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As everyone knows, most conspiracy theories are BS.

However, what about the lesser known and under-reported “conspiracy FACTS”?

The latest episode of the ongoing podcast series UNDERGROUND KNOWLEDGE is all about revealing such conspiracy facts…In this episode I outline 17 mind-blowing facts…Which prove that the conspiracy field is more nuanced than commonly acknowledged…


Number 1: Operation Paperclip


CIA records:

The New York Times: Nazis Were Given ‘Safe Haven’

The Guardian: UK arranged transfer of Nazi scientists to Australia (Operation Matchbox)


Number 2: Operation Northwoods


ABC News: U.S. Military Wanted to Provoke War With Cuba


Number 3: Operation Mockingbird

The Nation:

“In 1977, Carl Bernstein published an exposé of a CIA program known as Operation Mockingbird, a covert program involving, according to Bernstein, “more than 400 American journalists who in the past 25 years have secretly carried out assignments for the Central Intelligence Agency.” Bernstein found that in “many instances” CIA documents revealed that “journalists were engaged to perform tasks for the CIA with the consent of the managements of America’s leading news organizations.”

Operation Mockingbird – The Black Vault

Operation Mockingbird was a secret campaign by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to influence media. Begun in the 1950s, it was initially organized by Cord Meyer and Allen W. Dulles, it was later led by Frank Wisner after Dulles became the head of the CIA.

The organization recruited leading American journalists into a network to help present the CIA’s views, and funded some student and cultural organizations, and magazines as fronts. As it developed, it also worked to influence foreign media and political campaigns, in addition to activities by other operating units of the CIA.

Declassified Documents

The New York Times: Project Mockingbird – Spying on Reporters

THE CIA AND THE MEDIA – Carl Bernstein


Number 4: Project MK-Ultra


The Washington Post: The Victims of MKULTRA


Number 5: Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment

TIME: How the Public Learned About the Infamous Tuskegee Syphilis Study

Tuskegee syphilis experiment – Wikipedia:


Number 6: The U.S. Military Is Creating Insect Drones

CNN: Military drones that mimic hawks and insects

DAILY MAIL: Military unveils insect-sized spy drone with dragonfly-like wings

Is That a Bug or a Robotic Spy?

“A team of researchers in conjunction with the US Air Force Office of Scientific Research is developing what they are calling a micro aerial vehicle (MAV) that will undertake various espionage tasks. The robotic insect can effortlessly infiltrate urban areas, while being controlled from a long distance; and it is equipped with a camera and a built-in microphone.”


Number 7: Operation Midnight Climax


SF Chronicle: When the CIA ran a LSD sex-house in San Francisco


Number 8: The Gulf of Tonkin Incident (declassified reports)

New York Times: Vietnam War Intelligence ‘Deliberately Skewed,’ Secret Study Says

The Truth About Tonkin | U.S. Naval Institute

“Questions about the Gulf of Tonkin incidents have persisted for more than 40 years. But once-classified documents and tapes released in the past several years, combined with previously uncovered facts, make clear that high government officials distorted facts and deceived the American public about events that led to full U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War.” -U.S. Naval Institute


Number 9: Project Sunshine

Project Sunshine: A Tale of Body-Snatching | Mysterious Universe



Number 10: The U.S. cover-up of the perpetrators of Unit 731 – the ‘Asian Auschwitz’ 

American cover-up of Japanese war crimes – Wikipedia

The New York Times: A New Look at Japan’s Wartime Atrocities and a U.S. Cover-Up


Number 11: The Willowbrook State School Hepatitis Experiments

Victims of sinister medical procedures included residents of Staten Island’s infamous Willowbrook State School

Medical Ethics Text:

“Mentally retarded children housed at the Willowbrook State School in Staten Island, New York, were intentionally given hepatitis in an attempt to track the development of the viral infection. The study began in 1956 and lasted for 14 years.

The researcher also wanted to determine the effectiveness of gamma globulin injections as protection against hepatitis.  They justified their deliberate infections and exposures by claiming that given that there was a high rate of infection in the institution it was practically inevitable that the children would become infected.”


Number 12: The 1933 Reichstag terror attack…A Nazi false flag attack

“There is enough evidence to establish beyond a reasonable doubt that it was the Nazis who planned the arson and carried it out for their own political ends.” -Shirer, William (2011). The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. Simon and Schuster. p. 192.

