thought and perhaps have known in some part of their minds.” –J.B. DiNizo (author of ‘Comings and Goings’)

THE ORPHAN CONSPIRACIES is available via Amazon as a paperback and Kindle ebook.


Genius Intelligence, book one in The Underground Knowledge Series, asks if there are faster and easier ways to learn and study than the modi operandi currently being taught in mainstream education systems, and it shatters the myth that geniuses are born not developed. Described as the ultimate treatise on accelerated learning methods, it reveals how most instances of above-the-ordinary intelligences are acquired thru superior cognitive techniques or brain enhancing technologies.


GENIUS INTELLIGENCE: Secret Techniques and Technologies to Increase IQ (The Underground Knowledge Series Book 1) by [Morcan, James, Morcan, Lance]

Includes foreword by leading scientist Dr. Takaaki Musha.


★★★★★ “I love how the writers give examples of who uses which secret technique.” –Dr. Denise Tarasuk (author of Monsoon Medicine)

Genius Intelligence  is available via Amazon as a paperback and Kindle ebook:  



GENIUS INTELLIGENCE: Secret Techniques and Technologies to Increase IQ, our first book in the popular Underground Knowledge Series, is holding its Amazon #1 Bestseller ranking in the Non-formal Education category. At the time of writing (this blog post) it was also #2 in the Experimental Education Methods category on Kindle.


GENIUS INTELLIGENCE: Secret Techniques and Technologies to Increase IQ (The Underground Knowledge Series Book 1) by [Morcan, James, Morcan, Lance]

Alternative education book retains popularity.


See what reviewers say about Genius Intelligence:

“This is essential lore for the mind hacker…The best outline of intelligence increase tools I have read. An essential primer on intelligence increase.” –Thomas A. Sturgeon

“This is not a dull, erudite work, but a fascinating journey of discovery. You are taken on a journey beyond the normal public schooling” –Cyrano1db

“Fascinating and very thought provoking. It challenges the myth that geniuses are born not developed.” –Reviewer Sheri Wilkinson

“Highly recommended for those looking to gain a creative edge.” –Amazon Reviewer

“This is an important work of high merit.” –Reviewer J. Rogers Barrow


Genius Intelligence  is available via Amazon as a paperback and Kindle ebook:



Genius Intelligence, book one in our Underground Knowledge Series, has been published in Arabic by major Saudi publishing house Obeikan Publishing.


الذكاء العبقري : الطرائق والتقنيات السرية لزيادة معدل الذكاء

The Arabic version of Genius Intelligence.


Titled الذكاء العبقري : الطرائق والتقنيات السرية لزيادة معدل الذكاء, the Arabic version represents a milestone as it is our first book to be published by a traditional publishing house.

Founded in 1995, Obeikan Publishing has aimed to help develop cultural understanding and support education. They have issued more than two thousand publications, and have grown to become a major publisher in the Arab world.

For more about Obeikan Publishing go to:

Publishers should note we have foreign literary agency representation for the translation rights for all our fiction and non-fiction books in all languages. Enquiries welcome!

Arabic readers should note الذكاء العبقري : الطرائق والتقنيات السرية لزيادة معدل الذكاء  can be viewed on Goodreads at:

For English readers, Genius Intelligence: Secret Techniques and Technologies to Increase IQ  can be viewed on Amazon at:



Membership of our lively Underground Knowledge discussion group on the popular literary site  has topped 1300 — a reflection no doubt of the interesting and often contentious subjects discussed.



Here’s sample of some of the group’s most active discussion threads:

The Paris Terror Attacks – a false flag operation?

Should drugs be decriminalized?

Vaccinating children — Is it the smart thing for parents to do?

 Are aliens visiting Earth or not????

Should prostitution be legalized?

The Black Knight Satellite

What is Terrorism and Who gets to define the term?


And here’s some threads that may also be of interest:

Extensive biblical revisions made by the Romans

Finding (hiding) a cure for cancer

Satanic Elite Child Hunting Parties

The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election  

Project Paperclip

Evidence for scientifically advanced Ancient civilizations? 

JFK vs. the Fed

How much is Queen Elizabeth II worth??

Where do you guys get your daily news from?

The truth about international aid

The overpopulation myth (part 1)


The 600+ alternative books on our Underground Knowledge group’s bookshelves may also interest you. Check them out at: books



The Underground Knowledge discussion group is open to everyone! All you need is an enquiring mind, an interest in the world we live in and a desire to learn or to uncover “underground knowledge” on important issues of our times.

(Incidentally, if you’ve ever wondered  What is “underground knowledge” and why is it important?   then check out the link).

Our members include scientists, journalists, moms and dads, historians, doctors, whistleblowers, authors, bankers, teachers, intelligence personnel, housewives, students, Army vets, pacifists, conspiracy theorists, the odd redneck and the Average Joe. All viewpoints welcome!

