In the latest 5-star review of our highly rated adventure-romance, Fiji: A Novel, Amazon reviewer ‘Aspired Writer’, of South Africa, describes the novel as “An excellent read, (an) exciting story from beginning to end”.

Here’s the review (abridged):

An insightful historical romance that gives you a better overview into the life of the Fijian people and their customs. Customs that for us as Europeans were unheard off, barbaric and cruel. But then Europeans (were) not innocent in their dealings with people, just more secretive about it as we know from history.

The authors’ intriguing plot kept you focused on the pages as you venture between action filled pages and the romantic nuances in the book.

Starting out as lust filled connections Nathan Johnson and Susannah Drake were the opposites in character from each other but yet the chemistry was undeniable. Susannah’s dreams filled with the young American and what he would do with her. But yet she kept her distance, knowing the arrogant and selfish man would never fit into her life.

Her father Reverend Drake, missionary to the Fiji islands did not condone the interaction and kept them apart as far as he could. But when fights erupted and Susannah was abducted he paid the ultimate price trying to protect his daughter….

….Colorful and descriptive, you are part of the lives of the people as this well written and fast paced book captures the attention.

Good and evil the two forces that fight against each other to gain the upper hand, running amok in the lives of Susannah and Nathan. Interesting characters added to the storyline making it a believable, entertaining and well planned plot.

For the full review, go to:

Interview with the authors is online at:

As an aside, Fiji: A Novel is currently in Amazon’s bestseller list for paperbacks in its appropriate category.

Happy reading! -Lance & James


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