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Do you believe the War on Drugs is mostly being conducted to reduce the illegal drug trade or make drugs more profitable? We ask that question of members of our Underground Knowledge group in our latest poll on – and so far 41% of respondents say it’s to make drugs more profitable.

US soldiers on patrol in the poppy fields of Afghanistan.

Some 25% say it (the war) is to reduce the illegal drug trade; 27% are unsure; and 7% cannot say “as I’m high right now and can’t think!”

As in all our polls, some of the respondents’ comments make for interesting reading.

A random selection of comments (abridged) follows:

It goes so much deeper than these four simple response choices. The war on drugs is about control. It has bred such evil corruption within government. The drug forfeiture laws that allow police to basically steal and rob from innocent citizens their property, all in the name of “potential” drug activity, is unconscionable!

I think even if the War on Drugs started out as per the official story (which is a very big IF in my view) these days I agree it’s mostly a cover for one of the biggest money-making operations on the planet. By making them illegal it drives the price way up and by invading drug-producing nations it allows certain superpowers to gain most of the worldwide drug revenue. CIA involvement in decades long large-scale drug operations is all on-the-record.


I believe governments genuinely have got themselves into the war on drugs to reduce the illegal drugs industry. But the reason why they have, is in itself sinister – a mindset that sees force and discipline as the only way to tackle a problem. It’s an error of judgement that has fundamentally increased crime, not reduced it. In Latin America it has had disastrous results.

During the Taliban’s reign of Afghanistan (before 9/11) they had decimated heroin production in the country that traditionally produces the most heroin in the world. After 9/11 once the Taliban were ousted, the heroin trade immediately flourished once more.

The War on Drugs!!! The war is to control distribution, illegal narcotics are as in the words of Colonel Ollie North, “Black Money for Black Ops”. Heroin and Cocaine have been flooded into the USA by government agencies, Read “Dark Alliance” author Gary Webb, who “committed Suicide” after it was published, also Whiteout CIA Drugs and the Press, Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey Sinclair, two very well researched and accurate books.

Currently, Afghanistan’s heroin production is at a record high even though there are US forces, UN troops and soldiers from various other Western nations supposedly patrolling the fields…Go figure how that’s possible!!

The War on Drugs probably interrelates to various other corrupt systems (such as the highly lucrative private prison system).

The world must wake up, US forces in 174 countries now,with “Black ops personnel” in more countries. Narcotics are flooding the streets of Europe/UK/USA/CAN/AUS/ and other places courtesy of government agencies. The amount of Narcotics that is coming in with very little interdiction is ridiculous. It is a massive game for the governments, for the ordinary people it is a massive nightmare about to become real.


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