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by Carmen Amato

Diablo Nights is a novel that takes you inside Mexico’s drug wars and introduces you to Detective Emilia Cruz, a conniving, fast-thinking, fearless crime-fighter who isn’t afraid to kick some ass. In short – a woman you are unlikely to forget in a hurry.

This is an international mystery and crime thriller that’s truly worthy of that description. One of the best novels I’ve read in some time.

Set in and around Acapulco, it’s fast-moving, intriguing and always surprising. The writing flows, drawing the reader in.

There’s a bonus for readers, too, in that even if you’ve never been to Acapulco, you’ll know it better than most tourists by the time you finish this book. The writer takes you beneath city’s postcard exterior to the mean streets – the side that tourists seldom see – where the drug lords rule.

So, pour yourself a margarita and settle in for an engrossing read! -Lance Morcan




THE UNKNOWN MAN (The Keepers of the Orbs) -by J.G. Gatewood                 

Five Stars!

This epic fantasy (with generous slices of mystery and science fiction) will be relished by fans of those genres. I can vouch for this as I’m not normally one of those fans…but I’ve been converted!

The writing is classy; there’s little downtime (important as this reader is easily bored); and there are levels to this tale. Levels that build with each page, holding your interest right to the end.

Highly recommended!         –Lance


Here’s the publisher’s blurb for this book:

An unknown man regains consciousness in the back of a merchant’s wagon only to discover he has no memory of who he is. He discovers the merchants are Goblins, who are transporting him to Havenbrook under the assumption he is a nobleman. Given his extravagant armor and decorated two-handed sword, they are hoping for a reward for his return. Once in Havenbrook, the Lord urges him to seek out an old and mysterious wizard who lives at the foot of the mountains to the east, and sends his daughter with him as an escort and guide. This is where their journey begins.

To the north, a malevolent force is building, gathering the resources necessary to reap destruction across all of Askabar. The sinister figure is on a mission to release his master from the prison he has been bound to for over a thousand years. To succeed in this endeavor, he will need to gather all seven of the orbs, and he recruits Orcs and Minotaurs as soldiers for his cause. Standing in his way is the unknown man, whose party continues to grow.

All of Askabar is on the verge of destruction and tyrannical rule. Battles will be fought, and heinous plots will be carried out. The one man who can stop this nefarious plan doesn’t even know who he is. Will he uncover his memories in time? One thing is for certain; an entire population will depend on the unknown man.


THE UNKNOWN MAN (The Keepers of the Orbs) is available as a trade paperback and Kindle ebook via Amazon.






Strange. Quirky. Lecherous. Unusual. Odd even. These are all ways I’d describe the storyline and the writing in PEOPLE LIKE US. But above all…it’s compelling and a genuine page-turner!

The writing oozes quality, freshness and humor. Especially humor. Nice little touches that ease the tension.

This book is totally unique – like nothing I’ve personally read before. Helped no doubt by the first person approach, it feels like the writer is sitting right next to you, relating the story by way of a live chat over a cuppa.

Speaking of cuppas, if you like your murder mysteries served with an intriguing and entertaining dash of cynicism, this book’s for you! Five Stars. –Lance Morcan


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