Sunday Telegraph:  Historians find ‘proof’ that Nazis burnt Reichstag


Number 13: The Monster Study

Monster Study – Wikipedia

The New York Times: The Stuttering Doctor’s ‘Monster Study’


Number 14: Animal Spies

Smithsonian: The CIA’s Most Highly-Trained Spies Weren’t Even Human As a former trainer reveals, the U.S. government deployed nonhuman operatives—ravens, pigeons, even cats—to spy on cold war adversaries

The CIA’s bizarre attempts to use animals as spies during the Cold War era


Number 15: The Duplessis Orphans 

Duplessis Orphans – Wikipedia

The Duplessis Orphans – CBC Archives –


Number 16: Operation Gladio

Operation Gladio – Wikispooks

The Black Vault – Operation Gladio (Declassified documents)

NATO’s Secret Armies. Operation GLADIO and the Strategy of Tension


Number 17: The Guatemalan syphilis experiment

Wikipedia: Guatemala syphilis experiment

The Guatemala syphilis experiment and medical ethics in science-based medicine


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James Morcan

Check out the video for the recent radio interview I did on Boston’s Philosophic Perspectives Radio Show with Arthur D. Schwartz.

The controversial subjects I discuss in this interview include false flag terrorism sponsored by Western governments, the Americanized Nazis involved in the CIA’s Operation Paperclip, suppressed technologies, and the world’s hidden system of finance involving undeclared fortunes.

Thanks guys n gals! James Morcan


History reminds us that communism was already a dominant political force even before the echoes of World War Two had faded. After the war, as the Soviet Union began to encroach on more and more nations, communism and the threat of nuclear war were the West’s two big fears.

However, there is a lesser known school of thought that says fascism actually posed an even bigger threat post-WW2.

On the surface, this theory doesn’t make much sense for officially speaking fascism was all but expunged from the Earth when the Allies demolished the Nazi war machine. From then on, the only fascist remnants appeared to be obscure far-right political parties as well as the odd white supremacist or anti-Semitic group.

But that’s just on the surface and what the history books tell us.

Alternative versions that lie beneath commonly accepted 20th Century history claim many Western nations – the US in particular – only missed out on becoming fascist states by a whisker. Such ideas pose the almost unthinkable question: what if Nazism morphed into something else and continued underground, in another guise, in the West?


“The fascists. They took over this country straight after World War Two. Kennedy was the last president who knew anything about this. All those who followed him have been kept in the dark.”The Orphan Factory


Fascist ideologies, practices and technologies didn’t vanish with the death of Hitler and Nazi Germany, this radical conspiracy theory suggests. Instead, they actually grew in popularity with fascist supporters springing up in senior positions of power in various Western governments. However, this theory asserts that fascism became harder to detect because of its more subtle implementation, which perhaps indicates this new breed of fascists learnt from the failures of the Third Reich.

Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

We thought so too…until we came across a little known US Government program whose declassified files reveal damning evidence of co-operation between Nazi party survivors and the highest ranking American politicians.


Project Paperclip

As stated in chapter 2, America’s mind control programs stemmed from the US Government’s Project Paperclip, but it wasn’t just Nazi brainwashing techniques the Americans inherited. They also seized Nazi scientists whose number included known war criminals.

The top secret project, also known as Operation Paperclip, was a nefarious undertaking that allowed Nazi scientists to migrate to the US without prosecution. Some had studied brainwashing and other mind control methods first-hand in the concentration camps; many were rocket scientists who had been directly involved in the development of Germany’s feared V-1 and V-2 rockets. The latter’s contribution would pave the way for NASA and the Moon landings, and also for America’s Intercontinental Ballistic Missile program.

File:Project Paperclip Team at Fort Bliss.jpg

Nazi rocket scientists who made up the Project Paperclip team at Fort Bliss, Texas.

Project Paperclip was as much about denying German scientific expertise to the Soviet Union and Britain as it was benefiting US science, defence and space programs. This was happening as the Cold War loomed don’t forget and an uncertain world was being carved up by superpowers. It was a three-way grab (for the spoils) between the Americans, the Soviets and the Brits.

Remember, Nazi Germany’s scientific breakthroughs were nothing short of revolutionary. Although it didn’t last long, the Nazi era was arguably the most accelerated scientific period in history, especially when suppressed or little known Nazi inventions are taken into account. History reminds us how easily the Third Reich dominated Europe despite being greatly outnumbered by the combined Allied forces. The Germans ruled the land, sea and air, and it was obvious to all they had superior technologies.


The Germans’ V2 rocket (above) and the horror it brought to the Brits in WW2 (below).

