Wanted: Name director to helm FIJI feature film now in development with Morcan Motion Pictures

Posted: September 24, 2012 in Fiji: A Novel, Morcan films
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The search is on for a name director to helm FIJI, the period film based on our swashbuckling, historical, action-adventure, Fiji: A Novel.

Set in 19th Century Fiji, the novel has been a regular visitor to Amazon’s bestseller lists. It was published by Sterling Gate Books late in 2011.

It’s a story of adventure, cultural misunderstandings, religious conflict and sexual tension set in one of the most exotic and isolated places on earth – and we have no doubt FIJI will make a wonderful movie.

Fiji: A Novel

The storyline: In the mid-1800’s, Fiji was a melting pot of cannibals, warring native tribes, sailors, traders, prostitutes, escaped convicts and all manner of foreign undesirables. It’s in this hostile environment in our story that an innocent young Englishwoman and a worldly American adventurer find themselves. Despite their differences, there’s an undeniable chemistry between them. When their lives are suddenly endangered by marauding cannibals, they are forced to rely on each other for their very survival.

With the strong themes of love running through what is essentially a fast-moving and sometimes violent adventure story, FIJI the movie will appeal equally to males and females.

Here’s what reviewers have said about Fiji: A Novel:

It’s an intense story that will have you turning the pages long into the night. –Susan M. Heim, author and editor of the bestselling “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series.

A well-written, totally absorbing novel. –J.B. DiNizo (author of Comings and Goings)

A wonderfully entrancing read. –Joan McGrath (historical author)

You’ll enjoy the voyage this book takes you on. –Have You Heard Book Review

A fabulous novel, beautiful for its blunt rawness, exotic scenery, and fascinating storyline. –Historical Novel Review


Relevant links for Fiji: A Novel:

Amazon ebook link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0057YCZM0/

Sterling Gate Books: http://www.youtube.com/user/SterlingGateBooks

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