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THE ORPHAN FACTORY (The Orphan Trilogy Book 2)  is an epic, atmospheric story that begins with 23 genetically superior orphans being groomed to become elite spies in Chicago’s Pedemont Orphanage and concludes with a political assassination deep in the Amazon jungle. It’s also the prequel to The Ninth Orphan, the first book in the bestselling trilogy.


The Orphan Factory (The Orphan Trilogy Book 2) by [Morcan, James, Morcan, Lance]

For fans of the thriller genre.


★★★★★  “An eerily relevant lesson in our media-saturated world.” -Gapers Block Book Club, Chicago, Illinois


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Book one in the international thriller series The Orphan Trilogy  continues to attract the plaudits of Amazon reviewers.

★★★★★ “Every twist and turn that you can imagine” -Holy Smoley Book Review

★★★★ “This book is fast paced, and I mean fast” -C9C Reviews

★★★★★ “This psychological thriller really kept me on the edge of my seat!” -Susan M. Heim, bestselling author of the ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ series

★★★★★ “A fantastic spy thriller” -A Made Up Story Book Reviews

★★★★ “A Cloak and Dagger Grand Prix” -The Kindle Book Review

★★★★★ “Moves at the speed of a runaway train” -J.R. Rogers (author of ‘Doomed Spy’)

★★★★★ “What makes The Ninth Orphan stand out from other thrillers is its intelligent handling of its themes. Like Kazuo Ishiguro’s haunting novel, Never Let Me Go, The Ninth Orphan taps into our fascination with the possibilities of genetic selection, and the consequences it may bring. Throw in a pinch of romance and the suggestion of political shadow organizations that may or may not operate in the real world, and you have an exhilarating read that will keep the little grey cells ticking over long after you’ve reached the final page.” -The Flaneur Book Reviews UK


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Book: The Ninth Orphan (The Orphan Trilogy Book 1) by James & Lance Morcan

Available via Amazon as a paperback and Kindle ebook.



Our first non-fiction book, The Orphan Conspiracies, is more conspiracy fact than fiction even if it was inspired by the 29 conspiracy theories featured in our international thriller series The Orphan Trilogy.

The Orphan Conspiracies: 29 Conspiracy Theories from The Orphan Trilogy by [Morcan, James, Morcan, Lance]

More conspiracy fact than fiction.


The Orphan Conspiracies  includes a foreword by leading scientist Dr. Takaaki Musha and an afterword by renowned historian Professor Richard Spence. In many ways, this exhaustively-researched work is the secret history of the 20th and 21st Centuries. But more than a history, it reveals what is happening right now behind the scenes – in underground bunkers, in the corridors of power, in prime banks and meetings of the world’s elite.


Topics covered in The Orphan Conspiracies  (in order of chapters) include:

Foreword by Dr. Takaaki Musha


1 False flag operations

2 The secret history of mind control

3 Puppet masters pulling strings

4 International banksters

5 Genius techniques of the elite

6 The multi-trillion dollar WW2 cover-up

7 Suppressed science

8 The Queen’s invisible riches

9 Elixir of life

10 Jonestown: suicides or mass murder?

11 Medical Industrial Complex

12 The Fourth Reich

13 The price of a free media

14 Above the President

15 The science of racism

16 Bankrupting the Third World

17 New World Order

18 Saddam Hussein: fabricated enemy?

19 Beneath the surface

20 Hidden messages

21 Real-life Manchurian Candidates

22 Blood minerals

23 Mysterious deaths

24 Secret prisons

25 Drug wars

26 Greenland aka Conspiracyland

27 The Catcher in the Rye enigma

28 Experiments on orphans

29 Area 51: human or alien technologies?

Connecting the dots

Afterword by Professor Richard Spence


The Orphan Conspiracies: 29 Conspiracy Theories from The Orphan Trilogy  is available via Amazon:



In our top rating thriller novel THE ORPHAN UPRISING (The Orphan Trilogy, #3)  our central character, the ninth-born orphan known as Nine, is forced out of retirement when his former masters at the Omega Agency abduct Francis, his young son. 

