Introducing the Deep Web – aka Deep Net, Invisible Web, Hidden Web

Posted: August 27, 2015 in Underground Knowledge
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Have you ever accessed the Deep Web and looked at any of the “secret” content on the Internet that’s not indexed via Google or other regular search engines? That’s the question posed in the latest poll in our Underground Knowledge discussion group on – and interim results show few have (accessed it).

As of August 26 (US time) only 12% of poll respondents claim to have accessed the Deep Web; the balance either haven’t or are unsure.

A random sample of poll respondents’ comments follows:

I haven’t visited the Deep Web and not sure what technology or software allows one to access it, but recently became interested in the subject as per this discussion thread:…

It seems like the Deep Web could potentially have a lot of positive benefits…Kind of like the last line of defence if governments turn fascist or otherwise totalitarian. For example, the documentary mentioned how the Deep Web is being used in nations like China and Iran where the regular internet is highly censored by those governments and most (innocent) citizens are spied on. But again, the Deep Web definitely seems like a place where networks of criminals can work undetected and orchestrate crimes such as human trafficking more effectively.

As it is with almost everything, what makes the Deep Web dangerous is not the Deep Web itself, but the intent of one when accessing it. For instance, I know that some people go there and download technical books – mostly needed for work/academical reasons – when they can’t find such books anywhere else. That can’t be bad, right? But then again, if you go there looking for bad stuff, you might end up finding it.

My (limited) understanding is the Deep Web is legal content and the Dark Web is illegal content. So I guess I’m primarily focused primarily on the (legal) Deep Web and whether it can eventually become some kind of “Little Brother” technology the masses use to fight back against all the advanced technology of Big Brother… 🙂

No, and it doesn’t have any appeal for me either!

The news media kept telling me only criminals use the Deep Web…But then I heard 96% of the internet is the Deep Web that’s invisible to most users and that accessing the Deep Web is perfectly legal. So the criminal side is just one side to it, by the sounds of it. So now I’m wondering if there may be some useful or even life-changing info in that 96%…But I don’t pretend to understand the Deep Web and the concept is hard to get my head around it.

As far as I know, there is nothing illegal about accessing the Deep Web. What is illegal is to access it with criminal intentions in mind. There are actually very “out there” softwares that allow you to access it with considerable safety.

Deep Web for Journalists – Comms, Counter-Surveillance, Search looks along the lines of what I’m wondering might happen in future i.e. The Deep Web could become a way for whistleblowers to protect themselves.

As the mainstream media has repeatedly reported, there is obviously some really dark and sickening stuff occurring on the Deep/Dark Web – including crimes against children and even the hiring of assassins online to kill other citizens.

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Poll ends September 7, 2015.


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