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In our top rating thriller novel THE ORPHAN UPRISING (The Orphan Trilogy, #3)  our central character, the ninth-born orphan known as Nine, is forced out of retirement when his former masters at the Omega Agency abduct Francis, his young son. 

The Orphan Uprising (The Orphan Trilogy Book 3)

An excerpt from the novel follows. It describes the moment the former operative realises Francis is being abducted. The action takes place in the Marquesas Islands, in remote French Polynesia, where Nine and his wife Isabelle have been hiding out since dropping off the grid five years earlier. Nine is jogging high in the hills overlooking a picturesque bay in the tropical island he now calls home. These days, he exercises for the sake of his health as he has a relatively common heart condition called stenosis.

The excerpt follows: 

Nine was following a well worn path that took him high into the steep hills overlooking Taiohae Bay. He could just make out his wife and son down near the waterfront. Francis was playing an impromptu game of soccer with his newfound friends while Isabelle and the other mothers sat in the shade, looking on.

The sweat was pouring off him as he ran up a steep incline. Sudden shortness of breath prompted him to slow to a walk. He thought nothing of it, putting it down to the heat. You’re getting old, Sebastian.

Still looking down at Taiohae Bay, he noticed an inflatable craft approaching the distant waterfront at speed. It was manned by two men and appeared to have come from a floatplane Nine had seen touch down on the water a short time earlier out in the bay. He watched as the inflatable nosed up onto the beach and two men jumped out. They began walking purposefully toward where Francis and the other children played.

Something about the pair bothered Nine. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but it didn’t seem right. Even from a distance, he could see the two weren’t your average tourists. Besides the dark sunglasses they wore, there wasn’t a camera, sun hat or beach towel in sight. They looked more like business executives in their white shirts and long, dark trousers. One even wore a tie.

Nine found himself growing apprehensive as he continued to watch the pair closely.

The former operative didn’t know it, but he wasn’t the only one observing the two men. His spiritual master, Luang, had noticed them around the same time Nine had. The elderly monk was watching from the entrance of the temple Nine and Francis had visited a short time earlier. Like Nine, he thought the two strangers seemed out of place.

Luang’s suspicions grew when the men purposefully marched up to one of the boys. He recognized the boy as Nine’s son. “Francis!” he shouted.

The boy, who was now playing quite close to the temple, looked at the monk and innocently waved.

Luang motioned to him with his hand. “Francis, come!” He motioned to him again.

Francis suddenly noticed the two strangers approaching. They were only a few yards away. Sensing they meant him harm, he sprinted toward the kindly monk and the sanctuary of the temple. The men began running after him.

Only now did Isabelle and the other mothers notice anything untoward from where they sat some distance away. Immediately concerned, they hurried to investigate. The island women began shouting at the strangers. Isabelle screamed when she realized it was Francis the men were chasing.

Fear drove Francis’ legs. The terrified boy ran as if his life depended on it. He reached Luang just before the strangers could catch him. The monk took Francis in his strong, wiry arms and threw him inside the temple. “Hide!” he ordered.

Francis ran to the rear of the temple and hid behind the statue of Buddha while Luang drew a long ceremonial sword from its scabbard that hung just inside the temple’s entrance. An exponent of the Muay Thai martial art, Luang was no slouch with a sword either – as the two strangers were about to find out.

The first man to enter the temple was the younger of the two. Confident the monk would offer no resistance, he hadn’t bothered to draw the pistol he carried on him as he stepped inside. He didn’t even see the steel blade that slashed his arm open to the bone. Screaming in pain, the wounded man threw himself to one side just in time to avoid a second slash that would have taken his head off.

Luang turned to face the second man too late to avoid the gunshot that ended his life. The monk was dead before he hit the temple’s concrete floor.

The sound of the gunshot galvanized Isabelle and the other women into action. Shouting to attract the attention of menfolk in the vicinity, they started running toward the temple. In her pregnant state, Isabelle was left far behind.

The women were still some distance from the temple when the older of the two men emerged with a struggling Francis under his arm. He was followed by the younger man whose wounded arm hung limply at his side. His once white shirt was blood-soaked. The older man pointed his pistol at the advancing women who by now were swearing obscenities at the pair. The sight of a pistol had no effect on the women, so he fired a warning shot above their heads, stopping them in their tracks.

Only Isabelle wasn’t deterred. “Francis!” she screamed as she ran toward the men whom she now knew were intent on abducting her son.

With a squirming Francis still under his arm, the older man ran off toward the beached inflatable craft, closely followed by his wounded partner.

“Mama!” Francis screamed.

Isabelle tripped and fell heavily. By the time she struggled to her feet, the men were already pushing their inflatable into the water. She was powerless to resist as they fired its engine into life and sped off toward the waiting floatplane.

“Mama!” Francis’ plaintiff cries reached his mother, but she was powerless to help.

High in the hills above the bay, Nine had started running as soon as the men began chasing after Francis. By the time they’d bundled the boy and their inflatable into the floatplane, Nine was already down at sea level and sprinting toward the waterfront. His lungs were burning and his legs felt like lead, but he ignored that. All he could think of was Francis.

The previous few minutes had seemed like a nightmare to Nine. There was no obvious explanation for what he’d just witnessed. Falling back on his training, his mind worked at a thousand clicks per second as he tried to figure out what was happening and who was behind it. It could only be Omega! He figured the Omega Agency must have discovered his whereabouts. But how? And why Francis? Why not me? There were so many questions and no answers.