The Orphan Uprising (The Orphan Trilogy Book 3)

An excerpt from the novel follows. It describes the moment the former operative realises Francis is being abducted. The action takes place in the Marquesas Islands, in remote French Polynesia, where Nine and his wife Isabelle have been hiding out since dropping off the grid five years earlier. Nine is jogging high in the hills overlooking a picturesque bay in the tropical island he now calls home. These days, he exercises for the sake of his health as he has a relatively common heart condition called stenosis.

The excerpt follows: 

Nine was following a well worn path that took him high into the steep hills overlooking Taiohae Bay. He could just make out his wife and son down near the waterfront. Francis was playing an impromptu game of soccer with his newfound friends while Isabelle and the other mothers sat in the shade, looking on.

The sweat was pouring off him as he ran up a steep incline. Sudden shortness of breath prompted him to slow to a walk. He thought nothing of it, putting it down to the heat. You’re getting old, Sebastian.

Still looking down at Taiohae Bay, he noticed an inflatable craft approaching the distant waterfront at speed. It was manned by two men and appeared to have come from a floatplane Nine had seen touch down on the water a short time earlier out in the bay. He watched as the inflatable nosed up onto the beach and two men jumped out. They began walking purposefully toward where Francis and the other children played.

Something about the pair bothered Nine. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but it didn’t seem right. Even from a distance, he could see the two weren’t your average tourists. Besides the dark sunglasses they wore, there wasn’t a camera, sun hat or beach towel in sight. They looked more like business executives in their white shirts and long, dark trousers. One even wore a tie.

Nine found himself growing apprehensive as he continued to watch the pair closely.

The former operative didn’t know it, but he wasn’t the only one observing the two men. His spiritual master, Luang, had noticed them around the same time Nine had. The elderly monk was watching from the entrance of the temple Nine and Francis had visited a short time earlier. Like Nine, he thought the two strangers seemed out of place.

Luang’s suspicions grew when the men purposefully marched up to one of the boys. He recognized the boy as Nine’s son. “Francis!” he shouted.

The boy, who was now playing quite close to the temple, looked at the monk and innocently waved.

Luang motioned to him with his hand. “Francis, come!” He motioned to him again.

Francis suddenly noticed the two strangers approaching. They were only a few yards away. Sensing they meant him harm, he sprinted toward the kindly monk and the sanctuary of the temple. The men began running after him.

Only now did Isabelle and the other mothers notice anything untoward from where they sat some distance away. Immediately concerned, they hurried to investigate. The island women began shouting at the strangers. Isabelle screamed when she realized it was Francis the men were chasing.

Fear drove Francis’ legs. The terrified boy ran as if his life depended on it. He reached Luang just before the strangers could catch him. The monk took Francis in his strong, wiry arms and threw him inside the temple. “Hide!” he ordered.

Francis ran to the rear of the temple and hid behind the statue of Buddha while Luang drew a long ceremonial sword from its scabbard that hung just inside the temple’s entrance. An exponent of the Muay Thai martial art, Luang was no slouch with a sword either – as the two strangers were about to find out.

The first man to enter the temple was the younger of the two. Confident the monk would offer no resistance, he hadn’t bothered to draw the pistol he carried on him as he stepped inside. He didn’t even see the steel blade that slashed his arm open to the bone. Screaming in pain, the wounded man threw himself to one side just in time to avoid a second slash that would have taken his head off.

Luang turned to face the second man too late to avoid the gunshot that ended his life. The monk was dead before he hit the temple’s concrete floor.

The sound of the gunshot galvanized Isabelle and the other women into action. Shouting to attract the attention of menfolk in the vicinity, they started running toward the temple. In her pregnant state, Isabelle was left far behind.

The women were still some distance from the temple when the older of the two men emerged with a struggling Francis under his arm. He was followed by the younger man whose wounded arm hung limply at his side. His once white shirt was blood-soaked. The older man pointed his pistol at the advancing women who by now were swearing obscenities at the pair. The sight of a pistol had no effect on the women, so he fired a warning shot above their heads, stopping them in their tracks.

Only Isabelle wasn’t deterred. “Francis!” she screamed as she ran toward the men whom she now knew were intent on abducting her son.

With a squirming Francis still under his arm, the older man ran off toward the beached inflatable craft, closely followed by his wounded partner.

“Mama!” Francis screamed.

Isabelle tripped and fell heavily. By the time she struggled to her feet, the men were already pushing their inflatable into the water. She was powerless to resist as they fired its engine into life and sped off toward the waiting floatplane.

