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‘UNDERGROUND BASES: Subterranean Military Facilities and the Cities Beneath Our Feet’  (The Underground Knowledge Series, #7)

Underground Bases ebook cover

Underground Bases  explores the hidden black world beneath our feet – another favorite theory of a million-and-one diehard conspiracy theorists, but also a theory many genuine researchers buy into as well.

In our international thriller series, The Orphan Trilogy, a shadowy agency’s secret headquarters are sited one mile below ground. This decision for the storyline was inspired by longstanding rumors of military bunkers and enormous underground facilities not known to the general public.

One book critic commented at the end of her review of our series as follows: “Quite thought-provoking books, too, when you ponder on what the world’s super powers are really up to in their underground bunkers!”

That comment got us thinking. What the hell are the powers-that-be doing below ground and why are they building such facilities?

We refer, of course, to secret underground facilities as opposed to official underground facilities whose purpose is obvious and whose existence is common knowledge or at least officially acknowledged in records accessible to the public.

In the course of researching this particular book, we came across a number of convincing sources that appear to confirm the existence of at least some secret subterranean facilities.

Though you don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to source this information, you do need patience and time – time to connect the dots. That’s where we come in. We’ve done that (connected the dots) and hopefully will open your eyes to another world. A world literally beneath our feet!

Our sources, incidentally, include declassified US Government files, university reports, mainstream documents and eyewitness accounts from common citizens who have stumbled across such bases, as well as interviews with, and testimonials from, former military personnel who claim to have worked in underground bunkers.

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A lot of people believe there are secret underground cities around the world if the results of the latest poll in our Underground Knowledge group on the literary site  are anything to go by.

In response to the question Do you believe there are secret/classified underground cities around the world? some 61% of poll respondents say Yes; only 18% say No; and the balance are unsure.

A selection of respondents’ comments follow:

I don’t see why not… Look at some of the underground facilities and cities of bygone eras we have found, usually by accident. Such a thing is not unbelievable with modern technology…

I put unsure about cities; but there are bunkers and bases used by politicians, military and civilians for safety in case of war or major disasters.

Definitely and I think the President is very aware of this fact. Hmm…maybe there are some bunkers in area 51.

From Area 51 there are underground roads leading across the USA with underground petrol/diesel stations, regular sleeping hostels, medical facilities.

Bunkers and bases YES. From places like North Korea to Washington D.C. Paris, Rome and many others there exist extensive underground facilities. However, they’re all a hodgepodge of antiquated catacombs, private bunkers, or smaller constructions…Cities? NO. No government is competent enough to hide any population larger than a few thousand, more medium company or village sized.

I believe there are underground cities that are secret/classified because they are the most essential places to operate in military purposes or other government related purposes.

Not just underground but under the sea as well.

Most likely, the ultimate truth relating to Area 51, and underground cities (if they exist), are at a classification level “above the President”. Am pretty sure JFK was the last president who knew anything about these types of projects.

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Poll ends October 31.


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