The Allies learned the hard way that Nazi engineers and scientists had made incredible breakthroughs in various fields. These included semi-conductors, plasma physics, ballistic missiles, laser technologies, electromagnetic weapons, computers, astrophysics, infrared night vision and miniature electronics to name but a few. While some of these breakthroughs were commonly known, others remained classified and were kept secret for decades.

A BBC News report dated November 21, 2005 nicely summarizes the situation that existed at the close of WW2. That report states: “The end of World War II saw an intense scramble for Nazi Germany’s many technological secrets. The Allies vied to plunder as much equipment and expertise as possible from the rubble of the Thousand Year Reich for themselves, while preventing others from doing the same”.

The report continues: “The range of Germany’s technical achievement astounded Allied scientific intelligence experts accompanying the invading forces in 1945”.

That BBC News report also reminds us “It was the US and the Soviet Union which, in the first days of the Cold War, found themselves in a race against time to uncover Hitler’s scientific secrets”.

File:Germany occupation zones with border.jpg

Allied occupation zones in post WW2 Germany with the US, Russia and UK competing for the spoils. 

Project Paperclip was America’s solution to this problem. Supposedly named after the paperclips that were used to attach the files of the recruited German scientists, the project was the brainchild of America’s Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency (JOIA), a sub-committee of the Joint Chief’s of Staff of the US Armed Forces.

Project Paperclip’s architects viewed their secret endeavor as the solution to harnessing Nazi scientists’ superior knowledge and expertise, and positioning America as the world leader in science and technology.


MK-Ultra, the CIA’s far-reaching mind-control program, was an umbrella project spawned from the US Government’s super-secret Project Paperclip, a sinister venture that involved bringing dozens of Nazi scientists to America immediately after World War Two.The Ninth Orphan


Paperclip Nazis get their greencards

The recruitment of Nazi scientists began as soon as the war ended although the project itself wasn’t officially signed off by President Harry Truman until three months later.

It should be noted that while Truman stipulated that scientists who were active in the Nazi Party, or who actively supported it, should not be recruited, such limitations would have precluded the recruitment of the most eligible prospects.

Declassified files show that Truman’s orders were ignored.All recruits were cleared to work in America after their backgrounds were cleaned up. US authorities created fake resumes, removing any mention of Nazi involvement, and entire false identities were designed for the highest profile war criminals.

Those same declassified files also indicate that, at one point, around 10,000 Nazis were living undercover in America. (Some estimates are as high as 15,000). Many were awarded citizenship. Imagine how many descendants of those Nazis reside in the US today. It’s quite possible some are reading this book right now.


Tom Bower’s 1987 book, The Paperclip Conspiracy: The Hunt for the Nazi Scientists, provides an insightful look at the history behind the project and reminds readers how quickly morals can be set to one side to meet an apparent need – in this case the need for scientific knowledge. The author cites official WW2 files as his main source of information.


Worldwide asylum for Nazi scientists

Reviewers of Bower’s book have picked up on a key point he makes – notably that the Americans, Soviets and Brits were fiercely competing to secure Nazi scientists for themselves and were prepared to overlook the fact some, or possibly many, were known war criminals.

Various international media reports have also confirmed Britain and other countries outside the US were extremely active in pursuing Nazi scientists.

For example, The Guardian newspaper edition of August 17, 1999 reports that Britain secretly organized the recruitment and transfer to Australia of scores of leading Nazi scientists and weapons specialists after the close of WW2.

Quoting newly declassified Australian Government papers, The Guardian says the German scientists sent to Australia under a top secret project codenamed Operation Matchbox included SS and Nazi party members.

The article also states: “The leading Nazi-hunting watchdog, the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, in Jerusalem, yesterday demanded an investigation into the recruitments ordered by Britain and the US, and said Australia was a haven for ‘holocaust perpetrators and mass murderers’.”

The same newspaper, on August 29, 2007, reports that, contrary to general assumption, German scientists and technicians were forcibly evacuated from Germany to Britain for more than two years after cessation of hostilities. In other words, they didn’t volunteer. From what we can deduce, the same applies to those who ended up working in the US and the Soviet Union.


Welcome mat rolled out for war criminals

In the post-war years in the US, Project Paperclip remained hush-hush and only a select few knew of its existence. It wasn’t until much later the American public learned the truth – or part of the truth at least.