“Mama!” Francis’ plaintiff cries reached his mother, but she was powerless to help.

High in the hills above the bay, Nine had started running as soon as the men began chasing after Francis. By the time they’d bundled the boy and their inflatable into the floatplane, Nine was already down at sea level and sprinting toward the waterfront. His lungs were burning and his legs felt like lead, but he ignored that. All he could think of was Francis.

The previous few minutes had seemed like a nightmare to Nine. There was no obvious explanation for what he’d just witnessed. Falling back on his training, his mind worked at a thousand clicks per second as he tried to figure out what was happening and who was behind it. It could only be Omega! He figured the Omega Agency must have discovered his whereabouts. But how? And why Francis? Why not me? There were so many questions and no answers.

Nine drove himself to run faster.


As he neared the waterfront, he felt a searing pain in his chest. Nine knew immediately what was happening. He was having the heart attack his specialist had warned he’d have if he overdid things.

Despite his condition, he had the presence of mind to note the description of the plane that was now taxiing out into deep water in preparation for take-off: it was a de Havilland Canada DHC-3 Otter floatplane of the type favored by the Air Command of the Canadian Forces because of its excellent search and rescue capabilities.

The floatplane was the last thing Nine saw before everything went black.

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Meet Number Nine – an orphan, a spy, a lover…a master of disguise, an assassin, a shapeshifter…a freedom fighter, a human chameleon, a reformed contract killer.

He’s all of the above. He’s none of the above. It’s his story we tell in our international thriller series THE ORPHAN TRILOGY (The Ninth Orphan / The Orphan Factory / The Orphan Uprising).



Nine is enslaved by the Omega Agency, a shadowy organization seeking to create a New World Order. When he tries to break free and live a normal life, Nine is hunted by his mentor and father figure, and by a female orphan he spent his childhood with. On the run, his life becomes entwined with his beautiful French-African hostage and a shocking past is revealed…A past that involves the mysterious Pedemont Orphanage in Chicago, Illinois.

Standing in the way of Nine’s freedom are his fellow orphans – all elite operatives like himself – who are under orders to terminate him. Nine finds himself in a seemingly infinite maze of cloak and dagger deception. Time and again, he must call on all his advanced training to survive.

But can the ninth-born orphan ever get off the grid? To find out you’ll need to go on a tumultuous journey around the world to such far-flung locations as the Arctic, Asia, Europe, the Amazon, Africa and South Pacific islands.

One of the Omega Agency’s black ops employs MK-Ultra mind control technology on genetically engineered agents to facilitate the agendas of those in power. When Nine successfully deprograms himself from MK-Ultra, all hell breaks loose. But to gain his freedom he must bust out of the Pedemont Orphanage and break into Omega’s other orphanages and underground medical laboratories around the world. In the process he uncovers chilling scientific experiments taking place on children.


Here’s what Amazon reviewers are saying about The Orphan Trilogy:

★★★★★ “Intrigue, mystery, deceit, coverup, black hat, special ops, conspiracy – you name it, you’re pretty much going to find it here in these exciting three books.” –Greg Kuhn (author & quantum physicist) 

★★★★★ “The Orphan Trilogy is the best of the best in thrillers!” -J.B. DiNizo (author of ‘Comings and Goings’)

★★★★★ “An epic thriller trilogy.” -SJ Hailey (author of ‘The 5th Amulet’)

★★★★★ “Wonderful conspiracy trilogy.” -A Bit Of Everything Reviews

★★★★★ “Morcan fans will enjoy the books.” -Jerome Brooke (author of ‘City of the Mirage’)

★★★★★ “This is a fast paced, high action story line with enough truth in it to rattle you.” -WelcomeHomeSoldier Reviews

★★★★★ “I can’t say enough about this international conspiracy thriller series…Fast paced action and an extremely thought provoking premise.” –Phoenix Book Review

The Orphan Trilogy is available via Amazon at:


Happy reading! -Lance & James




In The Orphan Uprising, the ninth-born orphan’s idyllic lifestyle is shattered when his young son is abducted by operatives and dispatched to underground medical laboratories for scientific testing and experimentation. This explosive conclusion to The Orphan Trilogy resumes five years after book one, The Ninth Orphan, ends.

