‘White Spirit’ novel a worthy follow-up to ‘Into the Americas’

Posted: September 20, 2016 in white spirit
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Finding a worthy follow-up to our popular historical novel Into the Americas  was always going to be a challenge, but we believe we’ve achieved that with our new release historical adventure WHITE SPIRIT (A novel based on a true story).


Set in 19th Century Australia, White Spirit  is based on the adventures of Irish Convict John Graham who escaped the brutal Moreton Bay penal settlement in what was then New South Wales, and lived with a tribe of Aborigines who eventually came to accept him as one of their own.

This epic tale caters as much for lovers of romance novels as it does for action and adventure fans. A love triangle adds to the storyline’s tension.

It’s fair to say few have heard of John Graham. That’s surprising, to us at least, because John’s adventures in the wilds of an untamed Australia must surely rank with the most incredible true-life tales of survival. Not only Down Under, but anywhere in the world. Having both lived in Australia for many years, and having experienced first-hand the harshness of its climate and terrain, we, the authors, can only marvel at John’s bravery, endurance and fortitude.

Though White Spirit  is first and foremost a novel and therefore a work of fiction, many of the adventures described therein happened – exactly as related in some cases, and with some embellishments for drama’s sake in others.

In reality, John Graham’s story was so unbelievably remarkable it needn’t have been dramatized. However, as novelists, we couldn’t resist expanding upon and adding characters to certain true-life events. The great challenge, of course, was the need to always stay true to the broad historical realities while subtly infusing “fiction”.

We sincerely hope we have also done justice to the Indigenous Australians in our writing. We strived for accuracy and balance in our portrayals of these unique Aboriginal people; we show the cruelty the Aborigines were capable of, and we show their love for family, their community-mindedness, their incredible hunting and tracking skills, and their ability to survive in the most unforgiving of environments.


WHITE SPIRIT (A novel based on a true story)  is exclusive to Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/White-Spirit-novel-based-story-ebook/dp/B01LWIRH9J/



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