A US Justice Department report dated December 2006 states: “In the 1970’s, the public was shocked to learn that some Nazi persecutors had emigrated to the United States. There were calls for their expulsion and legislation was passed to facilitate their deportation. OSI (the Office of Special Investigations) was created in 1979 to handle the caseload”.

In the report, the Justice Department goes to great lengths to explain that the obstacles to success in prosecuting these Nazi war criminals were formidable. It lists numerous reasons supporting this opinion – not the least being that so much time had passed and many of the recruits had died.

Several prominent US newspapers have claimed that the Justice Department report reveals OSI investigators learned some of the Nazis were knowingly granted entry to the US even though government officials were aware of their pasts. Some journalists have observed that America, with its proud history of providing sanctuary for the persecuted including Holocaust survivors, had ended up giving asylum to some of their persecutors.

A New York Times article dated November 13, 2010 takes the Justice Department to task for sitting on its report for so long. The article states: “The 600-page report, which the Justice Department has tried to keep secret for four years, provides new evidence about more than two dozen of the most notorious Nazi cases of the last three decades”.

However, it’s the article’s intro that caught our eye. It reads: “A secret history of the US Government’s Nazi-hunting operation concludes that American intelligence officials created a safe haven in the US for Nazis and their collaborators after WW2 and it details decades of clashes, often hidden, with other nations over war criminals here and abroad”.

While over 300 Nazi migrants have either been deported or refused visas to America since OSI’s formation, the Justice Department’s report leaves no doubt the US Government collaborated with notorious war criminals and knowingly granted them entry into the US.

The CIA doesn’t escape censure either. Its “use of Nazis for postwar intelligence purposes” comes under the spotlight in the report.


So who were these Paperclip Nazis?

There’s obviously too many Paperclip Nazis to name them all, but here’s a few confirmed names that kept popping up in our research.

Rocket engineer and prominent Nazi Arthur Rudolph was a major player in the development of Germany’s V-2 rocket before being brought to the US. Rudolph subsequently worked for the US Army, developing missile systems, and for NASA, helping pioneer America’s space program. After being investigated for possible war crimes, he struck a deal with the US Government that enabled him to depart the country without being prosecuted (in the US).One of the accusations leveled at him was that he’d worked thousands of slave laborers to death – an accusation he denied.

File:Arthur Rudolph.jpg

Paperclip Nazi Arthur Rudolph proudly displays a model of a NASA rocket.

Engineer Georg Rickhey was awarded the War Merit Cross for his work overseeing Germany’s production of the V-1 and V-2 rockets. After being brought to the US, he was returned to Germany to face accusations of having cooperated with the Gestapo and the SS. However, lack of evidence saw him acquitted and returned to continue his work in the US.

File:Georg Rickhey.jpg

Nazi Georg Rickhey before being transferred to the US.

Physiologist Hubertus Strughold, Chief of Aeromedical Research with the German Luftwaffe, subsequently worked at a high level in medical positions in NASA and the US Air Force. Strughold was bestowed the unofficial title of ‘the father of space medicine’ for his studies of the effects of spaceflight on astronauts. Before and after his death, he became the subject of several investigations into alleged war crimes, suffering significant damage to his reputation.One allegation leveled against him was that he was involved in Dachau Concentration Camp experiments, including one in which camp inmates were exposed to freezing conditions.

Since Strughold’s death, debate has raged between former colleagues and between fellow scientists. Some insist his involvement with the Nazis should preclude any honors being bestowed upon him while others claim there was no evidence to prove he was guilty of the crimes he was accused of.

Perhaps the most prominent Nazi import was rocket scientist Wernher von Braun who is referred to as ‘the father of rocket science’. Herr von Braun spearheaded Nazi Germany’s development of rocket technology, and later, in company with key members of his team, became a leading figure in America’s rocket program. Along with his protégé Doctor Hermann Oberth, he was an integral part of America’s first Moon-landing.

File:Dornberger-Axter-von Braun.jpg

An injured Wernher von Braun surrenders to the Americans. (1945).

In the biography of von Braun on NASA’s official website, readers are advised the scientist engineered the surrender of 500 of his top rocket scientists, along with plans and test vehicles, to the Americans. He worked with the US Army for 15 years developing ballistic missiles before being sent to the US and eventually becoming a naturalized American.

File:Wernher von Braun.jpg

Von Braun…in the top office at NASA 21 years later.

Given that mind control as we know it was first mastered during Hitler’s reign, it’s no surprise Nazi psychiatrists were also among those brought into the US post WW2.