To visit the group, or better still to join the group and have YOUR say, go to:—a-discussion-group








GENIUS INTELLIGENCE: Secret Techniques and Technologies to Increase IQ, book one in our Underground Knowledge Series, is on special this week at only 99cents via Kindle. 

GENIUS INTELLIGENCE: Secret Techniques and Technologies to Increase IQ (The Underground Knowledge Series Book 1)

The price reduction coincides with the book returning to Amazon’s bestseller lists in the popular Experimental Education category

Among the discoveries we share with readers are brain waves common to geniuses and the various ways to induce those brain waves; mental techniques the world’s elite and A-List celebrities are quietly using to help them process information while they’re asleep or in virtual worlds; chemical substances students and academics the world over employ to kick-start the brain into overdrive; and cutting-edge technologies business tycoons and professional athletes employ to gain a cerebral edge over their competitors.

Drawing on the latest findings in neuroscience, Genius Intelligence  lists dozens of practical methods to increase IQ and speed-learn any subject.

Here’s what one Amazon reviewer has to say about this book:

★★★★★  “A terrific cornucopia and discussion of techniques to enhance IQ. The discussion of learning methods is sweeping, and runs the gamut from speed-reading, brainwave entrainment, sleep-learning, brain gland activation, to the more exotic virtual reality, superluminal particles, Ormus, sensory deprivation, high-IQ diet, smart drugs, meditation & yoga, midbrain activation, and hypnosis.” –George Shaddock, editor/publisher (Founder of London Circle Publishing)

GENIUS INTELLIGENCE: Secret Techniques and Technologies to Increase IQ (The Underground Knowledge Series Book 1)

To learn more about Genius Intelligence  go to:


New Zealand father-and-son writing team Lance and James Morcan have secured an Arabic translation rights deal for one of their non-fiction books with major Saudi Arabian publisher Obeikan Publishing.
The book, titled ‘GENIUS INTELLIGENCE: Secret Techniques and Technologies to Increase IQ’, was published last December by Sterling Gate Books. The first book in the Morcans’ ‘Underground Knowledge Series’, it includes a foreword by acclaimed Japanese scientist Dr. Takaaki Musha, and is already a permanent fixture in Amazon’s bestseller lists.
GENIUS INTELLIGENCE: Secret Techniques and Technologies to Increase IQ (The Underground Knowledge Series Book 1)
Translation rights deal a first.
In his foreword, Dr. Musha says he believes believe this is a much needed book for those who sense there are faster and easier ways to learn and study than the methods currently being taught in mainstream education systems. “It contains a wide range of genius methods – all of which have the potential to increase your IQ,” he says.
Commenting on the Saudi deal today, Lance Morcan says it was negotiated by their German-based world rights literary agent. “We are delighted Obeikan have secured the Arabic translation rights for Genius Intelligence,” he says. “Their initial commitment is a print run of 3000 copies and our book will be distributed throughout the Middle East.”
Lance says he and James have contracts with foreign literary agents around the world, ensuring they have representation for the translation rights for all their fiction and non-fiction books in all languages. The Saudi agreement is their first foreign language deal.
The Morcans now have 10 published titles, including the international thriller series ‘The Orphan Trilogy’ and historical adventure series ‘The World Duology’, with two more titles to be released in the coming weeks. One of these is ‘Medical Industrial Complex’, book three in ‘The Underground Knowledge Series’.

Do you believe A.I. (artificial intelligence) will ever be more advanced/sophisticated than human intelligence? That’s the question we put in our latest poll to members of our Underground Knowledge Discussion Group on Most respondents to date have answered “Yes” to the question.


In posting this most intriguing of questions, we suggest fellow ‘Undergrounders’  (group members) consider whether AI will ever surpass humanity “over all” — meaning AI might be able to beat human intelligence in isolated fields like a game of chess, but can it ever be more advanced in almost every other intellectual field?

To date, interim poll results — to the question “Do you believe A.I. (artificial intelligence) will ever be more advanced/sophisticated than human intelligence?” — are as follows:

53% say Yes / 37% say No / 10% are Unsure.

A random selection of members’ (abridged) responses follows:

I believed No before that the machine can transcend the capability of human brain. But I think there is a possibility that the machine can transcend the human brain by studying the bain mechanism from the standpoint of superluminal particles. In some future, we will obtain the technology for superluminal physics which can manupulate superluminal particles, which can lead to the realization of HAL 9000 in this world.


I voted NO in this poll and believe AI will never beat human intelligence. Reason being in my opinion (which is really just a gut instinct) is that human intelligence has an indefinable creativity inbuilt in it that is unprogrammable.


I think it’s a matter of how you define “intelligence.” In terms of storing knowledge, we’re already there. My desktop “knows” a whole lot more than I do and databases store more than we could ever remember and then, of course, there’s Wikipedia. Synthesizing data is slightly more complex, but certainly possible given enough “if-then” statements. A certain level of morality can be programmed relatively easily…However, creativity and having emotions are another story. Those define us as humans and individuals. It’s also the driving force behind most of our actions. How much that can ever be imbued in a machine or robot is another story.


