Top Amazon book reviewer gives ‘White Spirit’ novel five stars

Posted: November 1, 2016 in white spirit
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Amazon Australia Top 50 reviewer Todd Simpson says “The Authors have really brought this story alive with some amazing characters and splendid writing” in his five-star review of our new release historical adventure WHITE SPIRIT (A novel based on a true story)


White Spirit (A novel based on a true story)


Excerpts from Todd Simpson’s review follow. (Paragraph breaks added):

Both Lance and James Morcan have done an amazing job with this incredible story. Being based on a true story, made it that much more interesting. One of the standouts is how well they explained how hard the white settlers and convicts had it back in the 1800’s. Some of the convicts went through hell, and all for stealing a loaf of bread. The Authors have really brought this story alive with some amazing characters and splendid writing.

With no supermarket or corner store in the 1800’s Moilow stood for hours like an unmoving statue waiting for a kangaroo to drink from the waterhole. This was the patience required to hunt and catch food for his tribe in the Australian bush. The soldiers of the Penal Colony had it a little easier when it came to food, and they were smart in employing the services of Barega an Aboriginal Tracker. He was the main reason they had such success in tracking down escaped convicts. That and because they were a long way from civilisation.

Morton Bay Penal Colony definitely wasn’t a place you wanted to end up in as a convict. Lord Bertram Cheetham was the man in overall charge, and he probably let the power go to his head a bit too much. He ruled with an iron fist, and he demanded punishments were dished out in the harshest imaginable terms…It was because of Cheetham’s hard-line approach that Captain Marsden his second in charge believed there were so many escape attempts by the convicts.

The prisoners had very little to eat, and their cramped living conditions were deplorable. Then add in the 16 hour working days in the quarry, which was tough going. Especially if you were exhausted or sick as most of the men were.

Young Helen Marsden certainly has her admirers. With not many women around, and certainly none as beautiful as she is. Lieutenant Hogan isn’t the only one showing a keen interest in her. Helen is becoming quite outspoken and is beginning to put her two cents worth in around the colony.

As soon as John Graham arrives in Morton Bay, he is already counting how many guards there are, and planning an escape. He is much smarter than the average man, and he knows if he is caught, then he will face death at the gallows.

Helen begins to write a newspaper column, and it makes her father very angry when she writes of the atrocities that are happening at the penal colony. Her father doesn’t realise it yet, but one of the convicts is hopefully going to rescue his daughter. This was such a captivating story, and it made for a few very enjoyable days of reading. I would definitely recommend it.


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