Welcome Home Soldier Reviews calls this novel “A heart tearing, mind splitting, gut churning crusade.”

The Orphan Uprising ebook cover

Having eluded his former masters at the Omega Agency and escaped his past life as an operative, Nine has married his soul mate, Isabelle. They’ve carved out a new life for themselves, off the grid, in the remote islands of French Polynesia.

The contented couple have a five-year-old son, Francis, who is a chip off the old block and who has inherited his father’s unique DNA. Francis will soon have a sister as Isabelle is about to give birth to a baby girl.

Their idyllic lifestyle is shattered when Francis is abducted by operatives in the employ of the Omega Agency, the shadowy organization that brought Nine into the world and once controlled every aspect of his life. The terrified boy with the unique DNA is dispatched to one of Omega’s underground medical laboratories for scientific testing and experimentation.

Nine is desperate to find Francis before Omega can harm him. He soon finds he’s up against his fellow orphans – all elite operatives as he once was – who are under orders to kill him on sight. To overcome them, he must call on all his former training and skills. His search takes him around the world – from Tahiti to America, Germany, Greenland and the Congo.

To add to Nine’s worries, he has a serious heart condition that requires immediate surgery. The clock is ticking and he knows he’s on borrowed time. It’s a race against the clock to find his son before Omega can harm the boy – and before his heart gives out. 


Here’s what Amazon reviewers are saying about The Orphan Uprising:

★★★★★ “The Law and Order like twists keep you on the edge of your seat. An extreme roller coaster ride of emotions awaits the reader.” -My Scribe World

★★★★★ “A Finale Worthy of Your Attention” -Greg Kuhn (author & quantum physicist)

★★★★★ “Great end to a great series” -Lynelle Clark (author of ‘A Pirate’s Wife’)

★★★★ “Does not disappoint” -C9C Reviews

★★★★★ “A well-written and suspense-filled thriller” -J.B. DiNizo (author of ‘Comings and Goings’)

★★★★★ “A heart tearing, mind splitting, gut churning crusade.” -WelcomeHomeSoldier Reviews

★★★★★ “Fast paced action and an extremely thought provoking premise.” -Phoenix Book Review 

The Orphan Uprising is available via Amazon at:


Happy reading! -Lance & James



The Orphan Factory (The Orphan Trilogy, #2) is an epic, atmospheric story that begins with 23 genetically superior orphans being groomed to become elite spies in Chicago’s Pedemont Orphanage and concludes with a political assassination deep in the Amazon jungle. It’s the prequel to The Ninth Orphan.

TheOrphanFactory ebook cover

In the late 1970’s, in Chicago, Illinois, the secretive Omega Agency initiates the Pedemont Project – a radical experiment utilizing genetic engineering technologies – to create twenty three orphan babies with the plan to turn them into the world’s most effective assassins.

One of the prodigies will rebel: meet Number Nine, an orphan with a mind of his own.

In 1998, when Nine reaches adulthood and graduates with honors from the Pedemont Orphanage, he is already an adept of the deadly espionage arts. Ordered by his Omega masters to assassinate a survivor of the Jonestown tragedy in Guyana’s Amazon rainforest, Nine is forced to draw upon all of his advanced training just to stay alive.


Here’s what Amazon reviewers are saying about The Orphan Factory:

★★★★★ “Black ice and black ops perhaps have a lot in common. You don’t see’em coming until you spin out.” -WelcomeHomeSoldier Reviews

★★★★★ “The escapades of Nine as a new teenager, away from the structure of the orphanage, are interesting and completely believable.” -C9C Reviews

★★★★★ “Buckle up for another wild ride in the Orphan Trilogy” -My Scribe World

★★★★★ “In Book 2 many questions are answered” -Lynelle Clark (author of ‘A Pirate’s Wife’)

★★★★★ “Never a dull moment in this conspiracy suspense” -Review of Books For You

★★★★★ “Riveting right to the book’s last page” -J.B. DiNizo (author of ‘Comings and Goings’)

★★★★ “Answers a lot of questions while also opening other doors for the final book in the trilogy” -The Kindle Book Review

★★★★★ “I especially enjoyed the quantum physics I encountered” -Greg Kuhn (author & quantum physicist)

★★★★★ “An extremely thought provoking premise” -Phoenix Book Review

★★★★★ “A wonderful story!” -A Bit Of Everything Reviews

★★★★★ “An eerily relevant lesson in our media-saturated world.” -Gapers Block Book Club, Chicago, Illinois

★★★★ “Exciting story” -Zoltan Istvan (author of ‘The Transhumanist Wager’)

The Orphan Factory is available via Amazon at:


Happy reading! -Lance & James




How do you catch a man who is never the same man twice? That’s the question posed in the conspiracy thriller novel The Ninth Orphan, book one in The Orphan Trilogy.