As Dr. Thomas Roeder and co-authors Volker Kubillus and Anthony Burwell revealed in their 1995 book Psychiatrists: The Men Behind Hitler, psychiatry was highly valued in the Third Reich. From declassified Paperclip files it’s obvious the science of the mind was equally valued by US authorities.

What’s insane is that after the American public had paid an enormously high price to win WW2, US taxpayers then paid for Josef Mengele’s protégés to live and work in America.

This means that Doctor Mengele’s dark scientific legacy not only included the countless victims of the Holocaust experiments he conducted, but also the thousands of American and Canadian casualties of the MK-Ultra program.

File:Auschwitz II-Birkenau main entrance and train wagon.JPG

Auschwitz concentration camp…just a stepping stone for Mengele and his associates.

When considering Project Paperclip’s influence on modern mind control programs, the doctor’s moniker The Angel of Death suddenly becomes even more relevant.


“What national security permits the removal of fundamental power from the hands of the American people and validates the ascendancy of an invisible government in the United States? That kind of national security, gentlemen of the jury, is when it smells like it, feels like it, and looks like it, you call it what it is: Fascism! I submit to you that what took place on November 22, 1963 was a coup d’etat.” –Monologue delivered by Kevin Costner and written by Oliver Stone in JFK (1991)


Unit 731 – the Japanese Auschwitz

The Unit 731 Japanese Biological Warfare research facility.

It seems there was another post-WW2 program remarkably similar to Project Paperclip, involving Japanese scientists and war criminals rather than the Nazis. The US was a key player in this program, too. As a comparative example, it’s worth studying to better understand why Western superpowers protected known war criminals throughout the mid-late 20th Century.

This program involves a ghastly human experimentation project at the infamous Unit 731, an isolated Japanese Biological Warfare research facility located in what was then Manchuria, a Japanese puppet state, but is now Northeast China. The experimentation project was the brainchild of the notoriously cruel General Shirō Ishii, a scientist who was effectively Japan’s equivalent of Dr. Joseph Mengele.


General Shirō Ishii…Commander of Unit 731.

Researchers at Unit 731, which facilitated secret biological and chemical warfare research, mainly used captured Chinese and Russian subjects for their horrific medical experiments. However, their human guinea pigs also included American, Australian, New Zealand and British prisoners of war.

General Ishii’s medical testing at the secret Manchurian facility included high-voltage electric shock experiments, cyanide poisonings, frostbite studies, biological weapons testing including anthrax, heroin and other drug tests, and injecting prisoners with bacteria from plague-infected fleas procured from mice; live dissections on prisoners were also common and the victims were not even given any painkillers while their bodies were slowly dissected.

The prisoners were referred to as “monkeys” in scientific papers, even though it was common knowledge amongst the Japanese military and in political circles that the test subjects were in fact humans. Tens of thousands of victims died at Unit 731 and its sister sites.

Although less widely reported than Mengele’s medical research at Auschwitz, many historians have compared the hideous medical experiments at Unit 731 to the Nazi medical experiments during the Holocaust.

Parallels with Project Paperclip are numerous. Declassified documents have revealed that after the war ended, large-scale collaboration occurred between America and scientists of Unit 731. What’s more, the insidious Japanese research became the basis for many US military operations – and like the Nazi scientists protected by Project Paperclip, many of Unit 731’s scientists went on to have prominent careers after the war.

Just as the Nazis had made incredible scientific breakthroughs during the war years, it appears Japan was another scientific giant of the era. Germany and Japan obviously got the jump on the rest of the world in the area of medical research by being able to ruthlessly experiment on as many human subjects as they wanted. And this informative and valuable research was desired by both the US and the Soviet Union at the start of the Cold War.

Japan’s scientific breakthroughs most likely explain why General Ishii and all the other Japanese scientists involved in Unit 731 were never tried for war crimes by the US or by any other Allied nation.

A US intelligence cable advised the War Department that the Japanese scientists, “headed by Ishii did violate rules of land warfare,” but that “this expression of opinion is not a recommendation that group be charged and tried as such.”

Further evidence of the United States’ intentions is evidenced by the actions of General Douglas MacArthur. While serving as Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, MacArthur wrote to Washington DC on May 6, 1947 as follows: “Statements from Ishii probably can be obtained by informing Japanese involved that information will be retained in intelligence channels and will not be employed as ‘War Crimes’ evidence.”