I voted “no”, but if humans continue to behave at na inferior level, without improving their skills, of course we will be beaten by AI. I mean, if we want to stay at the level of AI, or better, to overpass it, humans need to keep working continuosly on themselves, and improve their institutions and societies…In the jungle, without preparation, even a chacal beats us…


To view all comments related to this poll, or better still to have YOUR say, go to:—a-discussion-group?type=group

Poll closes May 18.



Ask a hundred people for their definition of the term genius and you’ll likely get a hundred different responses, including widely varying responses. We acknowledge and expand on this in the summary in our new release bestseller GENIUS INTELLIGENCE: Secret Techniques and Technologies to Increase IQ.

GENIUS INTELLIGENCE: Secret Techniques and Technologies to Increase IQ (The Underground Knowledge Series Book 1)

Here’s the relevant excerpt from the book:

Though we are not historians, it’s our impression that in bygone eras the term genius was most used, or, at least often used, when describing brilliant artists like Leonardo da Vinci. Then, in the 20th Century, the term was more often reserved for academics like Albert Einstein. Now, in the 21st Century, it has assumed a broader meaning and is applied to individuals who have achieved extraordinary results in a wide variety of careers, pastimes and fields of endeavor that transcend academia.

Increasingly, we see references in the media and elsewhere to scientific genius or artistic genius or sporting genius, which supports this evolving definition of the word.

Certainly, dictionary definitions (of genius) allow for a broad interpretation. For example, common dictionary definitions include “exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability” and “an exceptionally intelligent person or one with exceptional skill in a particular area of activity.”

A cursory look at our Thesaurus offers mastermind, prodigy, brain, intellect, virtuoso and even whiz kid as alternatives to the word genius.

We hope by now it is clear to you that genius can come in many forms besides the obvious academic giants like Einstein and Stephen Hawking – if in fact you were ever in doubt.

The term genius can legitimately be applied to certain sportsmen (à la golfer Tiger Woods and tennis player Roger Federer), business executives (Sir Richard Branson and Steve Jobs), artists (Andy Warhol and Jackson Pollock), film directors (Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick) – and the list goes on.


For what it’s worth, our definition of genius is: Someone who demonstrates rare intellect, who successfully connects dots between seemingly unconnected things and who sees what others don’t to achieve revolutionary outcomes and extraordinary results.


With that in mind, it may be timely to remind you of what German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer said about genius: “Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see.”

Given the examples in this book, it should now be evident there have always been individuals learning at speeds many or most mainstream educationalists would have us believe are not possible.

From speed-reading US presidents like JFK and Roosevelt, to great polymaths such as Archimedes and da Vinci, to savants like Kim Peek and Daniel Tammet, to intelligence agents and their ilk, history is full of people achieving intellectual feats well beyond the norm.

We concede it cannot be proven that elite groups are withholding some of the most advanced learning methods from mainstream society. Even so, it’s pretty obvious that little-known accelerated learning techniques do exist in one form or another – techniques (and technologies) capable of increasing IQ.

After reading Genius Intelligence, it should also be obvious that geniuses aren’t usually born geniuses, or, to put it another way, they aren’t necessarily born geniuses. Having studied the lives of numerous geniuses, we were surprised to discover most utilized – or, from a young age, were exposed to – various brain activation methods on their respective journeys to becoming acknowledged masters of their fields.

We have detailed, or at least touched on, many of those methods in this book and also given examples of individuals who reached the top of their respective fields employing their favored brain activation methods and disciplines.

We refer to the likes of business tycoons such as Rupert Murdoch who practice Transcendental Meditation, Hollywood stars like Gwyneth Paltrow who consume Ormus and Robin Williams who used isolation tanks. And other examples like bestselling author and life coach Anthony Robbins who mastered speed-reading, Apple founder Steve Jobs who practiced Yoga for mental inspiration, and former world heavyweight boxing champ Mike Tyson who used hypnosis before each fight.

It should now be abundantly clear many of those who reach the top of their fields use rare or little known methods to improve their mental powers to get the jump on the competition – be that in the intelligence, business, political, arts/entertainment, literary or sporting arenas, or, indeed, in any or all sectors of life.

We trust you’ll now agree the brain’s potential is the human potential!

As technology evolves and new scientific breakthroughs occur – such as revolutionary smart drugs and brain stimulation devices – one thing seems certain: super-intelligence will be an option for everyone in the future.

The signs are that future is not far off. For the elite, or for those in the know at least, it seems the future has already arrived…  


James Morcan & Lance Morcan


Check out GENIUS INTELLIGENCE: Secret Techniques and Technologies to Increase IQ


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To view the discussion thread on genius intelligence (the phenomenon) in our ‘Underground Knowledge’ group on Goodreads check out:—a-discussion-group >>> Everyone’s welcome!