TheNinthOrphan ebook cover

An orphan grows up to become an assassin for a highly secretive organization. When he tries to break free and live a normal life, he is hunted by his mentor and father figure, and by a female orphan he spent his childhood with. On the run, the mysterious man’s life becomes entwined with his beautiful French-African hostage and a shocking past riddled with the darkest of conspiracies is revealed.

But can the ninth-born orphan ever get off the grid? To find out you’ll need to go on a tumultuous journey around the globe to such far-flung locations as China, France, the Philippines, Andorra, America, England, Germany and French Polynesia. The frenetic cat-and-mouse chase moves from airports to train stations and hidden torture prisons, taking the reader on a shocking, nail-biting ride into the world’s closet of skeletons that goes beyond conspiracy theories to painful reality.

Here’s what Amazon reviewers are saying about The Ninth Orphan:

★★★★★ “What makes The Ninth Orphan stand out from other thrillers is its intelligent handling of its themes. Like Kazuo Ishiguro’s haunting novel, Never Let Me Go, The Ninth Orphan taps into our fascination with the possibilities of genetic selection, and the consequences it may bring. Throw in a pinch of romance and the suggestion of political shadow organizations that may or may not operate in the real world, and you have an exhilarating read that will keep the little grey cells ticking over long after you’ve reached the final page.” –The Flaneur Book Reviews UK

★★★★★ “The authors manage to weave political intrigue, espionage and eugenics into an exciting fabric of mystery and entertainment. The reader can’t but believe that the novel may not be only a work of fiction.” -I.A. Wilhite, Ph.D.

★★★★★ “Moves at the speed of a runaway train” -J.R. Rogers (author of ‘Doomed Spy’)

★★★★  “A Cloak and Dagger Grand Prix” -The Kindle Book Review

★★★★★ “A fantastic spy thriller” -A Made Up Story Book Reviews

★★★★ “This book is fast paced, and I mean fast.” -C9C Reviews

★★★★★ “Every twist and turn that you can imagine” -Holy Smoley Book Review

★★★★ “Ranks amongst the best thrillers” -Kindle Book Review UK

★★★★★ “This psychological thriller really kept me on the edge of my seat!” –Susan M. Heim, bestselling author of the ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ series


The Ninth Orphan is available via Amazon as a trade paperback and Kindle ebook at:


Happy reading! -Lance & James




 Male Holocaust Survivors Outlive Pre-War Emmigrants

Experimentation on orphans features prominently throughout our thriller series The Orphan Trilogy – not surprising given our central characters are products of the Pedemont Orphanage, a secretive institution on Chicago’s impoverished South Side, where experimentation is the rule, not the exception.


“I’m one of twenty-three orphan prodigies. We were created using genetic engineering technologies that have been suppressed from the mainstream. I’m at least half a century ahead of our times in terms of official science. The embryologists who created me selected the strongest genes from about a thousand sperm donors then used in-vitro fertilization to impregnate my mother and other women.”The Ninth Orphan


Keen to maintain at least a level of believability, we spent a considerable amount of time researching this somewhat unsavory and unpalatable topic. What we found makes for disturbing reading.

Records of experimentation on children and orphans are often indistinguishable, and for good reason: in many if not most cases the children involved are, or were, orphans. Those who weren’t technically classed as such were from one-parent families where, for one reason or another, that parent – usually the mother – was absent or negligent. In which case the child might as well have been an orphan.

Those records date right back to biblical times – to experiments performed on young Jewish prisoners in the Book of Daniel.

To remain reasonably contemporary, we chose to limit most of our research to the 1930’s onwards.