The following year, in exchange for all their biological warfare research, MacArthur orchestrated a deal with the scientists of Unit 731, including General Ishii, whereby they were secretly granted complete immunity from prosecution. Claims of the horrors Allied POW’s endured at the hands of their Japanese captors were from that point on ignored, and the ensuing Tokyo War Crimes trials omitted reference to Ishii and his staff.

File:IMTFE defendants.jpg

Japanese war crimes trial defendants…those involved with Unit 731 conspicuous by their absence.

In the decades immediately after the war ended, the Japanese and American governments continuously denied any conspiracy surrounding the legacy of Unit 731.

However, another file from General MacArthur’s headquarters confirms the ugly truth. In it, MacArthur states that in studying General Ishii’s work, “utmost secrecy is essential in order to protect the interests of the United States and to guard against embarrassment”.

Like the US, the Soviets also appear to have secured some of the Japanese scientists’ human experimentation research, for after WW2 a biological weapons facility was built in Sverdlovsk, in the Soviet Union. The Sverdlovsk facility and practices within it are said to have been almost a carbon copy of what was detailed in Unit 731 documents.

Many conspiracy theorists as well as a number of biological weapons researchers claim the US military secretly began testing germ warfare on American citizens without their knowledge. These tests, which were apparently conducted from the 1950’s onwards, are said by some to be based on the science of Unit 731, and include tests still classified by the CIA and the US Army’s Chemical and Biological Warfare laboratories.

The suspicion lingers that many of the US military’s covert biological warfare operations since WW2, including the Vietnam War’s Operation Ranch Hand, may be related to Unit 731 – and Gulf War Syndrome could also be the result of biological warfare directly inspired by General Ishii’s germ warfare experiments.

If by chance Chemtrails – that favorite Tinfoil Hat theory which suggests governments release chemical agents into the skies above populated areas – is one day proven to be a reality, then the Japanese experiments could also be the basis for these as well.

Along with Yamashita’s Gold and Project Paperclip, Unit 731 and its aftermath – including America’s involvement – remained one of the best kept secrets of the post war era. The public finally learned about this dreadful secret in 1993 when then US Defense Secretary William Perry finally declassified army and intelligence records relating to the Japanese human experimentation during WW2.

William Perry 1993.jpg

Defense Secretary William Perry.


To refocus on Project Paperclip, there’s no doubt that bringing Nazi scientists into the US fast-tracked its scientific programs. However, it’s our opinion the project had political and moral ramifications for American society as well.

As we wrote in chapter 2, mind control was a fascist technology that appears to have enabled assassinations of many important American figures. And in chapter 7, we mentioned how a Splinter Civilization appears to have suppressed advanced technologies and used them for their own ends – much as the Nazis hid secrets from the German people before and during WW2.

Just as science and psychiatry were such a large part of the Third Reich, Project Paperclip had profound effects on American and Western society as a whole. In fact, it could easily be argued fascism subtly wormed its way into government ideologies the world over.

Added to this concern is the fact that there are still a large number of classified Project Paperclip documents in existence. If their contents are more controversial than, or even as controversial as, those of the declassified documents, the mind boggles at what secrets they hide. What else were the Nazi recruits used for and how many more war criminals were admitted to the US at war’s end? Let’s not forget the UK and Australia either; they had their Project Paperclip equivalents as did Russia.

At least one conspiracy theory author claims Josef Mengele briefly lived and worked in the US before being transferred to South America. Mengele’s name appears in no Paperclip documents, however. At least not in any declassified documents.

Josef Mengele.jpg

Josef Mengele’s…his dark legacy lives on.

If and when the remaining files are ever declassified, they may reveal even greater collusion between Nazi Party survivors and the US Government. In fact, we suspect they will. Otherwise, why do they remain classified?

Perhaps it’s not too big a stretch to suggest that Nazi ideologies continue to the present day behind the veil of supposedly free societies and governments.

Some conspiracy theorists go even further and suggest the Fourth Reich – a long-predicted successor of the Third Reich – has already been achieved. And in the United States, no less!

Citing evidence of high-ranking survivors of Germany’s Third Reich being given sanctuary in the West through top-secret operations like Project Paperclip, this theory suggests Nazi practices like human experimentation, media manipulation, military aggression and 1984-style government controls on citizens have become a reality.

We don’t claim to have all the answers on this subject – or any answers for that matter.

But one thing’s for sure: Project Paperclip, not to mention Unit 731, deserves more attention from historians and mainstream media than it currently receives.


Read more in The Orphan Conspiracies: 29 Conspiracy Theories from The Orphan Trilogy – available now via Amazon at:

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Not all is what it seems! –James & Lance