Nine drove himself to run faster.


As he neared the waterfront, he felt a searing pain in his chest. Nine knew immediately what was happening. He was having the heart attack his specialist had warned he’d have if he overdid things.

Despite his condition, he had the presence of mind to note the description of the plane that was now taxiing out into deep water in preparation for take-off: it was a de Havilland Canada DHC-3 Otter floatplane of the type favored by the Air Command of the Canadian Forces because of its excellent search and rescue capabilities.

The floatplane was the last thing Nine saw before everything went black.

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We are pleased to announce the new cover launch for our thriller THE ORPHAN UPRISING (The Orphan Trilogy, #3).

The Orphan Uprising ebook cover

THE ORPHAN UPRISING is the sequel to THE NINTH ORPHAN, book one in this international thriller series.

The storyline:

In this explosive conclusion to The Orphan Trilogy, the ninth-born orphan’s dramatic story resumes five years after book one, The Ninth Orphan, ends.

Having eluded his former masters at the Omega Agency and escaped his past life as an operative, Nine has married his soul mate, Isabelle. They’ve carved out a new life for themselves, off the grid, in the remote islands of French Polynesia.

The contented couple have a five-year-old son, Francis, who is a chip off the old block and who has inherited his father’s unique DNA. Francis will soon have a sister as Isabelle is about to give birth to a baby girl.

Their idyllic lifestyle is shattered when Francis is abducted by operatives in the employ of the Omega Agency, the shadowy organization that brought Nine into the world and once controlled every aspect of his life. The terrified boy with the unique DNA is dispatched to one of Omega’s underground medical laboratories for scientific testing and experimentation.

Nine is desperate to find Francis before Omega can harm him. He soon finds he’s up against his fellow orphans – all elite operatives as he once was – who are under orders to kill him on sight. To overcome them, he must call on all his former training and skills. His search takes him around the world – from Tahiti to America, Germany, Greenland and the Congo.

To add to Nine’s worries, he has a serious heart condition that requires immediate surgery. The clock is ticking and he knows he’s on borrowed time. It’s a race against the clock to find his son before Omega can harm the boy – and before his heart gives out.


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We are pleased to announce the new cover launch for our coming-of-age spy thriller THE ORPHAN FACTORY (The Orphan Trilogy, #2).

TheOrphanFactory ebook cover

THE ORPHAN FACTORY is the prequel to THE NINTH ORPHAN, book one in this top-rating international thriller series.

The storyline:

An epic, atmospheric story that begins with twenty-three genetically superior orphans being groomed to become elite spies in Chicago’s Pedemont Orphanage and concludes with a political assassination deep in the Amazon jungle.

Go on another frenetic journey with the ninth-born orphan as he busts out of the clandestine orphanage he knew as home and goes on the run across America.

In the late 1970’s, in Chicago, Illinois, the secretive Omega Agency initiates the Pedemont Project – a radical experiment utilizing genetic engineering technologies – to create twenty three orphan babies with the plan to turn them into the world’s most effective assassins.

One of the prodigies will rebel: meet Number Nine, an orphan with a mind of his own.

In 1998, when Nine reaches adulthood and graduates with honors from the Pedemont Orphanage, he is already an adept of the deadly espionage arts. Ordered by his Omega masters to assassinate a survivor of the Jonestown tragedy in Guyana’s Amazon rainforest, Nine is forced to draw upon all of his advanced training just to stay alive.

As The Kindle Book Review says in its 5-star review: “(This book) answers a lot of questions while also opening other doors for the final book in the trilogy.”

Here’s what other reviewers have to say:

“Buckle up. Dangerous road lined with those questions of Nine’s. Black ice and black ops perhaps have a lot in common. You don’t see’em coming until you spin out.” –WelcomeHomeSoldier Reviews

“The escapades of Nine as a new teenager, away from the structure of the orphanage, are interesting and completely believable.” –C9C Reviews

“Buckle up for another wild ride in the Orphan Trilogy” –My Scribe World

“Never a dull moment in this conspiracy suspense.” –Review of Books For You

“I especially enjoyed the quantum physics I encountered” –Greg Kuhn (author & quantum physicist)

THE ORPHAN FACTORY is available via Amazon at:

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After reading THE NINTH ORPHAN (The Orphan Trilogy, #1), Amazon reviewer Daniel Sinclair Pearson has a warning for readers: “Reading this novel is like opening Pandora’s Box and discovering the Matrix inside it.”

Pearson calls the conspiracy thriller novel “groundbreaking” and talks of “terrifying secrets and horrendous political facts” that are “much stranger than any fiction.”

Here’s an excerpt from his review:

Warning, reading this novel is like opening Pandora’s Box and discovering the Matrix inside it. There are some extremely dangerous global conspiracies and radical ideas put forth in this book, and there are no known antidotes for exposing the thinking mind to the potent light of truth.

This is a unique story, a fast paced thriller spy novel that is unlike any other spy novel that you have ever read before.

If you are not psychologically prepared to handle the disturbing type of information that is revealed in this groundbreaking new novel, then please don’t read the Ninth Orphan series. The entire cast of fully developed intelligent, extremely complex characters will simultaneously both thrill and horrify you.

This is a work of fiction, however, this superbly crafted spy novel is a fantastic read and at least 90% of the conspiracy theories cleverly woven into its brilliant plot are actually based on well documented facts.


To read the full review, and others, of The Ninth Orphan go to:


Happy reading! –Lance & James