The man tried to shut out the voices from his childhood which now echoed in his head. He could hear the other orphans calling his name. Nine! Suppressed memories of his time spent at the Pedemont Orphanage surfaced from the depths of his psyche.The Ninth Orphan


The very first case that caught our eye was tame compared to others that followed, but nevertheless was devastating for those children involved. Popularly known as The Monster Study, it entailed conducting an experiment on 22 children – including 10 orphans – in Davenport, Iowa, in 1939.

The brainchild of one Wendell Johnson, himself a stutterer, at the University of Iowa, the experiment was conducted by grad student Mary Tudor who was tasked with giving half the children positive speech therapy and half negative speech therapy. Those in the former group were praised for their speech fluency while those in the latter were ridiculed and told they were stutterers.

Wendell Johnson

Wendell Johnson…architect of The Monster Study.

Most disturbingly, many of the orphan children in the ‘negative’ group suffered psychologically and developed permanent speech problems even though they were once normal speaking children.

Mary Tudor…conducted the experiment.

The experiment, which was cynically described as The Monster Study by Johnson’s peers, coincided with news of Nazi experiments on Jewish and other children early in World War Two, and so was kept hidden from the public at large.

In a New York Times article dated March 16, 2003, columnist Gretchen Reynolds says Johnson’s findings about the nature of stuttering, once it has begun, remains the accepted wisdom to this day. “The disorder does respond to conditioning, and once established, stuttering can have a ruinous momentum. Often, the worse someone stutters, the more he fears speaking, and the worse his speech becomes.”

Reynolds adds, “It is an ugly thing, after all, to experiment on orphans. And Johnson’s admirers, who still are legion, struggle to understand why he proposed and designed the project.”

No doubt many assumed Johnson believed it was okay to sacrifice a few to help the many other children who stuttered. The ends justify the means mindset has been the impetus behind many a cruel medical or social experiment.

Children, including some orphans, involved in The Monster Study.

Wikipedia reports that the University of Iowa publicly apologized for The Monster Study in 2001. It quotes University of Iowa assistant professor of speech pathology [name redacted] as saying “we still don’t know what causes stuttering, but the ‘Iowa’ way of approaching study and treatment is still heavily influenced by Johnson, but with an added emphasis on speech production”.

Well that’s all fine and dandy, but what about the experiment’s subjects? By all accounts the State of Iowa awarded six of the orphan children close to US$1 millionfor lifelong psychological and emotional scars caused by six months of torment during the study. And before her death, Tudor expressed deep regret, claiming Johnson should have done more to reverse thenegative effects on the orphan children’s speech.

Too little, too late, we say.


Peering down through the vent, Kentbridge couldn’t believe his eyes: the vent opened up into an underground base occupied by children – boys and girls. Nomore than five or six years old, they seemed to be hypnotized and moved around like zombies. As some moved out of sight, others came into Kentbridge’s line of vision. Dozens of them. The senior agent looked aghast at Nine, then returned his attention to the macabre scene below. The Ninth Orphan


The Lebensborn Program

The Monster Study pales into insignificance next to the horror stories that have come out of Nazi Germany – such as the Lebensborn Program, which we touched on briefly in Chapter 2.

To recap,Lebensborn was just one of many Nazi programs incorporating mind control techniques and was a pet project of Heinrich Himmler. The aim of the SS-backed program was to increase the Aryan population and it involved kidnapping thousands of very young children – including orphans – who were deemed to be ‘racially pure’. They were interned in camps where they were subjected to mind control tactics and brainwashed to think like Nazis.

Young inductees into the Nazis’ Lebensborn Program.

In the respected German news site, Spiegel Online International, columnist David Crossland reported (in November 2006) that after decades of hushed shame, the children of the Lebensborn program to create a blond, blue-eyed master race have started to speak out.

“Topic number one is the painful search for their true parents,” said Crossland. “And then that nagging question: Was my father a war criminal?”

Crossland observed that the children of the Nazis’ Lebensborn (‘Spring of Life’) program to create an Aryan master race were starting to go public with their plight and were renewing efforts to find out who their true parents were.

Uncle Adolph (Hitler) and one of the Lebensborn children.

Reports from a variety of sources reveal the Nazis kidnapped children from Russia, the Ukraine and throughout Europe. Poland and Yugoslavia figure prominently with estimates of the number of Polish children kidnapped ranging from 20,000 to 200,000.

