Advanced propulsion researcher asks if there’s an alternative to rocket technology

Posted: January 6, 2015 in Antigravity Propulson, Underground Knowledge
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In the foreword to our new release book ANTIGRAVITY PROPULSION: Human or Alien Technologies, independent advanced propulsion researcher Grant Hayman questions whether we are the only intelligence in the Universe.

ANTIGRAVITY PROPULSION: Human or Alien Technologies? (The Underground Knowledge Series Book 2)

Book asks who else is out there? 

Hayman, who is founder of OVAL Tech Advanced Interstellar Space Propulsion Systems, criticises Mankind’s arrogance in our collective approach to this all-important question.

Here’s Grant Hayman’s foreword in full:

We can look back on the scientific ideas, or lack thereof, of people long ago and consider how silly and vain people were to think you could fall off the edge of the Earth, to think the Earth was the center of the physical Universe, to think flying machines were impossible or that it was pure fantasy to believe technologies like telescopes could allow you to look into magical other-worlds.

Yet this same arrogance and vanity remains within us even today, for although we admit we are not the center of the Universe, many still loudly proclaim, We are the only intelligence in the Universe!

Is not this idea just a repeat of the same mistake, the same self-importance, of the people in the past?

We like to think our current civilization is the wisest, most intelligent out of all civilizations which have come before and any which may yet exist, but can we be so absolutely certain of this?

Sure, we are masters of the automobile, computer experts and rocket scientists, but is this really the only successful path, the only productive knowledge which can be known by a civilization? Can we be so certain there is no other, easier, better, smarter way or more efficient way to live upon this world and perhaps even to travel amongst the stars to other worlds?

To those interested in traveling to other worlds, especially to other stars, it is painfully clear rocket technology cannot be the way we will bridge these vast distances.

One must consider with all seriousness, if rocket technology does not enable us to master gravity, then the possibility must exist that there is some other technology, some other science which we have yet to discover. A new science which puts these far off worlds within reach and could put our own world, in reach of other civilizations besides our own.

One can argue such conjecture is nonsense and better applied to a work of science fiction. However, as you will read in this book by James & Lance Morcan, many prominent, highly educated, well regarded and, I might add, completely sane individuals have been quoted affirming “such an advanced new science does exist” and that “there is a new technology which can cause great, positive changes and prosperity upon our planet for all people”. Furthermore, and perhaps more importantly, these renowned individuals also claim, “We are not alone in the Universe”.

When such influential and respected people make such extraordinary claims, should we so quickly dismiss such ideas?

Do we wish to remain safe at home so we do not fall off the edge of the world, or do we have the courage and humility to seriously consider the precious and valuable glimpse into our own possible future that these pioneering minds are putting before us?


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