As the pharaohs of ancient Egypt build their mighty pyramids, and Chinese civilization evolves under the Shang Dynasty, adventurous seafarers from South East Asia begin to settle the far-flung islands of the South Pacific. The exotic archipelago of Fiji is one of the last island groups to be discovered and will remain hidden from the outside world for many centuries to come.

By the mid-1800’s, Fiji has become a melting pot of cannibals, warring native tribes, sailors, traders, prostitutes, escaped convicts and all manner of foreign undesirables. It’s in this hostile environment an innocent young Englishwoman and a worldly American adventurer find themselves.

Susannah Drake, a missionary, questions her calling to spread God’s Word as she’s torn between her spiritual and sexual selves. As her forbidden desires intensify, she turns to the scriptures and prayer to quash the sinful thoughts – without success.

Nathan Johnson arrives to trade muskets to the Fijians and immediately finds himself at odds with Susannah. She despises him for introducing the white man’s weapons to the very people she is trying to convert and he pities her for her naivety. Despite their differences, there’s an undeniable chemistry between them.

When their lives are suddenly endangered by marauding cannibals, Susannah and Nathan are forced to rely on each other for their very survival.

Fiji: A Novel

With the strong themes of love running through what is essentially a swashbuckling action-adventure story, this novel appeals equally to male and female readers. It has also been a regular visitor to Amazon’s bestseller lists.

Fiji: A Novel, published in 2011 by Sterling Gate Books, is selling as an ebook via Amazon and as a trade paperback via Amazon and CreateSpace. The paperback is also available through most libraries and major book distributors.

The Amazon link for the Kindle ebook version is:

Fiji is in early development with Morcan Motion Pictures. The search is now on to secure a name director to helm this ambitious period film; we will adapt the novel to a feature film screenplay under our director’s guidance so that it’s his/her vision that makes it to the big screen.

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