By all accountsthe children were tested then placed in one of three groups, including one for those not wanted. The unfortunate members of that group were killed or dispatched to concentration camps.

Unfortunately, such horrors didn’t end with Nazi Germany.


It gradually dawned on Nine that Francis’ abduction could somehow be connected to the Black Forest orphanage or one of the other underground medical labs Omega was rumored to be operating elsewhere in the world. Whilst with Omega, Nine had heard the rumors that the agency was conducting illegal scientific experiments on genetically enhanced children at various isolated labs. He’d seen it for himself in Germany, and didn’t doubt for a minute there could be others. The Orphan Uprising


The Duplessis Orphans

Protesting Catholic Church

In the 1940’s, the government of Quebec, Canada, in league with the Roman Catholic Church, began falsely certifying thousands of orphans as mentally ill and confining them in psychiatric institutions.

Why? The short answer: money.

It happened during the tenure of Quebec Premier Maurice Duplessis in the 1940’s and 1950’s when a change in government policy saw higher federal subsidies paid out to hospitals than to orphanages. One shameful result of this was indecent numbers of healthy children were hastily diagnosed as psychotic to capitalize on the increased subsidies.

As CBC Canada reports on its CBC Digital Archives site, the diagnoses were always swift – the children went to bed orphans and woke up psychiatric patients.

Here’s excerpts from that report:

“Some children allegedly endured lobotomies, electroshock, straitjackets and abuse. For the rest of their lives they would struggle to bring attention to their story and demand compensation. They called themselves the Duplessis Orphans.

“Born out of wedlock and deemed “children of sin,” thousands of Quebec children were cut off from society and sent to orphanages… Many were improperly diagnosed as mentally incompetent. The diagnosis would be a lifelong sentence; the orphans endured a difficult and sometimes abusive childhood…the orphans…have organized and are seeking compensation. With each day, more and more people are coming forward with claims of abuse.”

The Duplessis Orphans…stories of lobotomies, electroshock, straitjackets and abuse.

Among those survivors seeking compensation, some have asked the Quebec government to exhume bodies in an abandoned Montreal cemetery thought to hold the remains of orphans subjected to medical experiments. The survivors are pushing for autopsies to be performed.


Naylor inspected the documents. They included files and photos Nine had uplifted from the Berlin journalist Naylor had ordered him to execute a year earlier. Among them were graphic photos of orphans who had been subjected to horrific scientific experiments. The Ninth Orphan


Syphilis testing in Guatemala

Now here’s an experiment that defies belief. It involved the proven and acknowledged infection of Guatemalan orphans, schoolchildren, psychiatric patients, prison inmates and many others with venereal diseases in the late 1940’s by – wait for it – American public health doctors!

Through the late Nineties and early 2000’s rumors of deliberate infection of Guatemalans became whispers until finally, in 2005, hard evidence of what one senior US health official described as “a dark chapter in the history of medicine”was produced.

The world learned that for years American public health doctors deliberately infected hundreds of Guatemalans with syphilis and other venereal diseases. Apparently, the reason for this was to test the effectiveness of penicillin on those infections.

International Rights Advocates claim more than 5000 Guatemalans were experimented on and, in the course of those experiments, over 1000 were infected with venereal diseases.

Guatemalan youngsters among those experimented on.

One experiment entailed syphilis-infected prostitutes sleeping with prisoners in Guatemalan prisons. It transpires that prisoners not infected were administered the bacteria by injection or other means. While those who contracted syphilis were given antibiotics, it remains unclear exactly how many – if any – were cured.

The experiments, funded by America’s National Institutes of Health, were facilitated by Guatemalan health officials without the informed consent of subjects. Reports show at least 80 deaths resulted – with some estimates being much higher.

In October 2010 the US Government officially apologized for the actions of American citizens involved in the whole ugly business.

In a joint statement,Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said: “Although these events occurred more than 64 years ago, we are outraged that such reprehensible research could have occurred under the guise of public health. We deeply regret that it happened, and we apologize to all the individuals who were affected by such abhorrent research practices.”


Secretaries Hillary Clinton and Kathleen Sebelius apologize for syphilis tests in Guatemala.

In a twist to the revelation, the New York Times issue of October 1, 2010 reported – beneath the banner headline U.S. apologizes for syphilis tests in Guatemala – that “The public health doctor who led the experiment, John C. Cutler, would later have an important role in the Tuskegee study.”

The study referred to was the US Public Health Service’s unethical and infamous Tuskegee syphilis experiment that saw African-American males with syphilis deliberately left untreated for 40 years (from 1932 to 1972). But that’s a whole other story.

Getting back to the Guatemala experiments, a (US) Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues concluded that, after an intensive nine-month investigation, “The Guatemala experiments involved gross violations of ethics…It is the Commission’s firm belief that many of the actions undertaken in Guatemala were especially egregious moral wrongs because many of the individuals involved held positions of public institutional responsibility.”

Our research into this experiment has not uncovered reports of successful prosecutions against any of the American health officials or medical staffers involved in this travesty. Nor has it revealed whether any of the experiment’s subjects have received compensation for the atrocities committed. We can only assume the answer is No to both those questions.


Kentbridge tensed as white-coated scientists appeared below. They flashed psychedelic lights into the children’s eyes, putting them into even more of a trance-like state. To his horror, the senior agent noticed the children had bizarre physical defects. Some had multi-colored skin; others had adult-like facial hair; one young girl had the face of an elderly woman. The Ninth Orphan


Disproven allegations

In a series of articles first published in the early to mid-2000’s, dogged journalist Liam Scheff, who has been described by at least one mainstream US media outlet as a ‘HIV denialist’, claimed cruel AIDS experiments on children – usually orphans – were being conducted in New York’s Incarnation Children’s Center (ICC).

Scheff claimed his investigations revealed the children were being force-fed numerous drugs after allegedly testing positive to HIV/AIDS tests.

The allegations were vehemently denied by ICC staffers, and a subsequent New York State Department of Health investigation found none of the allegations could be substantiated. The department also indicated that the accusers appeared to subscribe to the unpopular theory that HIV does not cause AIDS.

One major media outlet pointed out that the allegations came from one person (Scheff) and weren’t backed up with real names or evidence of any kind.

When Scheff couldn’t get any traction for his allegations with mainstream media, he turned to online media to air his grievances.

Okay, so what does this have to do with experiments on orphans? Apparently…nothing at all. We mention it only to remind any readers who may consider themselves conspiracy theorists how important it is not to believe every conspiracy theory out there.

By the same token, if you’ve picked up anything from the preceding chapters, you’d have to agree only a fool would automatically accept as gospel everything officialdom tells us.


Nine went on to explain the notes he’d recovered from the journalist left no doubt Omega was manufacturing a new breed of genetically-superior orphans. Kentbridge’s mind was racing as Nine brought him up to speed. The program had obviously changed out of sight since The Pedemont Project. Why wasn’t I told? Now, it appeared, the emphasis was on radical medical experimentation. The Ninth Orphan


Liam Scheff’s apparently fictional allegations are eerily reminiscent of some of our fictional musings in The Orphan Trilogy – in particular in books one and three, The Ninth Orphan and The Orphan Uprising – in which the ninth-born orphan visits clandestine orphanages and medical labs on three continents.

And besides all the true accounts of orphan experimentation covered in this chapter, what if there are more advanced, secretive experiments on orphans and children generally that we never hear of?

Again we ask, where does the fiction end and the truth begin?


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A book that’s for the common people.


Not all is what it seems! –James & Lance




“The moral of this tale is that you don’t ever, ever abduct the young son of your best and most dangerous operative.” – That’s according to c9c Reviews’ Andrew Thompson in his Amazon review of our conspiracy thriller The Orphan Uprising (The Orphan Trilogy, #3).

Thriller resonates

Andrew’s 4-Star review lowers this novel’s 5-Star average rating (to 4.9 Stars) on Amazon. However, it’s such an insightful review we thought we’d share it with you…

Be careful who you kidnap

The moral of this tale is that you don’t ever, ever abduct the young son of your best and most dangerous operative. Such people will go to great lengths to get their children back, especially as they are very aware of the horrors that await their offspring.

Nine does his very best to look after his pregnant wife while attempting to rescue his son. His employers should have known better and they learn their lesson. Nine is hampered by a heart ailment, but despite this he manages to keep his promises to his family.

Another, final, installment of the Orphan series which does not disappoint.

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